Add Beauty And Elegance To Your Home With Oriental Rugs

The premium masterpieces of interwoven wools, cotton or silk is certainly a delicate luxury to own. Oriental rugs are brilliantly crafted by hands and often hold a high value, originating from various tribal sectors around the globe. Their beautiful designs and one of a kind production establishes them as a form of antiquity in their own right. Among their unique variations, [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]Berber rug is handmade and flourishes across the North African and Sahara region. It is not just a piece of furniture or decoration, and it is art. Hence, it holds an evaluation process similar to the arts. These rugs are the symbol of luxury, royalty and utmost sophistication that classifies them as an elegant addition to your home to increase its magnificence.

There are several reasons for you to get these rugs. What makes them so special are these prominent points:

Each one is unique:

Almost like antiquity, their designs are distinctive as there are several tribes, villages and regions incorporating their creativity in these rugs. The oriental rugs are one of a kind. As Berber rug is handmade, you can never find two similar productions. Even if they are manufactured at the same time by the same person with the same design, there are bound to be several differences. These differences may be minutes like the knots in the designs or the size, but no two rugs are the same. Hence, you can boast owning the only single piece. Only machine-made rugs can be of similar design and sizes. However, they are also cheaper than traditional rugs.

They are like diamonds:

Machine-made rugs never have the same value as the hand-made rugs. When a Berber rug is handmade, it receives the same recognition as any other piece of art. Factors like their authenticity and quality of production determine their value. As it takes a lot of time and effort to create any single rug, the bigger their size is, the costlier they will be. More importantly, they are almost timeless and the older they get, they are bound to get more costly. Hence, if you manage to maintain a single rug for a prolonged time, it may come as a rich return of investment option. There are several people in the market willing to buy authentic oriental rugs.

Available in premium and classic materials:

Silk, Cotton and Wool are the three materials oriental rugs are available in. While machine-made rugs are great, any hand-made rug would be more appealing. The reason is that while Berber rug is handmade, it requires extra time and effort depending on the material. Wool is usually the easiest to weave but still takes remarkably high time. Whereas, Cotton is one of the finest materials and requires more refinery and only the most proficient of artisans in oriental rug manufacturing can brilliantly craft these rugs. The mix of silk with cotton would deliver a stroke of elegance with the sophistication that makes them priceless.

The durability and stain resilience of these rugs are great as well. Even a woollen rug is certainly a great addition for the modern contemporary households. While Berber rug is handmade, it is tightly knit and woven to ensure a product that won’t tarnish over time and enhance the allure of your house by blending with the aesthetics. Without any second thought, try out the brilliant catalogue or oriental rugs, maybe something will entice you.


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