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Killzone 3 – a Different Multiplayer Beast Than Killzone 2

I’m having a lot of fun playing Killzone 3 this day, a game that feels more like Guerilla Games’ answer to all the criticism about KZ2 than an actual refinement and advancement of the series. With all the five classes now available to play from the get-go, and with an easily manageable skill progression system, Killzone experience is now more accessible than ever, and even those used to the twitchy run-and-gun nature of Call of Duty games may be attracted to this shooter.

But I’m not a big CoD fan. When it comes to fps multiplayer experiences, I’m personally more into those tactical teamwork-oriented shooters, stuff like MAG, Battlefield 2, and of course, Killzone 2. That’s why I can’t quite put my finger down on how exactly I feel about KZ3. It’s a fun game, and I can’t stop myself from playing it, but something about it feels off. The more I play it, the more I’m left wanting, with this fear that KZ3 will never satisfy that want. There need to be more maps, more custom modes, more overall content. But that can’t be the only reason I’m feeling this way about this rather awesome game.

And then… I came upon this forum thread.

I read through the first original post and was shocked. Wow, I knew Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 were different games, but just… wow.

For the record, I really enjoy Killzone 3 and I find it highly addicting. The maps, for the most part, are designed very well, always with that Guerilla Games’ trademark verticality and chokepoints so expertly placed. I vehemently hate the two maps Corinth Highway and Turbine Concourse because they’re a haven for snipers and vehicle lovers, but the way all the maps can be adapted to various switching game types (from deathmatch to Search Destroy to Capture Hold) is just remarkable. The class system is rather amazing too, though I can complain on and on about the design choices Guerilla Games made with the engineer class and the marksman class. It’s a finely tuned shooter experience.

But still, what occurred between the Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 just baffles me. No more custom match types? What happened to the squad system? The website integration and stat tracking have been overly simplified, particularly with the removal of the replay function. And what of the proximity chat that was a very unique aspect of Killzone 2’s communication system? Why were all these things that worked so well in Killzone 2 removed? Many of these awesome features are community features, not gameplay features. To be stuck with such a simple matchmaking system just makes it seem like the game is somehow incomplete.

There are times when I’ll be playing Killzone 3 and I’m thinking in the back of my head, ”man, I really wish this match would end quickly so I could pop in my copy of Killzone 2 or MAG in here instead.”

See, I never agreed with the complaint that Killzone 2 brought nothing new to the table. Just the concept of spawn grenades was a unique concept really only found in a game like KZ2. The way each class had abilities that could be enhanced by mixing up different skills made the experience nuanced in ways that KZ3 will never be. The way the gunplay controls handled meant there will be elaborate gun battles between individual players. Killing an opponent was extremely challenging and in that light, just extremely satisfying and rewarding. The intensity of gritty dark light in the visuals of Killzone 2, the unpredictability of the enemies equipped with different kinds of skills, all that and more in a way makes Killzone 2 so much more complex than its sequel.

Does that mean KZ2 is better? No, not necessarily because KZ2 also has its share of problems. (and when I play KZ2, I sorely miss being able to do brutal melees.) But to me, it means that they’re more like two different games than like sequels of the same franchise. I’m glad I own both KZ2 and KZ3 and I’m glad I actually really enjoy both games because ultimately, though they share the same Guerilla Games logo, you might end up thinking that two different developers created each game. Well, after all this, you might need something different in terms of online gaming. If so, then you can try the best Minecraft shaders for Minecraft, which is another really popular and interesting game these days. 

The Ultimate Farmville Guide for Mystery Eggs

You can locate Mystery Eggs at random locations in Farmville. Though, there are a quite a few tricks you can exploit to radically boost the odds of finding an egg.

  1. Buy a Chicken Coop:Go to the market and obtain a chicken coop for 5,000 coins. If you don’t have sufficient coins to pay for your own coop try to ask one of your neighbors to send you a gift coop. You can also get hold of a chicken coop by hatching a mystery egg.
  2. Collect Your Eggs: Try to harvest your eggs every 24 hours or so. You will acquire coins for each chick in your pen. If you have 10 chicks with a harvest rate of 6 coins each you will be given 60 coins. Each time you harvest you have an additional opportunity to get a Mystery Egg.
  3. Cash in Your Coop: You can perk up your odds of getting a mystery egg by selling your chicken coop and then directly purchasing an additional one. Each trade of a chicken coop is a new chance to obtain a mystery egg. Do this quite a few times until you have all the eggs you require.
  4. Raise Color Chickens: White chicks will just lay premium white eggs. As a result; you must keep a variety of colored chicks in your chicken pen. This will add to the number of opportunities to get a colored mystery egg. Brown chicks can create black, white, and brown chicks. Black chicks will manufacture brown, white, black, and gold chicks.
  5. Submit Your Mystery Eggs: Submit your Mystery Eggs on your Facebook wall to split with your friends. You can share Mystery Eggs with your Farmville contacts but each egg is restricted to 5 Farmville contacts.

