Eat Mini-Meals To Lose Weight

The standard American diet consists of three big meals each day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But many fitness and health experts agree that these three big meals – plus whatever snacks we might also eat – may be contributing to our expanding waistlines.

In fact, lean fitness pros have a secret diet strategy that helps them stay slim and trim. Rather than eating three big meals each day, they eat five or six mini-meals!

The concept is not new. In fact, it’s very common among fitness enthusiasts. Bill Phillips uses it in his popular Body for Life program, and David Kirsch recommends it for his Ultimate New York Body Plan. You can take a look at this diet plan on https://njcenterforcoolsculpting.com/ and thereby implement that in your lifestyle easily. Here are some of the ways how this diet plan is going to help you in losing weight.

  • Your metabolism stays revved. Your body is like a furnace. And if you want it to burn fat, you need to keep it fueled. Feeding the fire often with small meals will help keep your metabolism burning.
  • You’re less hungry. If you want to eat five or six small meals each day, you’ll probably be eating every two to three hours. And when you eat that frequently, you don’t have time to get hungry! That means you never “binge” because you’re famished.
  • You don’t overeat. Since you’re only eating small meals, you’ll portion your food out before you sit down to eat. That means you won’t have a huge, heaping plate of food on the table, and you won’t overeat!

If you’d like to incorporate mini-meals into your diet plan, try some of these tips to ensure that it works for you:

Eat the right mix: A plain baked potato is not a mini-meal. You need a mix of protein, carbs, and fat in every meal, even if the meal is small. The right mix depends on your own personal needs, health goals and exercise habits.

Know what a mini-meal looks like: Portion sizes are relative. But by the time you finish eating a mini-meal, you should feel satisfied without feeling full. If you can feel the food sloshing around in your stomach, you may have eaten too much. Again, this is all relative and based on individual needs. You may need to experiment to find what works for you.

Eat snacks if necessary: If your schedule doesn’t permit five or six mini-meals each day, try serving up smaller portions at your regular three meals, and then adding in a few small snacks during the day. You’ll still get a lot of the benefits of a mini-meal, but small snacks are often easier – and quicker – to eat.

Many dieters find that making a switch to five or six daily mini-meals helps jumpstart their weight loss. They find this way of eating leads to more energy, too. Give it a try and see if it works for you – and your waistline!

How does the portable translator works? Here is the description!

If you often travel to different countries and you don’t know the native languages of that place, so you need to get the muama enence translator for yourself. This is the translator who is skilled enough to translate numerous languages with ease as the users do not need to make much effort for the translation. The translation with the help of this device is easy, and you are allowed to translate more than 40 languages with ease.

It will be better if you consider staying in the range of the internet as this device will work more effectively and efficiently with the help of the internet. You are allowed to translate your desired language while making the least efforts, the smooth functioning of it makes it more preferable, rather than that this device is portable enough to translate wherever you want. The portability of this device makes it even more mind striking, and you are allowed to translate languages wherever you want.

For the ease of the readers, we have given a detailed explanation regarding the functioning and features of this portable device so you will able to gain sufficient information about it. The portable translators are the life saver device as it allows you to understand what other people are saying. The following points are proficient enough to serve you with right and correct information regarding its functioning and features. So let’s check them out to unveil more things about it:

How does the muama enence translator works? 

We have given a brief introduction about regarding it functioning and features as it is easy to use, and the users can carry it along wherever they want. Here we are going to unveil some more essential things that you need to know about its functioning. The following points are capable of serving you with sufficient knowledge, and they will also help you to unveil more features of it. Have a look at them to know more:

  • It serves you with two-way translation in the real-time:

There is a bunch of translating devices available. Still, the muama enence translator is considered as the finest one, the users of this gadget are going to get en number of features. These features enable them to easily translate the language with the help of two way translation in real-time. This means they can easily and quickly translate the languages with the feature that serves them with instant results. This is the key feature of this gadget, which makes it more preferable over any gadget.

  • Handy design is here:

The developers of this gadget are offering the users a handy design, which means it can be carried easily, and it is lightweight enough. These features given by the developers are making it more mind striking and preferable. The handy design is necessary when we talk about the portable translator as they can be carried along with ease, and they are lightweight enough to keep in the pocket, purse, etc.

