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Key Lessons Learned from the Working Nomad

Earning an income remotely is quickly becoming a lifestyle for many people interested in traveling the globe and keeping up with financial responsibilities in the process. With ongoing developments in telecommuting jobs, wi-fi hotspots around the world, and simple ways to generate an income online, more and more people are turning to the internet to enjoy the freedom of the nomad lifestyle.

The ‘Working Nomad’ himself is one of these independent free sprits roaming the globe with laptop in hand; he’s a 35-year old web-preneur who’s reporting an income of $8,000 per month and he’s only been doing this for a year. His website at lists an e-book and active discussion forum to pick up key tips and strategies on how to live this adventurous lifestyle, and make a substantial living in the process.

So what does it take to be a working nomad? The website lists some key areas in web projects that can lead to both an active and passive income. The internet is rapidly becoming a wealth-generating system for many, and the Working Nomad website and discussion forums highlight the following lessons:

  • Become a travel writer for a variety of publications. Many working nomads make a living traveling and writing about their experiences, getting paid to do so, then venturing forward on another assignment. If you choose to do this freelance style, you may need to secure a budget before getting started, but you might be lucky to find publications who pay you a partial payment to get the assignment done. If you’re being paid on royalties from the article, that’s an easy opportunity for residual income.
  • Sign up with Many webpreneurs report positive results from registering with and finding projects that allow them to work from home. Web designers, writers, photographers, and other skilled and tech-savvy professionals can browse a large database of clients and projects each day.
  • Become an online teacher or tutor. With the growth in online education and learning, demand for qualified teachers and tutors is also on the rise. Teaching any subject over the internet will give you the freedom to distribute curriculum, send out lecture materials, and grade homework from the comfort of home wherever it may be. Translators are also in high demand, especially for third-world countries and continents where educated professionals are limited. You will be like a superboost wifi review that helps people to get connected strongly, educate children and empower them as well.

  • Write eBooks and learn how to market them. Many online writers are turning to the eBook market to get published and easily distribute their content to a wide audience, With the right marketing tactics, you can easily set up a residual income by selling digital products through an affiliate network. Take a look at Clickbank for examples.
  • Become a professional blogger. You’re sure to find a blog for any topic under the sun, but making top dollar for blogging requires a little more strategy than publishing and making money from AdSense links. Blogs can be very valuable educational tools, and the more value you provide to your target market, the higher the chances of success. Blogs do take a few months to become established and recognized as a credible source, but there are dozens of opportunities to market yours well enough to reach the top blogging categories in any given industry. Do your homework and learn from the top bloggers already climbing to the top ranks.
  • Set up a digital products business. While content is king for websites and blogs, digital products such as eBooks and eNewsletters are also coveted goods. Whether you’re creating the products yourself, or working with creative brains to make a web ‘store’ of quality data, becoming a webpreneur is simple with a retail business plan. Think about creative ways to buy and sell quality information, and even consider setting up a residual income payout for referrals and sales associates down the road.
  • Monetize your podcasts. Podcasts are another avenue of opportunity for tech-savvy webpreneurs, and if you have a strong audience willing to pay to listen to you, a paid-subscription site could be just what you need to start generating revenue. While hundreds of sites offer free podcasts, consider developing your own site that houses quality content and podcasts of value in your niche.

The Working Nomad promises to reveal his secrets in his self-published eBook now available online, and the community of followers on the site provide valuable hints and tips to get started. If you’re looking for a fresh new outlook on the nature of ‘work’ and traveling as part of your career, consider shifting gears to the online world. A substantial income and the freedom to live and travel anywhere in the world are just a few benefits of the working nomad lifestyle.


Gola Manufacturers World Class Shoes and Bags

Gola products represent a hundred years of innovation and design. The company was started in 1905, but the company’s name is sort of a mystery that leaves people wondering what the meaning of what Gola is about. Some people say it stands for goal, but that just opinions of people that purchase their products.

Gola has a product line that consists of men’s, women’s, and children shoes as well as bags. All of the products are produced with first class quality.

Gola has many locations throughout the world in countries such as United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Netherlands, Croatia, France, New Zealand, Philippines, Hungary, Singapore, Denmark, Argentina, Switzerland, New Zealand, Columbia, Norway, Portugal, Germany, Honduras, Venezuela, Italy and Spain. Customers all around the world can enjoy the quality and design of a world-class product produced by Gola.