Interesting Farmville Facts: You may discover one of these mystery objects inside your mystery egg:

Within a white Mystery Egg you might come across a white chicken, a brown chicken, a pink flamingo, or a garden gnome. Inside a brown Mystery Egg you could find a brown chicken, a black chicken, and 1 fuel refill. Inside of a black Mystery Egg you can find a black chicken, a golden chicken, and even 10 fuel refills. If you have a golden Mystery Egg you might find a golden chicken, a tree swing, a hot tub, a fire pit, a golden garden gnome, or 20 fuel refills.

A few Tips:

You must always wait until your coop is completely ready to harvest.

Keep your chicken coop filled with colored chickens to raise the odds of getting the mystery egg you are looking for.

In order to locate your chickens into your coop click on a chicken, pick move, float over the chicken and move it to the chicken pen. When the coop is highlighted in yellow free the chickens.

To eliminate chickens from your chicken coop you now click on your Dairy Farm and select Remove Chickens.

Furthermore, you can also check your game’s current stat on a tracker website and so are your friends games. For example, if you play Fortnite, you can check your friends Fortnite stats in a game tracker website.

9 Top Gaming Apps To Play In 2020

The gaming industry comes with a series of new   gaming apps every year. Are you an avid gamer looking for some of the best gaming apps to celebrate the New Year? Well, there is an amazing list of gaming numbers to choose from to kick-start your 2020 on a glorious note. Most of the games here are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 

The post below offers a brief on some of the best gaming apps to play in 2020.

Into the Dead 2

The game takes you in a dangerous place where nobody is safe but you will have to find out ways to come out alive. It’s a successor of popular zombie action game “Into the dead” and promises solid bouts of action and excitement. The player here will find himself in the midst of a menacing zombie apocalypse and he would have to gather major weapons to find his way out of that massacre. 

Into the Dead 2 covers a great story encompassing 7 chapters, 60 stages as well as a sea of challenges. You will find yourself in immersive locations that make the whole experience extremely realistic. The good thing is the game often releases special events daily which offer great opportunities to win exclusive rewards. 

4 in a row

This is a cool connect 4 game app that you love to enjoy with your friends. You have an amazing multiplayer real-time game here which will enable you to compete against hundreds and hundreds of players on the virtual plane. The free version supports two-players and one-player game mode. If you choose the one-player mode, you will play against the AI robot of the game. 4 in a row offers multi difficulty levels to choose from as per your own experience level. 


This game is a solid concoction of secrets, puzzles as well as unexpected dangers, all rolled into one. You will love its cutting-edge 3D visuals, amazing style of storytelling and of course a very fascinating soundtrack. Players have posted rave reviews on the great gameplay of the game. 

As part of challenges, the player here would have to explore dungeons, fight monsters as well as unearth ancient treasures. Not only that, the players will have to conjure magical tricks to complete the challenges. The graphics are customizable which renders the joy of personalized gaming for players here. You can customize graphics in respect to the specifications of your smartphone. 

Escapists 2

You have a cool sandbox game here which is sure to impress strategy game lovers. The game is packed with mind-bending challenges and tricky puzzles which you will have to resolve to find your way out of the prison. One of the major features of the game is that it enables you to create a customized avatar. The game follows an engaging gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours. Escapists 2 even allows players to play in multiplayer mode where you can go for mass escape with your friends. 

Asphalt 9

If car racing gives you the ultimate thrill, Asphalt 9 is the game for you. The game offers you a grand opportunity to drive your dream steam and speed across some of the most extravagant locations. You will have a large range of speed machines to compete against in the game. You will be glad to know Asphalt 9 enables you race in some of the most illustrious supercars like Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche.

One of the most important aspects of the game is surely its detailed hyper-realistic HDR visuals. You will have career mode spanning across 60 seasons. Another major part of the game is its innovative TouchDrive that takes the game to a whole new level altogether. This is a multiplayer game and you will be able to play it against several players online. 