  • High-quality sound recording is here:

The high-quality sound recording is here, which means the users will get superior quality while recording or listening to the sound. This is the most elegant feature provided by the developers of this gadget as the more clear sound enables the users to understand translation with ease. The superior sound quality makes it preferable as consumers can listen and understand the translation conveniently.

Check out some frequently asked questions (FAQs):

How many languages can be translated by muama enence translator?

The muama enence translator is capable of translating more than 40 languages with ease, and this can be done conveniently while making the least efforts.

Mention some key features of the muama enence translator.

We have given a detailed explanation regarding the functioning of the muama enence translator; here, we are going to described some key features of it so that the readers can know more about it.

  • It enables you to save time and money
  • The high-quality speakers are here which speaks over 40 languages
  • It is an ideal choice for vacation or business trips
  • The translation will be done in real-time, and it is easy to use.

Killzone 3 – a Different Multiplayer Beast Than Killzone 2

I’m having a lot of fun playing Killzone 3 this day, a game that feels more like Guerilla Games’ answer to all the criticism about KZ2 than an actual refinement and advancement of the series. With all the five classes now available to play from the get-go, and with an easily manageable skill progression system, Killzone experience is now more accessible than ever, and even those used to the twitchy run-and-gun nature of Call of Duty games may be attracted to this shooter.

But I’m not a big CoD fan. When it comes to fps multiplayer experiences, I’m personally more into those tactical teamwork-oriented shooters, stuff like MAG, Battlefield 2, and of course, Killzone 2. That’s why I can’t quite put my finger down on how exactly I feel about KZ3. It’s a fun game, and I can’t stop myself from playing it, but something about it feels off. The more I play it, the more I’m left wanting, with this fear that KZ3 will never satisfy that want. There need to be more maps, more custom modes, more overall content. But that can’t be the only reason I’m feeling this way about this rather awesome game.

And then… I came upon this forum thread.

I read through the first original post and was shocked. Wow, I knew Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 were different games, but just… wow.

For the record, I really enjoy Killzone 3 and I find it highly addicting. The maps, for the most part, are designed very well, always with that Guerilla Games’ trademark verticality and chokepoints so expertly placed. I vehemently hate the two maps Corinth Highway and Turbine Concourse because they’re a haven for snipers and vehicle lovers, but the way all the maps can be adapted to various switching game types (from deathmatch to Search Destroy to Capture Hold) is just remarkable. The class system is rather amazing too, though I can complain on and on about the design choices Guerilla Games made with the engineer class and the marksman class. It’s a finely tuned shooter experience.

But still, what occurred between the Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 just baffles me. No more custom match types? What happened to the squad system? The website integration and stat tracking have been overly simplified, particularly with the removal of the replay function. And what of the proximity chat that was a very unique aspect of Killzone 2’s communication system? Why were all these things that worked so well in Killzone 2 removed? Many of these awesome features are community features, not gameplay features. To be stuck with such a simple matchmaking system just makes it seem like the game is somehow incomplete.

There are times when I’ll be playing Killzone 3 and I’m thinking in the back of my head, ”man, I really wish this match would end quickly so I could pop in my copy of Killzone 2 or MAG in here instead.”

See, I never agreed with the complaint that Killzone 2 brought nothing new to the table. Just the concept of spawn grenades was a unique concept really only found in a game like KZ2. The way each class had abilities that could be enhanced by mixing up different skills made the experience nuanced in ways that KZ3 will never be. The way the gunplay controls handled meant there will be elaborate gun battles between individual players. Killing an opponent was extremely challenging and in that light, just extremely satisfying and rewarding. The intensity of gritty dark light in the visuals of Killzone 2, the unpredictability of the enemies equipped with different kinds of skills, all that and more in a way makes Killzone 2 so much more complex than its sequel.

Does that mean KZ2 is better? No, not necessarily because KZ2 also has its share of problems. (and when I play KZ2, I sorely miss being able to do brutal melees.) But to me, it means that they’re more like two different games than like sequels of the same franchise. I’m glad I own both KZ2 and KZ3 and I’m glad I actually really enjoy both games because ultimately, though they share the same Guerilla Games logo, you might end up thinking that two different developers created each game. Well, after all this, you might need something different in terms of online gaming. If so, then you can try the minecraft world seeds, which is another really popular and interesting game these days. 

Why is Shopping Online for Odd Shoes Better Than Shopping Offline?