The products by Gola are referred to as soccer style shoes, but with a unique flair to have other people take a double take to look the quality and color of Gola shoes. Another great product line by Gola is their bag line that offers unique styles of bags with handles or straps in fashionable colors and materials. The shoes that they manufacture have the best shoe insoles, which is one of the important aspect that you consider as you buy shoes.

Gola prides itself in offering consumers products that are comfortable and relaxing. Men’s shoes start in price from $75.00 + depending on the size and style you choose. Women’s shoes have approximately the same price as men. Children’s start somewhere around $45.00 and above and comes in very unique styles and designs.

The Gola Classic is one of the top brands that Gola sells all around the world. Many soccer fans love the look and feel of the Gola Classic based on the design and color coordination that Gola produces from their manufacturing plant.

The history of Gola is that their brand is the oldest sports brand of shoe in the United Kingdom. I expect more and more United State citizens to start purchasing more of the Gola product lines. Gola sales in the United States are currently in major high end retailers. Soccer is starting to grow in the United States and as Gola starts to market their products to the younger generation sales will increase as well as brand recognition.

If you play golf then you must purchase a pair of Gola shoes. With the wide selection of Gola shoes available on the market I’m sure you’ll find a pair that is comfortable and relaxing while you set a fashion statement in your home town. Gola’s product offers consumers a reasonable purchasing price, but the tradition of quality and guarantees is what make their products a hot commodity throughout the world. Buy a pair of Gola’s shoes today and you’ll see the rewards of owning a pair of shoes from an age-old sporting shoes manufacturer.

Eureka Altima Vacuum – Product Review

About a month ago I purchased a Eureka Altima vacuum to replace my old vacuum. There are several things I like about this vacuum, but also several things that I don’t care for.

I will start with the positives of the vacuum. It is bagless , so there isn’t a collection of dirt in the vacuum sitting for weeks on end until you fill a bag and change it. This also works good when you vacuum up small toy that your children failed to pick up, or change that your husband may have dropped. There also are several filters that are very easily cleaned, only one of these ever needs be replaced and it is suggested to do it once a year. This filter can be washed by hand in between. I also like the fact that hose is always connected you just need to pull it out, with my old vacuum you needed to shut the vacuum off and hook the hose up (this also is a negative as I will explain later.) I feel as a whole the vacuum picks up well on rugs. It also has an electrostatic duster with a self cleaner attached to the vacuum. The dust itself has a telescoping wand to help you, to reach high places. The vacuum comes with an attachment called a power paw, this hooks on the end of the hose and will let you vacuum both horizontally and vertically it is very nice for cleaning couch cushions. It has a bush in it that spins with the power and makes lots of noise.

Now I will give you the negatives of the vacuum. First when I try to vacuum on the hard wood floors though it just blows the crumbs onto my lower legs spreading the stuff all over. Then as I said earlier, although it is nice that the hose is right there sometimes it will come undone when you are vacuuming and then the vacuum will not have any suction. The hose also is not long enough, it is hard to use to hose to get to things that may just be slightly out of reach. Although it is nice that it is a telescoping duster, it also just doesn’t seem to go back together easily. Even when the duster is charged as it is suppose to be it really doesn’t do a good job of cleaning up cobwebs. I feel the vacuum is cheaply made and the holder for the duster falls off on a regular basis and if the power paw picks up anything of any size (even an M-n-M) it will stop spinning.

Now that I have had this vacuum just over a month and I would say as a whole I am not happy with it and wouldn’t suggest it to anyone. Although there are some positives the negatives far out way them in my mind. So if you a looking for a new vacuum skip this one

Fortunately for me, there are various options available for me in the market where I can buy staubsauger günstig kaufen  and affordable prices as I have numerous friends who can help me out in this regard.

Why are you required to get an electric shaver?

Moving from an older shaving model to the electric one is a good way to get a smart look in an easy way. Man’s only need to look their beard when they have to ready themselves. Having the best kind of electric shaver is not only useful for a better look but also to clean the face in an easy and safe way. It also helps you to enhance your look and personality in a fast and effective way. In addition to this, there are some specific benefits of using a shaving kit for the electric kind.

This really offers you many different features to shave on a regular basis in the best way. If you don’t have known much about an electric shaver, this article helps you a lot to know all about. Also, having the trockenrasierer is only a great too way to use the one that really suits you better. But the main thing is to know in detail about the use of an electric shaver and get the things that it offers you. There are some people who want to know its benefits and even to its uses over its simple model. So, here we go with its beneficial factors

Convenience: using an electric shaver means you use the one in which you don’t face any kind of issue. Electric shavers are the one that has a good range of power and allows you to use for the long term. This is the device that offers you to trim your facial hair in the easiest and the fast way. Having the one kin of it doesn’t need to look for the other. Also, this is the only one by which you shave in the fast and for the safe way. For all this, you just need to look for the best type of electric shaver that offers you benefits of several kinds.

