How To Generate Extra Income With Squidoo Social Sites

If you don’t have a lens on Squidoo set up, there’s no reason to wait; Squidoo is one of the web’s fastest growing social communities, offering users a completely integrated experience of social networking as it stands today. Think blogs. Think shopping. Think user-generated content, organized and sorted in a fresh new way. Each user on Squidoo is allowed to create a ‘lens’ that focuses on a specific niche. Love to yak about sailboats? Can’t get enough of Paris Hilton? Set up your own lens and start to pull in information all over the web; as more people reach your profile page, you increase page views tenfold for all the content, and your new online personality becomes a part of the Squidoo network.

Squidoo is an excellent way to generate some extra income; since its online presence already reaches the high ranks on Google, this is just one of the web’s many platforms to gain exposure for almost anything you need to publish or promote. It’s not just for writers either; from an online store, an eBay auction that could use a little help, or when you just want to push your blog into read-worthy status, this is the place to start.

The ‘lens’ on Squidoo is simply a concentrated segment of the web; think of it as your personalized portal on the topic of choice. Here you can fill your profile page with all sorts of content and information, and it takes only a few minutes to add links, pictures, videos, and commentary. When you’re ready to start making some money, just plop in all of your product links and other valuable information for visitors. Using the power of keywords and tagging, you can create a direct link to your site with very minimal work.

Squidoo is great for selling other people’s products too; if you’re new to e-commerce, don’t forget the value of promoting digital products through Google AdSense or affiliate link programs. As long as the links are topic-relevant, you can count on a steady group of hits month after month. The more refined the niche, the better; affiliate links can simply be inserted throughout your profile pages. The instant instagram likes will contribute to the digital promotion of the products. All the programs will be converted in the link for better selling of the products.

Squidoo provides each user with modules for various channels. You can choose an Amazon model if you have an storefront, or the eBay model to link directly to your store through your lens. The idea is to open up as many networks as possible as people start to view and visit your lens. As your visibility increases throughout the Squidoo community, people can start to add you to their Favorites pages-which in turn can become one of your easy targeting strategies. Think of Squidoo as a portal for your online promotional efforts; the minimal investment can lead you to that extra income!


Brandon Ingram created Galactic Squid and he hopes to see his site to touch the heights that it deserves. Brandon loves to write about tech and gaming.

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