PES 2019

The game boasts latest game engine that promises a very advanced gaming experience for the players. It’s a high end soccer games which is loved by football fans all over. With the PES app, you will be able to play your favorite soccer game just anytime and enjoy an unpredictable experience with each match.  

Interestingly, PES 2019 players will get more than 8000 player animations, playstyles as well as more improved player personalities compared to previous games. 

PUBG mobile

The list would be possibly incomplete without the mention of PUBG mobile. PUBG is no name on the radar but its immense popularity makes it a must-play every year. This is a famous online survival multiplayer game which is currently lauded as the best of RPG games of the current genre. 

A fair share of PUBG mobile is inspired by its PC counterpart. However, you will also find certain distinct features here that make the game a dream game for mobile players. 

Alto’s Adventure

One of the latest games around, Alto’s Adventure takes players across a seamless snowboarding trip where you will pass through some intriguing locations. These include majestic alpine hills, neighboring villages, long-abandoned ruins and ancient woodlands. Over the course of the journey, the player would have to rescue the grind roof tops, outwit mountain elders as well as leap over scary chasms. And all that amidst erratic weather, lightning, thunderstorms, blizzards, fog, rainbows and so on. There are more than 150 handcrafted goals that enrich the game with excellent variations to make things more exciting for players. 

Brawl Stars

If you are looking for a fast-paced strategic game, look no further than Brawl Stars. This is a very popular multiplayer game that enables players to play solo or challenge buddies across several game modes. 

The game is available in a wide variety of modes. These include Showdown, Gen Grab, Bounty, Brawl Ball, Special Events and Heist. You will have the opportunity to collect different skins for Brawlers that you can boast with pride in the gaming arena. You can download the game for free. But the in-game/app purchases come with a price tag. 

So, you have quite a list of games here. Now, it’s time to download them one by one and make the most of your gaming sessions. 

Review of Double Dragon on the Wii Virtual Console

Double Dragon was first released by Tatio as an arcade game over twenty years ago. While the game has been ported to numerous systems (including mobile phones), it is the port for the original 8-bit Nintendo that most 80’s gamers will remember.

At its heart, Double Dragon is a simple side-scrolling beat-em up game. You play as Billy, a martial arts master. Your girlfriend has been captured by a gang that controls much of the city. In order to free your girlfriend you must kick, punch and bash your way through legions of enemies for a final show down with the Shadow Boss – leader of the Black Warriors. While the plot has been explored in great depth in future games, a (somewhat terrible) movie, and a (much better) cartoon series, it plays little role in the first game.

Game Play

If you have never played Double Dragon, the first fight screens may leave you wondering what all the hype is about. Keep playing. While you will initially be armed only with your fists and a simple kick, things quickly grow more interesting as you encounter armed enemies.

You will find that once you disarm an enemy, you will be able pickup their weapon and use it against them. There is something extremely satisfying about bashing your opponents with their own weapons.

The game also does a good job of incorporating the environment into the battles. You will commonly encounter items that can be thrown or use the environment its self to defeat your foes. One of the best examples of this occurs early in the first boss battle.

The room in which you encounter the boss contains a conveyor belt that drops anything placed on it into oblivion. With a little effort, you can maneuver the boss onto the belt and watch him plunge to his doom. In addition to environmental hazards and weapons, latter stages feature some basic platform jumping to keep things fresh and interesting.

The game also features a level based skill building system not found in the original arcade version. As you progress, you will collect heart points that will unlock new moves. Adding new game elements to make up for graphical deficiencies of a port was a common practice in the 8-bit era, and it works well in this title.

In addition to the single player mode, the game offers a couple of two player modes as well. Sadly, this does not mean co-op play. In the primary mode of play, players take turns controlling the same character. So when you use an FPS Tracker, you will see your standing in the game in the overall setting.  The other option is to brawl with each other or against the computer. These parts of the game have a tack-ed on feel and do little to add value.


For its day, Double Dragon features solid graphics and sound. Sprite animation is severely limited by the 8-bit hardware, but it is still well done. Enemy and backdrop designs are creative and varied. The sound effects and music are solid and catchy. Even it was first released, the graphics where not what wowed gamers.

The Verdict

Double Dragon for the NES has aged very well. The simple addictive game play, combined with solid controls and varied challenges are still fun. Whether you grew up playing it, or have some how missed out, Double Dragon on the Wii Virtual Console is well worth the 500 Wii point asking price.