Skin protection: if you use an electric shaving device, then you don’t need to worry about your skin. There are some people who get afraid to do shave on a regular basis due to their sensitive skin. But with the use of the electric shaving kit, you don’t have to face any issue regarding your skin. This provides you the good and the smooth working and doesn’t harm you in any of the ways. Its foils and regulates are also too good and clear that it not cut the skin, besides it gives the fine shape to the beard. In addition, mostly, there are skin protection products available with the kind of shaver you choose for your skin.

Rechargeable shavers: electric shavers are available with the high powered capacity on which you can use it for a long time. This also allows you to shave at any of the time and at any of the places. If you are not using your device, then it’s better to make it charge then enables us to use when needed. Make sure you have the device with the good power that you cannot need for charging for a long time. But using the electric shaver is really very beneficial to shave in an easy, fast, and convenient way. You can also carry the device at any of the places, and first, you charge it for your anytime future use.

Cleaning: Cleaning is another main factor that you might worry about. There are some of the devices that not be cleaned easily and gives you stress for the future case. But this cannot seem with the electric shaving device. You can easily make use of the device and can clean it in a better way. Also, there are some of the tips or the points mention to the product reviews where you can know for the solution of its cleaning. In reality, it good to use the electric shaving device and have its use and its cleaning process in the easiest way.

Close shave: for the correct shape and trimming of the facial hairs, you need to use the electric shavers. There are many people who like to give their beard different shapes either from any side. According to the trend, one wants to make it and look good. Electrics shaver helps you to make the particular type of beard that suits you better. For the short or sharp trims, electric shavers are specifically used. This all gives you the right shape and even a fair look to your face.

Final verdict!

After reading the whole above-mentioned content, you can get to know that why you need to use an electric shaver only. Using the shaving device of the one kind is the only way to get a good look and right shape of your beard in an easy and safe way.

Top Seven Tips For Purchasing The Best Electric Shaver

Electric shavers are considered to be a best friend of every man. Early mornings will be incomplete without them. But, buying the perfect one that meets your requirements needs you to pay more attention. Electric shavers come in different sizes, features, and shapes. It can be challenging for you to select between several types available on the market.

Buying an electric shaver without thinking about various aspects can make you choose the wrong one. If you end up getting the wrong device, then there are chances to get nicks and cuts while shaving. Your skin is the most vital factor that you need to think about at the time of selecting any unit. Here, in the guide, we will talk about the top tips that will help you to purchase the best electric shaver that meets your needs. Let us discuss the aspects below.

  1. Foil or rotary

Well, using rotary shavers are considered to be good, but some of the users prefer to use foil shavers because of the ergonomic design. They offer not only smooth shave but also provide great close shave as well. On the other hand, rotary units are perfect for giving a more comfortable experience, but for a closed shave, they are not good. An elektrorasier test is conducted, and it is found that both of them have several advantages as well as disadvantages, and it all depends on the consumer’s requirements.

  1. Cordless or corded shaving

Many electric shavers are available on the market, and you have to decide which one will be best for shaving. There are two options to choose between, cordless and corded. Some men prefer to use corded while others use cordless units, and it is based on their needs.

  1. LED indicator

If you are choosing foil shavers, then make sure to look for the LED indicator. The reason is that not only the indicator allows you to see the remaining battery, but also alert you when the battery is low. Moreover, it all depends on the need of the user, and if you are going for a corded option, then you can skip this one. Make sure to do the elektrorasier test before buying the unit.

  1. Maintenance

The majority of products are easy to maintain, but some of them need a little bit more attention. All the best-valued electric shavers come with a complete cleaning dock so that you can easily put the unit inside the dock for cleaning the shaver by pressing the button. Well, some of the devices do not come with a cleaning dock, which means you have to do the task manually. However, the process will not take more than one minute.

  1. Wet and dry technology

An electric shaver can be easily used on dry skin, but with the help of wet and dry technology, it becomes easy to use the unit in the shower. The technology is specially made for sensitive skin that allows a man to shave with the gel foam. Always ensure to conduct an elektrorasier test to know whether the device is capable of meeting your needs or not.

