Burn Fat Faster -3 Things You Need to Know

Burn Fat Faster -3 Things You Need To Know

As you may already know a lot of people are aware that by adding lean muscle to your body can do wonders not only for your metabolism but can help in the aid to fat loss, including other benefits that can enable you to live a long healthy life. Sadly, iv’e seen many people performing weight training exercises in the gym, however i feel that they are spending too much time doing a particular exercise and not really working out hard enough. By training in this way they aren’t going to burn as much fat as they would like to. However iv’e found that in order to train lean muscle and gain strenghth there are three elements that need to be considered but are often ignored by those attempting to attempt this.

The three elements are as follows:


-Volume and Frequency


The Intensity is considered regarding how hard you want to perform whatever condition you are currently in. The Volume and Frequency are how often and much you preform a particular exercise. The Progression is determined by your demands to increase your workout. In most instances, weight training is done far too long and too often. Much as they say a so-called aerobic exercise to burn fat. Though they are both very different forms of exercise. In other words, they are completely opposite.

Aerobic exercise usually begins with low to moderate intensity and little progression but with high volume and frequency. Both weight training and Aerobic exercise has to be performed with high intensity, thus lowering the volume and frequency,however with progression would become as effective as possible. It doesn’t matter how much weight training you perform whether it is low or high intensity it would still take a few weeks to achieve significant muscle and strength building. If you view this at a high level it is a combination of intensity and the desire to increase repetitions when weight training,thus by increasing the amount of weight used after every workout would turn you into a fat burning machine.!

You must also consider whilst carrying out an effective workout routine to maximise your workout and minimize the time you spend in the gym. Why? you may ask. Simply because the period after your workout is even more important than the workout itself. You won’t gain strenghth or muscle if you do not rest. Aside from workout and exercises, you should also have a healthy diet. You should be very careful with the food that you eat. In addition, make sure to take dietary supplements like resurge reviews to help you lose weight and burn fat.

When your training for strength you must be aware that you are causing tiny injuries to the muscle tissue. It is important then to allow your muscles to repair themselves,but this is needed to increase the muscle you already have. If you decide to workout before the healing or resting period is complete you may experience energy loss and aching muscles. So, therefore it is important that you get a good rest in between workouts.For resistance exercises you should allow between 1-3 full days of rest between workouts.

Some people,especially women think that you have to add muscle to your body in order to lose fat.This is very unlikely to happen as the level of intensity would be less.

Almost all women and most men lack the genetic traits needed to produce muscle gains that could make them look heavy or overly developed to a lot of people. Those traits include,muscle fiber makeup,muscle belly length,testosterone levels and many others.

Whenever you see competetive bodybuilders in magazines or on TV they can be considered the cream of the crop regarding muscle developement due to the fact that they are on heavy doses of growth hormones,anabolic steroids and a variety of other bodybuilding supplements. Please don’t be fooled by the images you see or even those that may even scare you into thinking that way. Lean muscle however is a lot more compact than body fat,as it takes up less space around your body,having considered this you will actually be getting smaller when burning the fat and replacing it with lean muscle.

It doesn’t matter who you are,by simply performing a weight loss programme you will be in the best position to both lose weight and gain fitness so long as you perform a properly conducted and intense training programme. It is important that you apply all three principles i mentioned earlier. By failing to do this you will be dissapointed by your own results,as your goal is to burn fat and realize that the lean,strong and healthy body you deserve is within a reasonable timescale.


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