Shopping in stores for different sized shoes can be expensive and embarrassing at times. In order to find a company that will allow you to split the pair into two different sizes, you really have to look around. The locations of such businesses are usually quite a distance to travel and have you being assisted by a sales associate, who may have no compassion for your particular issue. Nordstrom does offer a split shoe size service, but their locations are few and far between for many of us who are not close to a large city mall.

If you shop online for odd shoes, you have many more options for finding exactly what you want and you keep your anonymity. You can do all the shopping and price comparison you need to do in a short amount of time right from your home computer. You can browse the selections and change your mind without ever having to explain why you decided against a certain pair. Since you get the same quality that you get offline without all the hassle that you need to go through it is clearly the best choice. Additionally, you get the best insoles that provide you additional comfort.

Many websites offering odd shoes will sell the pair and adjust the foot sole to fit the smaller foot or allow you to purchase “by the shoe” so you can mix and match your footwear purchases. Some sites offer free shipping and returns that may not be available at shoe store locations. You still have the option of dealing with a person on the other end of email who has no need to inspect your feet. You can get advice and assistance about which pair may be right for you or how to go about the ordering process without the embarrassment of explaining your situation to a live person. It is a lot easier, to be honest about what you truly need in an informal email setting than it is to share with someone face to face.

The only downside I see to shopping online for odd-sized shoes is the fact that you don’t get to try them on first. Before completing your purchase over the internet, I would check the return policy of the web-store to feel confident that you will be pleased with your purchase in the end. Also, try to send a simple question to the customer service department and see what kind of return time they have for email communication. If it is not to your liking, look for a different site.

If you research the websites and shop wisely, it is much better to shop online for mismatched shoes. You have a much larger selection of shoes, options for purchasing one shoe at a time thus saving you money. You don’t even have to deal with embarrassing shoe fittings or long travel to get to a store that may or may not have a style that you like. Shopping online is definitely the way to go!

How To Generate Extra Income With Squidoo Social Sites

If you don’t have a lens on Squidoo set up, there’s no reason to wait; Squidoo is one of the web’s fastest growing social communities, offering users a completely integrated experience of social networking as it stands today. Think blogs. Think shopping. Think user-generated content, organized and sorted in a fresh new way. Each user on Squidoo is allowed to create a ‘lens’ that focuses on a specific niche. Love to yak about sailboats? Can’t get enough of Paris Hilton? Set up your own lens and start to pull in information all over the web; as more people reach your profile page, you increase page views tenfold for all the content, and your new online personality becomes a part of the Squidoo network.

Squidoo is an excellent way to generate some extra income; since its online presence already reaches the high ranks on Google, this is just one of the web’s many platforms to gain exposure for almost anything you need to publish or promote. It’s not just for writers either; from an online store, an eBay auction that could use a little help, or when you just want to push your blog into read-worthy status, this is the place to start.

The ‘lens’ on Squidoo is simply a concentrated segment of the web; think of it as your personalized portal on the topic of choice. Here you can fill your profile page with all sorts of content and information, and it takes only a few minutes to add links, pictures, videos, and commentary. When you’re ready to start making some money, just plop in all of your product links and other valuable information for visitors. Using the power of keywords and tagging, you can create a direct link to your site with very minimal work.

Squidoo is great for selling other people’s products too; if you’re new to e-commerce, don’t forget the value of promoting digital products through Google AdSense or affiliate link programs. As long as the links are topic-relevant, you can count on a steady group of hits month after month. The more refined the niche, the better; affiliate links can simply be inserted throughout your profile pages. The instant instagram likes will contribute to the digital promotion of the products. All the programs will be converted in the link for better selling of the products.

Squidoo provides each user with modules for various channels. You can choose an Amazon model if you have an Amazon.com storefront, or the eBay model to link directly to your store through your lens. The idea is to open up as many networks as possible as people start to view and visit your lens. As your visibility increases throughout the Squidoo community, people can start to add you to their Favorites pages-which in turn can become one of your easy targeting strategies. Think of Squidoo as a portal for your online promotional efforts; the minimal investment can lead you to that extra income!

Introducing The Apple Ipod Nano: Cool Gadget To Buy Today

Looking for a cool gadget to purchase? Check out https://www.dfydaily.com/ and look for iPod Nano today.