  1. Pop-up timer

If you are going to choose the best electric shaver, then the device will come with an integrated trimmer. It can be popped up so that you can go for grooming things like mustache and sideburns. Those who think that they are pro, and don’t require any additional part, then they can switch to the simple one.

  1. Portability

You might not think about the portability of the electric shaver at the time of buying any unit. The reason is that it does not matter, but wouldn’t it be convenient for you if the device can be carried around with ease. Some devices come with a travel case to protect the battery and make it last longer. You can run an elektrorasier test between the portable and other units to find out which one is perfect.

To summarize, you must consider these aspects to buy the best electric shaver. Always make sure to look for the extra features to see whether the device is capable of running in good condition for a long time or not.

Landscaping Your Home for Sale – Is it useful or not?

Landscaping your home to prepare it for sale is different than landscaping a home you plan to live in. There are several things to keep in mind. First of all, less is more. It is not necessary or even prudent to invest in massive landscaping designs on a home you will not be living in. The purpose of landscaping a home for sale is to appeal to the broadest base of potential buyers as possible. It is not to reflect your own style or make a personal statement about your tastes. Your goal is to give eye appeal to your property, not to see how many plants and sculptures you can fit into any given space. The design you select should be something a potential buyer will regard as easy to care for, and not a design that will require constant work and maintenance.

From strictly a financial standpoint, it is better to spend as little as possible in order to achieve a pleasing look for the property you are selling. While it may be tempting to buy a lot of trees, shrubs, and plants, keep in mind you are aiming just for a certain look. Quantity does not substitute for quality. In fact, it’s all too easy to get carried away and then all you achieve is a look of disorganized clutter, something that has little appeal to most homebuyers. When planning your landscaping, keep it simple and clean.

In order to appeal to as many buyers as possible, stick to common-sense basics like trimmed edges, spare designs, clean lines, and low-maintenance layouts. Buyers can always add plants and features once they own the home. Different and attractive designs can be used at Pasir Ris Central showflat for landscaping of the house. The prices will depend on the layout of the flat.

If you already have some landscaping in place, the first step is to clean it up. Trim bushes and shrubs, clear landscaped areas of debris like fallen leaves and weeds. Use a trimmer or edger to produce clean lines on the perimeter of your yard, along any walkways, and around your flowerbeds. Fill in any bare spots in the lawn with fast growing grass seed. Make certain your porches are in good condition, make any necessary repairs, paint or carpet the surfaces if they are dull or damaged. These steps alone will improve the general impression of your property.

If you have a well-placed tree in your yard, there is a quick way to add some charm. Simply circle it in bricks or pretty stone. Be sure and lay down black weed barrier first. Then fill in the circle with decorative mulch, such as red or brown wood chips. The cost is minimal in comparison to the finished effect. If you have a bare exterior wall, consider putting in a few well spaced plants and fill in with decorative mulch. Maybe place a simple row of patio bricks or stones in front.

In summary, there is no need to spend a fortune preparing the exterior of your home for sale. Think clean, simple and low maintenance.

Infant Milestones Photography Ideas from 3-6 Months

So now your baby is growing, rapidly! Too fast sometimes for the parents to take all in, and of course, you do not want to miss any of your ever-growing baby’s milestones! Have that camera handy, and take some of these ideas with you to capture some of the most important milestones in your child’s life from 3-6 months.

If your little one didn’t pop a tooth yet, it’s sure to come out within the next few months. Make sure to capture the first one. Nothing is cuter than a big smile with one or two teeth. Your little guy may be starting to roll up, or even supporting their heads on their own now and pulling themselves up off the ground while lying on their belly. These all make beautiful photographs and ones to remember forever! They often discover their feet and for some reason, love sticking them in their mouths. Although funny, these pictures make for a good laugh when they are older.

Babies this age may also start sitting up on their own, or even with a little help. A great photograph of this milestone would be of them sitting clapping their hands, or even with a book or newspaper in their hand to make a funny one!

As mentioned above, babies tend to grow very fast during this age, especially in weight or height. To capture the growth milestone, a picture of the baby lying down next to a measuring tape or even standing next to something that is as small as they used to be, would let you remember how big they are, and little they once were!

