Infant Milestones Photography Ideas from 3-6 Months

So now your baby is growing, rapidly! Too fast sometimes for the parents to take all in, and of course, you do not want to miss any of your ever-growing baby’s milestones! Have that camera handy, and take some of these ideas with you to capture some of the most important milestones in your child’s life from 3-6 months.

If your little one didn’t pop a tooth yet, it’s sure to come out within the next few months. Make sure to capture the first one. Nothing is cuter than a big smile with one or two teeth. Your little guy may be starting to roll up, or even supporting their heads on their own now and pulling themselves up off the ground while lying on their belly. These all make beautiful photographs and ones to remember forever! They often discover their feet and for some reason, love sticking them in their mouths. Although funny, these pictures make for a good laugh when they are older.

Babies this age may also start sitting up on their own, or even with a little help. A great photograph of this milestone would be of them sitting clapping their hands, or even with a book or newspaper in their hand to make a funny one!

As mentioned above, babies tend to grow very fast during this age, especially in weight or height. To capture the growth milestone, a picture of the baby lying down next to a measuring tape or even standing next to something that is as small as they used to be, would let you remember how big they are, and little they once were!

We can’t forget the feedings! Of course a photograph of your baby with her bottle, and her first taste of peas – and her funny face afterwards. Nothing is more hilarious then an infants face when they are not satisfied with what’s in their mouth. Make sure to get a messy picture – their awesome! To capture these lovely photographs, you will need something reliable, which you can browse at

Infant from 3-6 months usually are getting better with hand coordination, and can sometimes drop a ball into a cup, or even just pass an object from hand to hand. Capturing a picture of this would create a great memory, as they are learning so much at this time. They are also learning more sounds and enjoying playing. I always thought a cute picture was one of mommy or daddy giving the baby “raspberries” on their little belly, just something to make them laugh. A laughing picture is always a great one, and sometimes so are the crying ones. You want to remember it all, and crying plays a big part in a babies life, as it is what they do to let you know what they want.

A great milestone is as simple as even standing them up with support, just to show that they are still learning so much, and the next pictures to come you may not be in with them, because they may be able to do a lot of the milestones mentioned by themselves, like standing and sitting! Be sure to capture the babies with any pets you may have, as with most pet they become the baby’s new friend once they are able to pet and play with them!


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