Eureka Altima Vacuum – Product Review

About a month ago I purchased a Eureka Altima vacuum to replace my old vacuum. There are several things I like about this vacuum, but also several things that I don’t care for.

I will start with the positives of the vacuum. It is bagless , so there isn’t a collection of dirt in the vacuum sitting for weeks on end until you fill a bag and change it. This also works good when you vacuum up small toy that your children failed to pick up, or change that your husband may have dropped. There also are several filters that are very easily cleaned, only one of these ever needs be replaced and it is suggested to do it once a year. This filter can be washed by hand in between. I also like the fact that hose is always connected you just need to pull it out, with my old vacuum you needed to shut the vacuum off and hook the hose up (this also is a negative as I will explain later.) I feel as a whole the vacuum picks up well on rugs. It also has an electrostatic duster with a self cleaner attached to the vacuum. The dust itself has a telescoping wand to help you, to reach high places. The vacuum comes with an attachment called a power paw, this hooks on the end of the hose and will let you vacuum both horizontally and vertically it is very nice for cleaning couch cushions. It has a bush in it that spins with the power and makes lots of noise.

Now I will give you the negatives of the vacuum. First when I try to vacuum on the hard wood floors though it just blows the crumbs onto my lower legs spreading the stuff all over. Then as I said earlier, although it is nice that the hose is right there sometimes it will come undone when you are vacuuming and then the vacuum will not have any suction. The hose also is not long enough, it is hard to use to hose to get to things that may just be slightly out of reach. Although it is nice that it is a telescoping duster, it also just doesn’t seem to go back together easily. Even when the duster is charged as it is suppose to be it really doesn’t do a good job of cleaning up cobwebs. I feel the vacuum is cheaply made and the holder for the duster falls off on a regular basis and if the power paw picks up anything of any size (even an M-n-M) it will stop spinning.

Now that I have had this vacuum just over a month and I would say as a whole I am not happy with it and wouldn’t suggest it to anyone. Although there are some positives the negatives far out way them in my mind. So if you a looking for a new vacuum skip this one

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