Key Lessons Learned from the Working Nomad

Earning an income remotely is quickly becoming a lifestyle for many people interested in traveling the globe and keeping up with financial responsibilities in the process. With ongoing developments in telecommuting jobs, wi-fi hotspots around the world, and simple ways to generate an income online, more and more people are turning to the internet to enjoy the freedom of the nomad lifestyle.

The ‘Working Nomad’ himself is one of these independent free sprits roaming the globe with laptop in hand; he’s a 35-year old web-preneur who’s reporting an income of $8,000 per month and he’s only been doing this for a year. His website at lists an e-book and active discussion forum to pick up key tips and strategies on how to live this adventurous lifestyle, and make a substantial living in the process.

So what does it take to be a working nomad? The website lists some key areas in web projects that can lead to both an active and passive income. The internet is rapidly becoming a wealth-generating system for many, and the Working Nomad website and discussion forums highlight the following lessons:

  • Become a travel writer for a variety of publications. Many working nomads make a living traveling and writing about their experiences, getting paid to do so, then venturing forward on another assignment. If you choose to do this freelance style, you may need to secure a budget before getting started, but you might be lucky to find publications who pay you a partial payment to get the assignment done. If you’re being paid on royalties from the article, that’s an easy opportunity for residual income.
  • Sign up with Many webpreneurs report positive results from registering with and finding projects that allow them to work from home. Web designers, writers, photographers, and other skilled and tech-savvy professionals can browse a large database of clients and projects each day.
  • Become an online teacher or tutor. With the growth in online education and learning, demand for qualified teachers and tutors is also on the rise. Teaching any subject over the internet will give you the freedom to distribute curriculum, send out lecture materials, and grade homework from the comfort of home wherever it may be. Translators are also in high demand, especially for third-world countries and continents where educated professionals are limited. You will be like a superboost wifi review that helps people to get connected strongly, educate children and empower them as well.

  • Write eBooks and learn how to market them. Many online writers are turning to the eBook market to get published and easily distribute their content to a wide audience, With the right marketing tactics, you can easily set up a residual income by selling digital products through an affiliate network. Take a look at Clickbank for examples.
  • Become a professional blogger. You’re sure to find a blog for any topic under the sun, but making top dollar for blogging requires a little more strategy than publishing and making money from AdSense links. Blogs can be very valuable educational tools, and the more value you provide to your target market, the higher the chances of success. Blogs do take a few months to become established and recognized as a credible source, but there are dozens of opportunities to market yours well enough to reach the top blogging categories in any given industry. Do your homework and learn from the top bloggers already climbing to the top ranks.
  • Set up a digital products business. While content is king for websites and blogs, digital products such as eBooks and eNewsletters are also coveted goods. Whether you’re creating the products yourself, or working with creative brains to make a web ‘store’ of quality data, becoming a webpreneur is simple with a retail business plan. Think about creative ways to buy and sell quality information, and even consider setting up a residual income payout for referrals and sales associates down the road.
  • Monetize your podcasts. Podcasts are another avenue of opportunity for tech-savvy webpreneurs, and if you have a strong audience willing to pay to listen to you, a paid-subscription site could be just what you need to start generating revenue. While hundreds of sites offer free podcasts, consider developing your own site that houses quality content and podcasts of value in your niche.

The Working Nomad promises to reveal his secrets in his self-published eBook now available online, and the community of followers on the site provide valuable hints and tips to get started. If you’re looking for a fresh new outlook on the nature of ‘work’ and traveling as part of your career, consider shifting gears to the online world. A substantial income and the freedom to live and travel anywhere in the world are just a few benefits of the working nomad lifestyle.



Brandon Ingram created Galactic Squid and he hopes to see his site to touch the heights that it deserves. Brandon loves to write about tech and gaming.

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