Gola Manufacturers World Class Shoes and Bags

Gola products represent a hundred years of innovation and design. The company was started in 1905, but the company’s name is sort of a mystery that leaves people wondering what the meaning of what Gola is about. Some people say it stands for goal, but that just opinions of people that purchase their products.

Gola has a product line that consists of men’s, women’s, and children shoes as well as bags. All of the products are produced with first class quality.

Gola has many locations throughout the world in countries such as United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Netherlands, Croatia, France, New Zealand, Philippines, Hungary, Singapore, Denmark, Argentina, Switzerland, New Zealand, Columbia, Norway, Portugal, Germany, Honduras, Venezuela, Italy and Spain. Customers all around the world can enjoy the quality and design of a world-class product produced by Gola.

The products by Gola are referred to as soccer style shoes, but with a unique flair to have other people take a double take to look the quality and color of Gola shoes. Another great product line by Gola is their bag line that offers unique styles of bags with handles or straps in fashionable colors and materials. The shoes that they manufacture have the best shoe insoles, which is one of the important aspect that you consider as you buy shoes.

Gola prides itself in offering consumers products that are comfortable and relaxing. Men’s shoes start in price from $75.00 + depending on the size and style you choose. Women’s shoes have approximately the same price as men. Children’s start somewhere around $45.00 and above and comes in very unique styles and designs.

The Gola Classic is one of the top brands that Gola sells all around the world. Many soccer fans love the look and feel of the Gola Classic based on the design and color coordination that Gola produces from their manufacturing plant.

The history of Gola is that their brand is the oldest sports brand of shoe in the United Kingdom. I expect more and more United State citizens to start purchasing more of the Gola product lines. Gola sales in the United States are currently in major high end retailers. Soccer is starting to grow in the United States and as Gola starts to market their products to the younger generation sales will increase as well as brand recognition.

If you play golf then you must purchase a pair of Gola shoes. With the wide selection of Gola shoes available on the market I’m sure you’ll find a pair that is comfortable and relaxing while you set a fashion statement in your home town. Gola’s product offers consumers a reasonable purchasing price, but the tradition of quality and guarantees is what make their products a hot commodity throughout the world. Buy a pair of Gola’s shoes today and you’ll see the rewards of owning a pair of shoes from an age-old sporting shoes manufacturer.


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