We can’t forget the feedings! Of course a photograph of your baby with her bottle, and her first taste of peas – and her funny face afterwards. Nothing is more hilarious then an infants face when they are not satisfied with what’s in their mouth. Make sure to get a messy picture – their awesome! To capture these lovely photographs, you will need something reliable, which you can browse at

Infant from 3-6 months usually are getting better with hand coordination, and can sometimes drop a ball into a cup, or even just pass an object from hand to hand. Capturing a picture of this would create a great memory, as they are learning so much at this time. They are also learning more sounds and enjoying playing. I always thought a cute picture was one of mommy or daddy giving the baby “raspberries” on their little belly, just something to make them laugh. A laughing picture is always a great one, and sometimes so are the crying ones. You want to remember it all, and crying plays a big part in a babies life, as it is what they do to let you know what they want.

A great milestone is as simple as even standing them up with support, just to show that they are still learning so much, and the next pictures to come you may not be in with them, because they may be able to do a lot of the milestones mentioned by themselves, like standing and sitting! Be sure to capture the babies with any pets you may have, as with most pet they become the baby’s new friend once they are able to pet and play with them!

Mother’s Day Unique Gifts for a Mom in a Nursing Home

Are you shopping for a Mother’s Day gift for someone who resides in a nursing home? If so, here are some ideas for thoughtful and practical gifts that are sure to please.

Subscriptions. No matter how often family and friends visit or how many activities are on the nursing home’s calendar, there is likely to be plenty of time for residents to fill. As a result, subscriptions can make ideal and much appreciated Mother’s Day gifts. Subscription choices are plentiful and can be tailored to the interests of the recipient.

While magazine subscriptions are an obvious choice, if you need a Mother’s Day gift for a book lover, perhaps you should consider a book club with a large catalog of books at discounted prices. One place to look for a wide selection of book clubs is Mother can select the gifts from the website mentioned. The gifts should not be related to providing cna training online or offline to the members of the Nursing home.

As you will quickly discover, there are book clubs for everyone, from clubs that specialize in literary genres, such as romances, mysteries, and Christian literature, to those with a more comprehensive selection of best sellers, popular fiction, and non-fiction titles. Also, for those with vision limitations, you might consider a large-print book club (such as the one offered by Doubleday) or an audio book (books on compact discs or tape) rental service or download service (see for some selections in this category). If you choose an audio book club, you might want to supplement your gift subscription with an easy-to-use CD player or other portable listening device.

Finally, if you are looking for a gift for a movie buff, a DVD rental subscription, such as Netflix (, might be a good choice.

Personal Care Products and Services. Luxurious personal care products, such as fine body and bath lotions, hand creams, powder, and perfume, make great gifts Mother’s Day gifts for those unable to get out and shop for themselves. Another good choice is aromatherapy products, which are designed to sooth the senses as well as pamper the body. Bath and Body Works has a nice selection in a variety of categories such as Sleep and Stress Relief ( Personal services such as manicures and pedicures or a haircut, shampoo and style, also make special and very personal gifts.

Stationery and Cards. A lovely box of stationery (personalized is nice) or a box of special occasion cards (including a selection of birthday, anniversary, graduation, get well, and various holiday cards) is a useful and thoughtful gift for a nursing home resident, made even more so if you stamp the envelopes (be sure to use forever stamps) and include printed return address labels.

An Album or Scrapbook Filled with Family Memories. A nursing home can be a lonely place at times, and, as a result, an album of family pictures or a scrapbook filled with pictures and other family mementos is likely to be a treasured Mother’s Day gift. Personalize the album or scrapbook by carefully labeling and dating each picture or other item. Also, leave some pages at the end blank and promise to fill them in the future with current picture and mementos.

A Complete Guide On Mind Mapping Software For Beginners

Mind mapping is known as a visual information management tool that allows us to organize, arrange structure, memorize, learn, and brainstorm data in an extremely specified way. From the past 20 years, we have discovered the insights into a human mind and how our brain’s limitless capacity to comprehend, think, and store a significant reserve of information. Similarly, mind mapping has come in the same way.

The tool is on the verge of becoming the mainstream software that can be used by students, academics, business professionals, and many individuals to organize, reimagine, and manage information in a highly structured and completely new way. Mind mapping is not about just creating a single map. Instead, it’s a way to transform the way we work, think, and develop the capacity for visual thinking. Here in the post, we will provide you with the necessary details about mind mapping software. Let us discuss the aspects below.

  • Mind mapping: a broader definition

Mind mapping is considered to be a method of organizing, learning, memorizing, storing, and prioritizing information. It helps to present a complete summary and overview of the body that fuses pictures and words. You can create powerslides puzzle piece templates to understand its definition in a better way. Mind mapping flawlessly blends creative thoughts and logic to help many of us to think more effectively and proficiently about the subject we are trying to learn.

