So it’s pretty much decided that I am going to fail my degree and have all career prospects jump out of a twenty story building. I mean seriously, how can I be expected to study once this game comes out. Before you carry on reading go and sign up for the beta right now, unless of course you have already.

The Elder Scrolls series has been so immensely successful and are very much in contention for my favourite RPGs of all time. Since the Elder Scrolls online was announced fans have been waiting with baited breath to see some game play, to see if the game can live up to the amazing spectacle of a game that we all hope it will be.

In terms of what the video actually shows, there is no big surprises or huge announcements, but a first person fantasy mmorpg is something that is certainly far less common than the more traditional over the shoulder games (though you can switch back and forth in game).

What pleases me most is that gameplay looks smooth and enjoyable, and doesn’t seem to differ too much from the online series. I also am a big fan of decisions Bethesda has made in respect to world travel and group finding tools.

I personally cannot wait for this game to come out, which by the way is being released on PC, Mac, XBox One and PS4.