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Texas Tuition Promise Fund, Other College Tuition Options Can Save Parents Plenty

As I read about Texas unveiling a new prepaid tuition plan, the Texas Tuition Promise Fund, I couldn’t help but recall our own experiences with a similar prepaid college savings program. That one was based in Indiana and one of our sons went to college at a great discount because we paid at a guaranteed rate for college tuition, starting when he was very young. No matter how much college tuition rose, our plan guaranteed that our prepaid plan would cover 15 credit hours for every $1000 we paid into the program. By the time our son reached college age, tuition costs had risen dramatically and we saved plenty.

Will parents or others who invest in the Texas Tuition Promise Fund see similar results? Not necessarily. Many studies, including this one by economic consultant John D. Finnerty of Finnerty Economic Consulting LLC and found here: have focused on the many variables and issues with prepaid college tuition savings plans. It can be a very tricky balancing act to offer an attractive college savings plan that also stays afloat financially.

When we used Indiana University’s prepaid tuition plan, many years ago, the program closed early. This is one risk of such plans. However, when prepaid college tuition plans like the Texas Tuition Promise Fund work, they can help parents save a bundle of college expenses. So how do parents and students decide if the program is for them?

Texas Tuition Promise Fund – how to find out more about the program

Potential risks of prepaid college tuition plans aren’t stopping parents and others from checking out the Texas Tuition Promise Fund. It was nearly impossible to get into the site as it opened. Those interested in knowing more about the program can check the main site here: or fill out a form here: to find out more. Those wanting to do a comparison between the new Promise Fund and other college savings plans offered by college can also look here: for comparisons with the Texas College Savings Plan and the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan.

Evaluating the Texas Tuition Promise Fund and other prepaid college savings programs

As we learned from personal experience, investing in a prepaid college tuition plan was not as risk-free as it appeared. Over the years, we watched the value of our investment rise and fall, eventually seeing the money stretch to pay a huge chunk of college costs. During the time we had money invested in the Indiana prepaid tuition plan, however, many states suspended or completely closed their programs. This could have happened to us. It was a definite risk. Parents evaluating any prepaid program, including the Texas Tuition Promise Fund, should look at every detail of the plan and weigh risk factors carefully.

Other options to pay for college

Although the Texas Tuition Promise Fund may be an ideal way to cover college costs – by paying now to avoid higher tuition later – other options exist. In addition to 529 plans and student loans, some students may be eligible for tuition exchange programs. We used this to fund one son’s college and you can find out more about the Tuition Exchange Program and similar options here:

as well as at other sites online.

Of course, putting aside money and saving ahead for college is a worthy goal, especially when college costs are high. But finding the right plan can take careful research, careful evaluation of the potential benefits and risks of prepaid tuition plans and a look at other options. Even the best plan is no bargain if parents face financial hardship to pay the costs.At the same time, it is important to monitor the child’s performance as it will help him in correcting his mistakes so that he does not repeat them but heightened costs are a big problem that have to be dealt with and cannot be neglected as it is a question of his future. There are certain science tuition experts, who are of the opinion that if the child regularly revises his chapters even for an hour after coming back home, he is liable to sail through and get the best grades in college and create history.

Credit Card Conseling for Consumers

Credit Card Counseling is required by most Americans today as the collective Credit Card debt of American citizens has exceeded $360 billion. The Credit Card Counseling services are offered by companies which specialize in assisting the consumers to get out of debt. Creditors use innovative ideas to earn money and debtors fall prey to their intentions. Most consumers get into Credit Card debt due to their habit of purchasing goods on Credit Card.

Credit Card Counseling Companies – Debt Management

As mentioned, it is a habit which eventually starts to create problems for the consumer. A consumer promises to him/herself that they will repay for the purchased goods. However, they often fail to do so and ultimately the debt compiles and greatly increases. Consumers must keep in mind all the disadvantages of Credit Cards and debt before using it. Each year Credit Card company owners make a lot of money due to the carelessness of consumers.

Benefits of Credit Card Counseling

Credit Card Counseling is required by people is a society where the emphasis is paid on “Plastic money”. Consumer Credit Card counseling companies reveal how financial operations go about and how consumers are lured into paying more for something economic.

All the charge card purchases have the interest rate on them which is a major problem to cope up with.

What Do Credit Card Counseling Companies Do?

Consumer Credit Card Counselors will show both sides of the picture to consumers. They will tell the consumer how Credit Card is useful. A consumer does not need to carry cash instead they may just take a Credit Card with them to pay for any purchases. Also, Credit Cards provide a quick monthly summary of all purchases. On the other hand, Credit Cards charge high-interest rate by consumers and sink the consumer in debt.

False Claims by Credit Card Companies

People who require professional assistance in respect of Credit Card, chances are that they are highly indebted. Advertisements and false claims by Credit Card companies fool the consumer in believing that there is a debt level which is “acceptable”. This claim is false but the damage done can be assessed by comparing College Student`s Credit Card balance which is US$3000 in recent surveys and was US$2000 two years back.

Advice by Credit Card Counseling Companies

Consumers must take into consideration their spending habits and ways before using a Credit Card. If all calculations are done, the consumer will find out that Credit Cards charge much more then what the consumer wants to pay. Consumer Credit Card Counseling companies advise consumers to pay monthly installments on time. They also suggest the consumer limit his/her monthly expenses and live life according to a budget.