An Apple iPod nano 4 GB is a miniature computer that can be held in the palm of your hand. It is so small that the iPod only weighs in at 1.41 ounces, is a teensy weensy 3 and a half inches tall and 1.6 inches wide. The nano 4GB will store up to 1,000 songs based on an average of 4 minutes and 28 seconds of playing time per song. The iPod will also playback photo’s processed in JPG, GIF, TIFF, BUMP and PNG formats. There are four different colors available to the 4GB iPod nano whereas there are only black and white for the other Apple iPod nanos on the market, excluding of course the iPod mini’s which come in various rainbow like colors and the promotional iPod Red.

My first experience with the Apple iPod nano was filled with skepticism. I had seen all the hype and couldn’t help wonder what was so fascinating about a tiny music player that would have everyone biting at the bit to get their hands on it especially when it seemed so expensive for a music playing device. I’m from the generation where the first Sony Walkman was a huge success so this concept of carrying portable music was not news to me. Once I got my hands on one of these iPod nanos I was able to clearly see what the excitement was about. Even though the concept wasn’t new to me, the capabilities this machine has astounded me. We had five push buttons on the Sony Walkman but the functions on the Apple iPod seem to go on to eternity.

The iPod has a system of scrolling menus that allow the user to easily navigate through the various functions and believe you me; there are a lot of them. To date I have still not discovered everything my iPod is capable of. The scrolling menus on the 4GB Apple iPod are super fast and zips through files, playlists and categories so fast it will make your head spin. The idea behind this quick scrolling is that with a vast amount of files loaded onto the iPod, it is easier to scroll quickly and stop in the general vicinity of your file than it is to click through them one at a time. This brings me to another function of the iPod, the search feature. Finding one particular song is breeze on the iPod nano with its search feature. There is no need to browse through files and categories if you don’t want to with this option. I find this to be a little confusing and contradictory on Apple’s part. I don’t understand the need for such quick scrolling, or any scrolling at for that matter when I can just search for the file and be taken directly to it.

For a novice iPod user like me, learning how to get around on the Apple iPod nano took some time. The hierarchy of the menus felt comfortable to me as an avid computer geek but at the same time because of its vast possibilities I was a tad bit overwhelmed. The installation didn’t seem that difficult at first glance but then became irritating later when I found out I had to do a second installation to install iTunes. It would be nice if iTunes was incorporated into the Apple iPod nano to eliminate the need for dual installations.

If I had to do it all over again, purchase an iPod I mean, I think I would go for the 1GB first to get a better feel for the product itself. The 1GB has less storage capacity and I think would have made me feel less awkward. Overall this is a neat gadget that has made me drool over the prospects of someday owning the Apple iPhone.

Is a Razor Cut Right For You? – Essential Things To Know!!

Using a razor to cut the hair is a technique which has been used for decades. The popularity of the razor cut comes and goes, depending on style trends. Razor-cutting gained popularity in the 1970s in response to the ultra-blunt and geometrical styles popularized by Vidal Sassoon in the 1960s. Razor-cutting once again became trendy in the 1990s and remains so to this day, although current trends are once again leaning toward the blunt and geometrical Sassoon-style cuts.

Does this mean that razor cuts are no longer stylish or trendy? Not exactly. In today’s fashion-saturated world, there is room enough for all kinds of haircutting techniques, from blunt scissor cuts to highly-textured razor cuts. The reason for this is because not everyone has the natural hair texture and thickness for a severe blunt cut. Razor cuts will always be a popular choice for those with medium-fine to medium hair types.

While many women have contemplated getting a razor cut, there are some general rules which influence the type of haircutting technique used by a stylist. Here are some of the “rules of thumb” I use in the salon in order to decide whether or not a razor cut is right for my client.

