Anyone that claims to be a real rapper, and then does a collaboration with David Guetta clearly isn’t cool. And he’s already ruined ‘You Spin Me Round’ and that makes him a giant douche in my books. But wait, there’s more…

Meet Beamz, by Flo Rida.
It’s, well, What is it?

It’s kinda like a Dj Controller, I suppose. And it’s kind of like a Theremin. But its more like a Bop It Extreme than either of them

It uses some app, to create and mix music, and makes you look like a completely dick whilst doing it. For some apparent reason you can pair this with Virtual DJ and do, well, something with it.

I don’t really know what to say any more, just watch the video and make you’re own opinion on it.


Watched it yet? Stupid, Innit.