Installing a Seamless Gutter

Installing a seamless gutter is a great way to prevent rainwater from washing over the edge of your roof and onto the sides of your home. Without the protection of a gutter, your home is at an increased risk of obtaining water damage and termite infestation from the constant flow of water coming off your roof and onto the ground. A seamless gutter can be ordered to length and easily installed by anyone with a screw gun and ladder.

Begin by ordering the materials from your local aluminum shop or gutter manufacturing company. Measure the length of the fascia from end to end at each location where you plan on installing a seamless gutter. You will also need a downspout on each corner of the home. Draw a small blueprint and add the measurements accordingly. Give this blueprint to the manufacturer and they will provide you with all of the necessary materials for installing a seamless gutter.

When the seamless gutter and materials arrive, set aside the downspout materials and get ready the seamless gutter and clips. Self-taping machine screws are used to attach the clips through the gutter and into the fascia.

The clips in question have to be quite strong to pass through the gutter easily and you can’t find tools better than Makita for the job, which you can look up the 2020 Makita impact driver range at Impact Driver Guide online to give you a general idea.

With the help of a friend, hold the seamless gutter up to the fascia and slide the backside of the seamless gutter underneath of the drip edge. The flange should easily slip behind the drip edge. Once the flange is behind the drip edge as far as it will go, the bottom of the seamless gutter should be flush or slightly above the bottom of the fascia.

Once the seamless gutter is in place, connect the lip of the metal clips to the front of the seamless gutter and slide it inside the gutter. The upturned edge of the metal clip will then slide behind the drip edge. Use a self-taping metal screw to secure the clip to the fascia. Don’t screw into the drip edge and try to keep the screw as close to the bottom of the drip edge as possible. I like to use metal screws with a rubber grommet on the head. This prevents water from ever working its way behind the screw.

Work your way down the seamless gutter attaching metal clips every eight to ten feet apart. Slightly slope the gutter so that water runs toward the down spout. You can now cut out the down spout.

Use the down spout flange as a guide to mark the location of the down spout hole. Use a drill to cut out a hole in the corner of the mark big enough for a metal reciprocating saw blade to fit through. Use a reciprocating or jig saw to cut out the rectangle. You may want to perform this task prior to installing the gutter if you’re unsure of your ability to cut upside down from a ladder.

Install the down spout flange with clear silicone. Attach the down spout to the flange with the silicone and install a metal screw through the backside of the down spout into the flange. Attach end caps and corner pieces in the same manner.


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