Kevin Everett Confirms My Suspicions that a Cure for Back Pain Does Exist

When I watched replays on ESPN of Kevin Everett’s nearly life ending block in his first NFL game my heart sunk into my stomach. As per the claims made by the [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]Neuroscience & Spine Institute, things were pretty bad for the player at that time. In a very small way I knew how his family felt, and I knew the long road for recovery he had ahead of him. A day went by after his hit and the outlook on Kevin Everett’s condition worsened. A few more days later and the initial prognosis of “he will be paralyzed” was wiped clean from the slate and a new prognosis was formed, doctors stating “he will walk again”. Apparently a “new” approach to his injury was tried and wahla’ new hope is restored!

I have seen this time and time again. I have mixed feelings about Kevin Everett’s prognosis. In one hand it’s a relief to know he will be okay, in the other hand it further confirms my suspicions that there are cures for peoples back pains, problems and ailments that doctors don’t tell the average person about.

I find it hard to believe that Mike Alstott of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could return to play professional football a less than forgiving sport on your back following surgery on two herniated discs, and my husband a pest control technician, wielding only a 30 pound B  amp; G has to use a walker to get in and out of bed every morning. Or a WWE superstar who jumps off 5 foot ropes onto his back day in and day out can do his job but others who are in immense residual pain from a failed procedure can barely bring themselves to live everyday.

What’s my conspiracy theory? Money, it all comes down to the dollar. A rich, much needed athlete is more important than a pest control technician who is highly replaceable. An athlete is worth more money healthy, the average person is worth more money ill. You see, over the span of many years an average person probably puts out more money gradually for their pain then they would if they had just been fixed in the first place. If you think about all the prescriptions, physical therapy, doctors visits, MRI’s, xrays, pain management appointments, epidurals, surgeries and any other so called pain helping procedures people and their insurance companies pay for, the profit gained far out weighs relief for the individual.

Much like the common cold there is just too much money wrapped up in helping the ailment than curing it. There’s too many people employed by pharmaceutical companies, there’s too many college kids working towards a physical therapy degree, there’s too many cream’s, pills and bandages on the market that make the rich more rich. Too many jobs will be sacrificed for a cure to back pain, too many companies racking in billions of dollars every year could take a cut in pay. So the hurt continue to suffer only praying that one day they could be treated with the same attentiveness and urgency that Kevin Everett was given.


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