[UPDATE]: Was only available yesterday (30th), but a cracking idea.


Amazon are giving away a whole bunch over Android Apps right here. You’ll need to visit this link on your Android device before you can take advantage of the offers or alternatively you can visit this on your PC and have the link emailed to you for later on or scan the QR code on the page with your bar code scanner.

The selection of free apps is pretty damn good, personally I can highly recommend SwiftKey. If you haven’t heard of SwiftKey yet you’re really missing out. The damn thing can read your mind. I can out type anyone on my phone and I’m bloody proud of it. My secret, is this gem of a keyboard. The keyboard scans your SMS messages, Facebook, Twitter and emails to pick up phrases you use commonly and tries to guess the word you will type next. It’s very accurate and if you chose the sloppy typing style you can type like a mad man and it will auto correct you very successfully.



The list also includes World of Goo and an ad free version of Angry Birds. Two of the most popular games on any mobile platform, that are sure to increase your toilet time tenfold. Pretty much everyone ought to be familiar with Angry Birds by now but if you’re not it’s basically a physics based game where you shoot birds at some pigs that stole your eggs. World of Goo is physics based also but more of a construction game, it’s soundtrack is extremely highly regarded all over the internet, the trailer for the game has been included below.