Debt Reduction by Debt Regret

Debt Regret is regarded as one of the most successful debt reduction companies. Debt Regret is a Texas-based organization, dedicated and bringing a change in consumer`s lives. It is quite natural that consumers get attracted to the luxuries offered by various brands.

To get these luxuries, consumers take a loan which becomes impossible to pay under dubious circumstances. Debt Regret aims to help consumers by reducing their total loan amount.

Debt Regret – Texas Based Debt Management Company

It is every individual`s right to live a financially independent life. Debt cannot be managed all alone if it exceeds a certain limit. However, Debt Regret has always motivated her clients to opt for a change. Debt Regret operates in many fields of expertise which includes debt consolidation and debt reduction. Consumers may choose any service they wish to and work on repaying debt. Consumers are also made aware of all the important things to consider.

Different Client Needs – Debt Regret Customer care

Using a debt consolidation or settlement service may affect a person`s credit report. Consumers are advised to work on their credit reports for improvement. Improvement in a credit report is bought by making timely repayments for the debt they have reduced with Debt Regret.

Every consumer has different requirements which are always kept in mind by the company. Debt Regret has experts working in the firm to help the clients overcome debt problems.

Debt Regret – Debt Awareness and Bankruptcy Alternatives

Debt Regret is one organization that also spreads awareness about debt and it`s management in clients. The staff of Debt Regret is always present to assist potential clients. Clients with all sorts of financial problems are most welcomed at the company premises. The staff is very capable of resolving credit and debt problems with clients. The company provides bankruptcy alternatives which are better than filing for bankruptcy.

Debt Reduction Program Offered by Debt Regret

Debt Regret provides assurance of positive results to clients regardless of the potential drawbacks involved in using a debt reduction service. Debt Reduction generally reduces the debt amount my as much as fifty to eighty percent. The leftover debt amount is then repaid in installments by the consumer.

Contact Information for Clients – Debt Regret
7460 Warren Parkway Suite 220
Frisco, Texas 75034
Phone: 1-888-902-3328
Fax: 1-214-461-0483

Consolidate Your Debt At

It is a gigantic task to manage your account in the modern era. The increasing debts and demanding creditor’s calls, take a toll on the life of the clients and the delay in the payments affect your credit history, which ultimately bars you from getting any other loan. One needs the guidance and expert advice of the reputable firms to get his loans settled and is one such firm that is helping its clients all over the USA.

The company offers a wide range of services and has demonstrated excellent customer relations and service record.

As the name indicates, is a company that operates via the internet, and hence its speedy action is guaranteed. The company offers a wide range of services and packages to choose from and the clients can select the plan as per their needs. The company has an excellent set of attorneys and negotiators at their disposal, who assist their clients in becoming loan free.

Services By

The is renowned for its expert and speedy services. The company operates in the following pattern:-

Submission Of Application

The clients get in touch with the company via the internet and submit their application for debt settlement or debt negotiations which are received by the company.

The clients can also make use of the toll-free number provided by the company to get in touch with the company executives.

Review Of Information

On receipt of the application, the company reviews all the details in the application. Then the company contacts the client to ask whether he or she is still interested in debt settlement consultation or not. The application is processed further only after the consent of the client.

Provision Of Counseling

Once the client has given the go-ahead signal, the company gets in consultation with its experts and chalks out the plan for the client. The client is informed about all the details of the plan and is given credit counseling as per his case.


Confidentiality remains the hallmark of the operation of All the client’s details and financial data are processed with the utmost care and all details are considered strictly confidential.

Company Contact Information
The company can be contacted via their website The other method is via toll free number below.

Phone Number: 1-800-288-2455

Debt Management By The Debt Shield

It has become a great challenge to manage one’s debts in the modern era. A large number of companies offer a huge variety of debts. It becomes difficult for the client to keep a record of payments to all the companies. In addition, the difficulties to pay back loans in time results in increasing the debt. In order to assist the clients in the swift adjustment of loans, the Debt Shield has become a fore-runner.

The Debt Shield

Debt Shield company is striving to help their clients get rid of the loans and be able to make the repayments in an easy manner. It is based in Columbia, Maryland. The company looks after the needs of its clients all across the USA. The company aims at assisting the people in managing their loans with minimum hassle.

Loan Management By The Debt Shield
The Debt Shield deals with a large variety of loans. A few of the debts managed by the Debt Shield are:-
  1. Credit Card Loans
  2. Medical Debts
  3. Personal loans

The company assists the clients in loan adjustments and also helps them make the minimum payments as and when required.

Qualifying For Loan Programme

It is very easy to qualify for the loan management programme of the Debt Shield. They have kept the limit at 10000 dollars.

Any person having the loan in excess of this amount can be eligible for debt management.

Guaranteed Management

The biggest advantage of choosing the Debt Shield as your credit settlement company lies in the guarantee claimed by the company. The company assures its clients to reduce the monthly payments to half. This means that the clients shall save on account of the monthly payments. They shall have the freedom to support their home in a better way. The money saved on monthly installments can be put to better use by the clients.

Standing Of The Debt Shield

The Debt Shield is a highly reputed organization. It has a good standing in the credit market and is a member of The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC). The clients can, therefore, select it without any worries and be assured to get their loans settled in time.

Contact Debt Shield
The postal addres of the company is given below:

9212 Berger Road, Suite 100
Columbia, MD 21046-2312

The company can also be cotacted by their help line. The number is given below:

Phone: 1-888-397-7546