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Pay as You Stay: Go Home for the Holidays or Pay Extra

The college experience is supposed to be the best four years of the student’s life. One aspect of that life is living away from home in the school’s dormitory and working to support his or her self. For most freshmen, the holiday time is a chance to go home a visiting family and for sophomores, juniors, and seniors the need to go home isn’t as vital as it was when they were freshmen because being in their second, third and fourth year many have jobs.

The holiday dismisses classes and posses the opportunity for the student to work extra hours at their part-time job. Unfortunately, many colleges and universities compel their students to move off-campus for the holidays forcing them to resign on the job they acquired during the school year and that is what happened to one student attending Philadelphia’s Art Institute.

Think about it, tuition at the average college or university is around $20,000 plus. Those monies in part cover the room amp; board; the same room amp; board schools are making students leave against their will for holidays such as Christmas and Spring Break. According to an admissions worker for Philadelphia’s Art Institute if a student would like to continue housing at the dormitory during the holidays he or she must pay extra money until the new semester commences. Additionally, there are several service providers that offer you the best teaching services. They have tutors that will provide you online guidance, which makes it really easier for you to move back home. 

Speaking to many of the city students the idea is ridiculous because leaving campus for holidays should be a choice they should make. Demanding students leave for the holidays causes them to lose jobs which in turn they lose the valuable money that they need to support themselves while being away from home.

The money students are loosing is valuable especially to those who do not have wealthy parents or government assistance through financial aid. Books go from anywhere between $50-$120 and not to mention meals. Unlike the college I went to, Georgia State University, Philadelphia’s Art Institute does not offer a meal plan. Some neighboring restaurants offer discounts to students but how are students to afford food with no money?

Colleges and universities expect a student to shell out $20,000 plus for tuition and in the same breath kick the students out of the housing they are rightfully paying for the two to three weeks that school is out of session for Christmas break. The schools also expect the students to basically walk-off jobs they searched for and worked to keep in hopes of returning to those jobs after the holidays. Fact is most businesses slow after the holidays so the chances of the students being re-employed are slim to none especially if he or she quit due to being compulsory kicked off-campus.

Not too many students can afford to live off-campus especially attending schools in big cities such as Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta and California where the rent is outrageous. These students can barley buy food and purchase books by working minimal hours at a part-time job now let alone pay rent.

Forcing students to use their desperately earned money just to stay in a dormitory they are already paying for intuition is outlandish and colleges and universities need to consider what they are doing to students. These students come from all across the country in hopes to acquire knowledge and they wreck their developing minds studying and working part-time at the same time only to be either kicked off campus or forced to pay to stay. I think colleges and universities need to get back to the realization that they are there for the students and not for the students’ money.

Who’s to say every student has the luxury to afford to go home every holiday? Who’s to say some students even want to go home? Who’s to say a student is allowed to go home. Schools are not considering various living and family conditions when they enforce the go home or pay as you stay an idea when they really should be.

Mother’s Day Unique Gifts for a Mom in a Nursing Home

Are you shopping for a Mother’s Day gift for someone who resides in a nursing home? If so, here are some ideas for thoughtful and practical gifts that are sure to please.

Subscriptions. No matter how often family and friends visit or how many activities are on the nursing home’s calendar, there is likely to be plenty of time for residents to fill. As a result, subscriptions can make ideal and much appreciated Mother’s Day gifts. Subscription choices are plentiful and can be tailored to the interests of the recipient.

While magazine subscriptions are an obvious choice, if you need a Mother’s Day gift for a book lover, perhaps you should consider a book club with a large catalog of books at discounted prices. One place to look for a wide selection of book clubs is Mother can select the gifts from the website mentioned. The gifts should not be related to providing cna training online or offline to the members of the Nursing home.

As you will quickly discover, there are book clubs for everyone, from clubs that specialize in literary genres, such as romances, mysteries, and Christian literature, to those with a more comprehensive selection of best sellers, popular fiction, and non-fiction titles. Also, for those with vision limitations, you might consider a large-print book club (such as the one offered by Doubleday) or an audio book (books on compact discs or tape) rental service or download service (see for some selections in this category). If you choose an audio book club, you might want to supplement your gift subscription with an easy-to-use CD player or other portable listening device.

Finally, if you are looking for a gift for a movie buff, a DVD rental subscription, such as Netflix (, might be a good choice.

Personal Care Products and Services. Luxurious personal care products, such as fine body and bath lotions, hand creams, powder, and perfume, make great gifts Mother’s Day gifts for those unable to get out and shop for themselves. Another good choice is aromatherapy products, which are designed to sooth the senses as well as pamper the body. Bath and Body Works has a nice selection in a variety of categories such as Sleep and Stress Relief ( Personal services such as manicures and pedicures or a haircut, shampoo and style, also make special and very personal gifts.

Stationery and Cards. A lovely box of stationery (personalized is nice) or a box of special occasion cards (including a selection of birthday, anniversary, graduation, get well, and various holiday cards) is a useful and thoughtful gift for a nursing home resident, made even more so if you stamp the envelopes (be sure to use forever stamps) and include printed return address labels.

An Album or Scrapbook Filled with Family Memories. A nursing home can be a lonely place at times, and, as a result, an album of family pictures or a scrapbook filled with pictures and other family mementos is likely to be a treasured Mother’s Day gift. Personalize the album or scrapbook by carefully labeling and dating each picture or other item. Also, leave some pages at the end blank and promise to fill them in the future with current picture and mementos.