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When there are talks about skills, the horizon is quite broad and has varied hues as the world population is currently 7 billion and counting, which means that you can find talent in abundance in all corners.

But it becomes difficult to identify them as many are not aware of their own potential these days. The younger generation has to go through taunts from their elders and teachers who think of them as worthless bits of space and constantly dissuade them from following their passion and keep insisting to take the easy route.

Today’s youth brigade is one step ahead of them and are perfectly aware of their atmosphere and surroundings and how to tackle them in their own inimitable way without appearing to do so.

They very well know about what they want to do in life and have already thought about everything from day one, which might seem out of the box but nevertheless is quite effective compared to the orthodox way.

Designer Way

Regarding skills, one that requires a great deal of talent to do with perfection is the embroidery where you have to design decorative fabric in a systematic way that should look unique and enchanting.

This is termed by experts as the designer way of doing things where you have to showcase your skills without the use of a needle or yarn. It may seem tough as it is completely new for beginners but once you get the basics, you can cultivate those skills and design embroidery the way you want to.

You will find that embroidery designers make designs that may not be understandable at first glance but they contain a deep message embedded within that can be only understood by a person who has good eyes to decipher artistic skills.

To appreciate an artist’s painting and a designer fabric are quite similar as they convey their thoughts and personality with the help of their art form and this is why artists are termed cleverer than average common people.

Digitized Technique

If embroidery that is done manually can receive praise and accolades, then imagine what would be the response if it is done through technology. Yes, we have come a long way and today we are in the age of social media and digitization, where even artists who do not have sufficient skills can rectify/hide their mistakes through computer graphics and other innovative methods.

Whenever you see a unique design representing the company’s logo on a shirt, then it means that it has been created through digital format. If anyone wants to design embroidery, then will need to digitize it first, which is known for its complexity as it comprises of both art and science in equal doses.

The best quality embroidery digitizing is quite difficult to make because digitization skills is the backbone of good embroidery. The expert in the field is termed digitizer who can change the design or stitches in different types in order to match the preference of the person.

File Digitization

Is it possible to digitize any file? Well, there is no clear cut answer because while it is possible to digitize design, the embroidery has certain limits on the designed appearance which, unfortunately, is not available in print designs.

Smaller details like tiny letters, color, size and shape can be difficult to reproduce in the exact format.


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