  1. Razor cuts are not ideal for those with curly hair. Curly hair tends to look unhealthy and damaged when cut buy a razor, since the razor cuts each hair at an angle instead of straight across. If you were to look through a microscope at hair cut by a razor, you will notice that the ends of the hair are angled, since the hair is cut on a bias.  The benefits of the nassrasierer test will be more as compared to the dry razor. The reviews and ratings should be checked before purchasing of the product. The ends of hair cut by scissors, on the other hand, would look blunt.
  2. Razor cuts are not ideal for those with super-fine hair. While razor-cutting can be used to add volume to certain hair types, it will only make super-fine hair appear stringy at the ends.
  3. The ideal candidate for a razor cut would be someone with medium hair density, or hair that is not too fine or not too thick. The ideal candidate would also have a very slight amount of natural wave to the hair, so that the hair can be easily straightened or curled with an iron or styled with a blowdryer.
  4. Is the client okay with a certain degree of un-evenness? A razor cut is supposed to be highly-textured and, to a certain degree, imprecise. I would be quite wealthy if I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen a stylist give a terrific razor cut to a client, only to have a client say “My hair looks uneven”. Guess what? It’s a razor cut. Every hair on the hair is not supposed to look even after a razor cut. If you want every hair on your head cut to exactly the same length, get a scissor cut.
  5. Is the client okay with regular maintenance? Razor cuts will need to be trimmed more often than scissor cuts. Since razor-cut hair is angled and tapered at the ends, the ends will be weaker and therefore more susceptible to damage. After six weeks, most razor cuts will look ratty and scraggly at the ends. Generally, razor cuts should last between 4-6 weeks, while scissor cuts should last between 6 and 8 weeks. In other words, if you’re the type of client who only likes to go to the salon two or three times a year, a razor cut is not for you.

These are the five basic things I take into account when performing a consultation with a client interested in a razor cut. If you are able to ask yourself these same questions, then you will be able to decide whether or not a razor cut is right for you.

Home Foot Therapy for Tired Achy Feet

Each time you take a step it exerts a tremendous amount of pressure on your feet, around 500 pounds per step for an average sized person. Add to that pressure the effects of improper fitting shoes and/or shoes designed for fashion, not comfort. No wonder we have tired achy feet by the end of the day. Here are some home foot therapy tips that will help rejuvenate your tired achy feet and help prevent future foot problems. You can also try using mindinsole foot inserts to give some relief to your tired feet. 

When you get home and pry your feet out of those shoes that having been killing you all day, try this home foot therapy: sit down and play a game of footsie with two of cans of frozen orange juice. Place the cans of frozen orange juice under the arches of your feet and roll back and forth for 5 minutes. This home foot therapy will loosen up tense foot tissues in those tired achy feet. The cold will reduce inflammation that may be in your plantar fascia, the tough connective tissue that stretches through your foot arch from your heels to your toes. If your plantar fascia remains tense over a long period of time, you can develop heel spurs, bony deposits where the tissue connects to the heel, causing acute heel pain.

Stretch your tired achy feet like a dancer. For this home foot therapy, kneel on the floor with the balls of your feet on the floor, tucking your spread out toes under you to stretch the arches of your feet. Sit back on your heels so that your body weight presses your toes against the floor. Hold this home foot therapy stretch for a few seconds, slowly increasing your time as it becomes more comfortable. After doing the home foot therapy stretch with your toes tucked under you, do a follow up foot stretch with the tops of your feet flat on the floor. This home foot therapy will help prevent you from getting tired achy feet and from developing heel spurs by stretching the plantar fascia in the feet.

Tight calf muscles can interfere with your foot’s ability to strike the ground properly when you walk, resulting in tired achy feet, heel or arch pain. Try this home foot therapy stretch for calf muscles: stand barefoot facing a wall, stretch out your arms in front of you so that your palms are flat against the wall. Keep your heels on the ground, back straight, elbows bent and lean into the wall until your cheek touches the wall. Hold the stretch for as long as is comfortable. You should feel a good stretch in your calf muscles, if not, you are standing either too close or too far away from the wall.

Home foot therapy also includes some exercises for your toes. To keep toes loose and flexible, try picking up marbles or similar small objects with your toes. Place a pencil between your toes and squeeze for 5 seconds, repeating this home foot therapy exercise between each toe. Rolling a golf ball under the ball and arch of your foot is a good home foot therapy massage for relieving tired achy feet.

And finally, wear a good pair of running shoes when possible, even if you don’t run. When you have tired achy feet, they need all the support they can get. Running shoes will cushion your foot while supporting your arch and heel, giving your tired achy feet present relief and future protection.

Grey Hound Bus Trip

I recently went by Greyhound bus from Winnipeg to Toronto return. Many of my friends thought I was nuts to go by bus. “It takes so long” they said. I was in hurry, so it did not matter to me how long it took. I relish road trips and its leisureliness. We are in such hurry these days.

Some things you should know about traveling by bus.

