The Ultimate Farmville Guide for Mystery Eggs

You can locate Mystery Eggs at random locations in Farmville. Though, there are a quite a few tricks you can exploit to radically boost the odds of finding an egg.

  1. Buy a Chicken Coop:Go to the market and obtain a chicken coop for 5,000 coins. If you don’t have sufficient coins to pay for your own coop try to ask one of your neighbors to send you a gift coop. You can also get hold of a chicken coop by hatching a mystery egg.
  2. Collect Your Eggs: Try to harvest your eggs every 24 hours or so. You will acquire coins for each chick in your pen. If you have 10 chicks with a harvest rate of 6 coins each you will be given 60 coins. Each time you harvest you have an additional opportunity to get a Mystery Egg.
  3. Cash in Your Coop: You can perk up your odds of getting a mystery egg by selling your chicken coop and then directly purchasing an additional one. Each trade of a chicken coop is a new chance to obtain a mystery egg. Do this quite a few times until you have all the eggs you require.
  4. Raise Color Chickens: White chicks will just lay premium white eggs. As a result; you must keep a variety of colored chicks in your chicken pen. This will add to the number of opportunities to get a colored mystery egg. Brown chicks can create black, white, and brown chicks. Black chicks will manufacture brown, white, black, and gold chicks.
  5. Submit Your Mystery Eggs: Submit your Mystery Eggs on your Facebook wall to split with your friends. You can share Mystery Eggs with your Farmville contacts but each egg is restricted to 5 Farmville contacts.

Interesting Farmville Facts: You may discover one of these mystery objects inside your mystery egg:

Within a white Mystery Egg you might come across a white chicken, a brown chicken, a pink flamingo, or a garden gnome. Inside a brown Mystery Egg you could find a brown chicken, a black chicken, and 1 fuel refill. Inside of a black Mystery Egg you can find a black chicken, a golden chicken, and even 10 fuel refills. If you have a golden Mystery Egg you might find a golden chicken, a tree swing, a hot tub, a fire pit, a golden garden gnome, or 20 fuel refills.

A few Tips:

You must always wait until your coop is completely ready to harvest.

Keep your chicken coop filled with colored chickens to raise the odds of getting the mystery egg you are looking for.

In order to locate your chickens into your coop click on a chicken, pick move, float over the chicken and move it to the chicken pen. When the coop is highlighted in yellow free the chickens.

To eliminate chickens from your chicken coop you now click on your Dairy Farm and select Remove Chickens.

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