  • Benefits of mind mapping software

The advantages of mind mapping are far-reaching and extensive. Generally, it helps to expand the ability to think logically and laterally in the given situation. We have listed below some of the great benefits of mind mapping.

  • Helps to improve the capacity of exploring detailed parts of the data
  • Improve one’s retention, comprehension, and memory of the given information
  • Helps to cope with a load of information, reduces mental clutter, and overwhelm
  • Encourage creative ideas and insights and stimulates the imagination
  • It helps to expand the ability to take better organized, comprehensive, and effective notes.
  • Improve the capacity to manage the academic workload.
  • Fields where mind mapping is used?

Since we are at the dawn of the age of internet and mind mapping can become a proper traditional way for organizing, expanding, and collating upon the already existed information and knowledge. The tool is leaving its impact on various major fields to help manage, organize, and improve their lives. The powerslides puzzle piece templates also provide comfort to the people who want to understand the basis of mind mapping.

  1. Work productivity
  • Here we have listed the ways where professionals use mind mapping to complete their work.
  • Helps in planning marketing and sales strategy
  • Managing and organizing meeting and projects
  • Preparing for interviews and networking events
  1. Life management

Many people understand mind mapping through powerslides puzzle piece templates. Here we have enlisted a few examples of how the tool helps to manage one’s life.

  • Manage time and events
  • Helps to set professional goals
  • Financial and holiday planning
  • Track necessary events, dates, and information
  1. Academic success
  • Helps in learning various languages and grammar
  • Prepare for upcoming exams and create a well-defined structure for essay writings
  • Create Brainstorming ideas, and helps to solve problems
  • These are some of the significant benefits of using the mind mapping tool
  • How to create a mind map by using mind mapping software?

With the popularity of mind mapping, you can see a lot of software related to it. Whether you are using pc, or Mac, or mobile, there is an application for every program. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to choose the right one for exploring new things.

The software you will choose must be easy to use and have great graphics that will allow you to draw and extend branches with ease. The designed lines can be in the form of the latest powerslides puzzle piece templates to understand the concept in a better way.

To summarize, we hope that these aspects will help you to understand every aspect of mind mapping and how it helps in evolving the way we see things. Mind mapping is becoming more popular every consecutive year. It will continue to adapt and evolve the ever-changing needs for information management.

arcgis story maps tutorial


Improve Your Love Life with Feng Shui

Those of us who find our love life fizzling out may be lost as to where to turn to rekindle the passion and love they once had in their relationship. But some people have found hope for their love life through the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui.

Many Feng Shui followers believe strongly that placing things in the right space affects the type of energy you have and can improve your quality of life; including your love life.

The art of Feng Shui involves seeking out the ‘power spots’ throughout your home. Once these power spots are discovered, Feng Shui art involves activating these power spots so that love and relationship issues in your home can become strong and healthy. With Feng Shui you can actually turn up the volume on your love life by merely placing furnishings in the right spots.

There are experts that study Feng Shui in depth, and the art is considered to be intricate, and to fully grasp the concept of Feng Shui would require some dedicated study. But one of the basic theories of Feng Shui is that the power spots, known as ‘Kun Gua’ are located in the southwest side of your home. So the ideal spot for your bedroom would be in the southwest side.

You can also discover one of your home’s power spots by facing your home, coming into the entrance and identifying the room to the right and the room to the back of your home; this includes those rooms on all of the floors of your home. These rooms are also considered to be power spots or ‘Kun Gua’.

But the good news is that even if your bedroom is not facing the Southwest or is in the back right hand corner of your home, there are things you can do to increase your Feng Shui energy. It is important, according to Feng Shui art, that the bedroom be free of clutter. The room should also have good lighting and be spacious. Once you set the stage, with these minor changes, you will be able to add your Feng Shui objects of love.

The most important objects you could have to encourage love and affection in the bedroom are Chinese symbols of love or double happiness. Feng Shui artists also believe that red and pink are the strongest colours for promoting love and affection. If your walls are not bright red you might consider adding some pink or red candles to the room so that you can enhance some love power spots.

Although the idea of Feng Shui may seem a little odd, the subtle changes you might choose to make to your bedroom are inexpensive, they don’t take too much time or energy, and they may actually in fact, have a positive affect on your love life.

The house projects are always upvc windows, so similarly when it comes to love you would be needing that certain someone to fulfill the emptiness in your life.