Free Online Game Show Games

Do you ever watch Television and think ” I wish I could play that”. Well you can. You can play online for free and get a lot of practice. Maybe on day you will be on a game show and wont it be nice to understand whats going on because you played online. This will get you ahead of the other players. After all practice makes perfect.

Family Feud

This game show has been around for a long time. I personally love to watch it and yell out answers, secretly hoping I am right. The object of this game is to try and guess the top answers to their questions. They interview 100 people around the world and come up with top answers in which you have to guess. Each answer is worth so many points. The team with the most points win. In this online version there are over 5,000 unique question that are constantly updated. Great game host, stunning graphics and captivating.

Deal or no Deal

This game show just gets more popular by the minute. It was even so bad that I seen people dress up like the actors for Halloween. The object of this game is to win money. Contestants are shown 26 identical briefcases except for the numbers on them. Each briefcase has a dollar value hidden inside. The game starts where the player chooses a case to keep and then tosses a bunch. A banker calls in between picking suitcases and offers the player a certain amount of money. The player either takes the “deal” or says “no deal” and then chooses another case. The case they decide to keep is opened and the players keeps the money inside. To play this game online you must have flash installed on your computer. Its fun to see how much you could win.

Wheel Of Fortune

Everyone remembers this game. Its an oldie but still a goodie. Its still on the air and played by all sorts of people. The object of the game is to guess the phrase that they are talking about. You spin a wheel and then get to guess a letter. The letters are then turned over, slowly reveling more and more parts of the sentence. In order to play the online version you must have flash installed on your computer.


The new version of Press Your Luck

Whammy! is played a bit different then Press your luck. The have a new set, theme and host. The main rules of the game are still the same. You have an updated “whammy”. He know wears a little suit. In round one instead of starting with a question they now start off right at the board. Giving players a chance to earn as many spins as they can with out getting the Whammy who will steel all your spins. Players will receive four chances to earn as many spins as possible. A freeze button is available in case you don’t want to press your luck anymore. Round two is the same in the last one with questions being asked so you can earn more spins. Round three is almost the same except players can pass on their spin if they choose to do so. There is also an added double whammy which does the same as the normal one. You can play this exciting game just like they do on Television. You will need to have flash player installed on your computer as this is a flash game.

You can visit service for overwatch sr boost which is a really good way to improve the quality of your gameplay.

Everything You Need To Know About Recharging The PS4 Controller!

People of all age groups are fond of PS4, and no one can resist themselves from getting their hands on it if they ever get a chance in their life. PS4 is a fantastic gaming console developed by Sony entertainment and one of the most loved gaming consoles in the world. Gaming controllers are an essential part of the consoles named without them you cannot play the game. Now the latest gaming controllers are wireless, which offers you complete freedom to play your favorite game sitting in your bed comfort. You need to stay connected with any wire, which hinders your mobility and limits your moment.

You can even get the controllers customized and get a custom controller with skins of your choice. There are various options available in the skins of the controllers, and you can choose your favorite one out of them easily. Being wireless, these controllers are powered by the batteries in it, which gets discharged as you use it. It is necessary to know about how to charge the controller and how much time it will get to be fully recharged.

How to charge the PS4 controller, and how much time it takes?

It depends on what port your controller is having as there are two types of port; USB port and Ext port. If it has an Ext port, then you need to get a charging dock to get it charges, but if it has a USB port, then you can use a USB cable to charge it easily. The first thing you need to do to charge the controller is turning on the system or set it on the sleep mode. Once you connect your controller, you will see the battery level popping up on the screen in the controller. The blinking orange light in the system is an indication the controller is being charged, and when the light turns off, it means it is fully charged. Usually, a full drained controller takes around 2 hours to get fully charged, but its backup may differ according to different conditions. You can follow some tips to increase its battery backup and get it recharged in less time.

Tips to enhance the battery backup of your PS4 controller!

Keep the light bar brightness low

The light bar in the PS4 controller is merely for enhancing its look and benefits in no way in the gameplay. It uses some portion of the battery so you can’t lower it down to plunge the battery consumption and enhance the battery life of the controller. There is no option available to completely turn it off so you can only dim it to the lowest level. You can find an option in the setting and control its brightness.

Turn off the vibration

Dual shock is known for its vibrations, which enhance the feel of the game, but to save the battery, you can turn it off. It is entirely your choice as vibrations are a crucial part of the game, and without vibration, you will lose a lot of fun. But if you want to make the battery last longer, then it is an excellent way to do it. You find options related to vibration in the setting, and you can control the vibrations using them.