  1. It is much cheaper than train or plain. The trick is to buy your ticket well in advance to benefit from the discounts. I traveled on a buddy pass where one person pays the full fare and the other pays 75 percent. You must buy your ticket 3 days in advance and must travel to and from your destination together. We could have gotten a cheaper fare if we had purchased our tickets at least 14 days in advance. We could have paid $203 each. As it turned out we paid about $250.00 each. You can also pay a couple of dollars extra to book a selected seating arrangement. Also if you travel on a weekend you have to pay an extra couple of dollars – don’t ask me why. So just like preparing your reisikohver ratastega, it is also important to have your tickets prepared ahead of time.
  2. The bus seats are quite uncomfortable around the neck. You can get stiff necked.We purchased some neck braces for the return trip. The seats do not go back far enough so it is rather difficult to get comfortable to sleep. I think Greyhound ought to do something about its seats for those who have to travel long distances.
  3. If you do not like to use the facilities on the bus, you can plan your washroom breaks to coincide with the stops. They stop at a restaurant about every 2-2 1/2 hours. I did not use the washroom on the bus once. It’s too small and can get smelly after a while.
  4. If you can travel in pairs. That way you know who is sitting next to you always. You do not want to end up sitting next to a sweaty or overly talkative person. If you travel alone, try and sit next to someone who is not going the length so that you would have some time to stretch out.
  5. Keep an eye out when people leave and move over to their seat if you want to stretch out a bit. Having a seat to yourself for one segment of the journey where you can lie down a bit will make a difference.
  6. If you have a head set, walk with it so that you do not have to buy one on the way for $3 in order to look at a movie.
  7. Get in line about half hour before to ensure you get a good seat. I made the mistake once of getting in line late and the bus was already full. I did not get my preferred location.

Take the bus but put in a call to Greyhound and let them know that their seats are terrible and they should make some allowance for people to have a comfortable sleep in nicely reclined chairs.



How to Build a Better Swimming Pool – Green Tips To Follow!!

How to Build the Better, Green, Eco-friendly Swimming Pool

For many people the option to install an in-ground swimming pool is just not worth the money. Chemicals, maintenance, and the expense keep these people from investing in a swimming pool that could enhance their home. However, there have been some significant changes that could make building a swimming pool more attractive. The swimming pool industry has gone the way of recycled cans and bottles. The swimming pool movement is now going green with eco-friendly ways to build. Here are three eco-friendly, green tips on how you can build that better swimming pool.

Change Salt for Chlorine When Building a Better Swimming Pool

A saline swimming pool is only about 10 percent the saltiness of seawater, hardly noticeable to the average swimmer. Saline pools have become very popular of late, especially to those swimming pool owners looking to reduce the chemicals in their water. With a saline pool, chlorine is still in the system; however, it is only there when it is created by the saltwater as it passes through the salt chlorine generator. The advantages are that the swimming pool owner will never have to buy or handle chlorine again.

Advantages of a saline swimming pool is that many users claim that the water smells better and saline is easier on the skin and eyes as well. The cost of maintaining a saline swimming pool is cheaper, with salt expenses of about $2 to $10 a month, much cheaper than standard chlorine systems. The swimming lessons for adults will be cost-effective for the parents. The saline water will keep the person healthy and fir for log time. 

Build a Better Swimming Pool with Ultraviolet Light Filters

Chlorine chemicals are a large expense to a swimming pool. One way to reduce that chlorine dependence is to install ultraviolet light filters that will reduce the need of chemicals for your pool by about 70 percent. The ultraviolet light system filters the water through a chamber the kills’ organic matter by blasting it with the powerful UV light.

Using Minerals When Building a Better Swimming Pool

Another way to filter your swimming pool is to use natural minerals. A few manufacturers make natural mineral swimming pool filter cartridges that you place in your pool. The natural minerals filter the pool water without adding additional chemicals. These cartridges will usually last a few months before needing to be changed.

Using Energy Saving Systems to Build a Better Swimming Pool

Having a green, eco-friendly swimming pool is not just about the water. For energy savings, look to a variable-flow circulation pump that filters the water more slowly but uses about six times less energy than a standard pump. There are also solar swimming pool covers that reflect the sun’s rays and minimize water evaporation. There are also solar heating systems for many swimming pools. Though these systems are not cheap to install, they can pay for themselves in as little as two years, especially since they eliminate power bills.