Decoration Ideas for Your Child’s Harry Potter Birthday Party

With Harry Potter and the movies being such a huge success right now, I thought this would be a perfect time to share this idea about how to do decorations for a Harry Potter birthday party.

When my daughter was younger and Harry Potter was new on the scene, she fell in love with the books. She was only in third grade, and her request was to have her ninth birthday party as a Harry Potter style party. So we proceeded to make deocrations and a decoration craft that the kids could do at the beginning. of her party. The greeting cards can include Birthday Quotes for Son conveying best wishes for bright future. The selection of the card should be done same as the decorations of the party. 

We had to decide what our decorations would be for our Harry Potter party. My daughter thought it would be neat if we had spiders for decorations. Having been involved as a room Mom before teaching, I consider myself somewhat creative, so proceeded to pull together some decorations. I had learned one Halloween how to make muffin cup spiders as decorations. All one needs is the paper muffin cups, some chenille stems, some craft eyes, and some cord. If you have these ingredients, you are all set. Simply paste the eyes on the side of the muffin cup, with the open part of the muffin cup facing down. You then clue the black and orange chenille stems, eight of course, on the inside of the muffin cup, facing down. Be sure and bend them out and above the muffin cup so they look like the spider could be walking on the legs. The hanging cord of course goes through the cup and is attached to the wall or wherever you are hanging it from.

We then decorated the gift bags that children would receive on the way out of the party. I decided on a simple design using paper bags and cats. We folded a paper bag flat, cut out ears from the top, cut inside ear shape from construction paper and glued it on. Next, we glued eyes and the triangle ears. We tied several strands of chenille together, to look like whiskers, and glued it onto the front of the bag. The children loved these, and hopefully they survived the party until Halloween so they could use them again,

We had a hard time finding Harry Potter type candies for the party gift bags, but we put candy corn in each bag – wrapped up of course-, gummy worms, and spiders, and each child was graced with Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. What a surprise they were in for .

What party would be complete without some sort of activity for the children, so we let them help make decorations at the beginning of the party. I knew how to make what I call plastic ghosts from my time as a room Mom. It is a simple craft to do, if you have additional adult help, which I did. Here is how to make the plastic ghosts. You will need white spoons, fine point marker, 4 white plastic forks, whit fun foam, spring clothespins, whit chenille stems, and of course a glue gun works best to put it all together. First you draw a face on the spoon, and dot along the nadle for spine, with with the marker. Next, draw long line for bones on front of the fork handles and dots for the short bones on the tines of the fork. Third, you cut ovals for shoulder and hips from the foam. Center it across the top and bottom of the back of the spoon handles. This is where the clothespin comes in. You clamp it all together to the clothespin after gluing it, until it dries. Last but not least, glue the arms and legs to the hip at front, and clamp with clothespins. The purpose of the chenille is that is goes around the middle of the spoon handle for ribs. Be sure and glue it in place where you want it to be. I let the kids pick where their ghosts would decorate the party . Some decided to place theirs in the yard. We were finding plastic ghosts for a month afterwards.

All in all her ninth birthday party was a success. Maybe you can use some of these deocration ideas to create a Harry Potter party for your child. It sure was a success as far as birthday parties go, probably the most creative and successful one I have ever given. It was a party fit for Harry Potter himself!


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