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9 Pros of surveying before making a land deal

Conducting an investigation before purchasing a piece of land is an indispensable step to consider. A study helps in determining whether the property is suitable for the buyer or not. Therefore, it is advised to carry out proper survey techniques before heading out for the next steps to buy the specific land. A survey has so many roles and methods to apply. An expert surveyor is preferred to perform the vital steps and fulfill the process.

  1. Reviews and ratings: To know about the detailed fact of the land is quite an important task. An excellent surveyor might help you in gaining the data you desire to get. It is mandatory for the buyer to get certain reviews about the property before involving monetary transactions into the deal.
  2. Methods: There are numerous techniques accessible to the surveyors to apply in the respective project. Some of the known methods include trend, cohort, and panel. It is completely up to both parties how they want their land to get it surveyed.
  3. Hazardous or not: A surveyor is responsible for the fact that he will explain to his customers whether to buy the particular land or not. He will tell the environmental position of the land with respect to its location. Chances of facing flood and drought in land for sale in Montana are some of the important points that need to be considered while buying agricultural land.
  4. Quality of a surveyor: When a surveyor is appointed to do his job, then it is expected from him to do his work sincerely. The background of the surveyor is required to be checked deeply to know his trustworthiness and loyalty towards his work. It is also suggested to choose the best surveyor among many, but according to your pre-determined budget.
  5. To know the worth of the land: The buyer is highly suggested to make a deal with the seller after knowing certain crucial facts concerning the desired land or area. A surveyor might assist you in getting acknowledged the right value of the land. He might not be suggesting you wrong data about the land that you are going to buy. Cross-examine the amounts cautiously prior to making any payment.                                                                              
  6. Licensed surveyor: Several buyers come in contact with unregistered and unlicensed surveyors and get looted by them accidentally. Hence, the innocent buyers are strongly advised to be aware of certain malpractices that may indulge them in negative consequences. It is legitimate to ask for your agent to get him verified before starting the buying process.
  7. Ways of surveying: It is up to the buyer and the seller to get the property surveyed properly. There are different means to get it surveyed, such as the land can be surveyed with the telephonic contact of both the parties, the personal meeting between both parties subject to the land.
  8. Helps in measurements: It is a vital step to compute the dimensions of the plot appropriately. Moreover, it is the job of a surveyor to do the required measurements of the land correctly. Hiring a land survey engineer according to your budget will cause you a much better deal.
  9. Cross-check the surveyor: After all the things are being done, it the duty of the buyer to verify the information provided by the surveyor regarding the respected land. As mentioned before, there are a lot of malpractices happening in the land markets concerning the land surveyors and land agents.

Conclusion: Before hiring a surveyor for your desired piece of land, it is important to ask for his license as a surveyor. He must be registered in the respected act of that country. It is the responsibility of the buyer to confirm the details provided by him. However, it is not the sole duty of the buyer. The surveyor will also be held accountable if any mishap occurs in the future. He is liable for the documents that he has shown to the buyer regarding that piece of land. Thus, every individual or the future buyer is assumed to keep these things in mind before making a purchase with the help of a surveyor.


The Perfect Pressure Cooker- Cooking Made Easy

There have been numerous arguments regarding whose job is more difficult- man or woman?

This is an argument that has been going on since time immemorial and one that no expert has been able to answer satisfactorily.

The debate continues to rage on even today with both sides providing strong arguments and counter arguments based on authentic facts and figures and in a clean, objective manner.

While there can be no doubt that both sides have been right in their own way as far as this debate of contention is concerned, the issue of a strong, patriarchal dominance and authority is still prevalent even with the modern, secular outlook of the newer generations compared to the older ones.

Why is there a need to show one group as the dominant, superior, commanding, demanding and authoritative one while the other as a demur, docile, suppressed, helpless and hapless victim of circumstances. Here, both sides are equally at fault and this issue needs to be looked into and dealt with equal seriousness and sincerity.

In recent times, women are shown to stand shoulder to shoulder with men and compete with them in all kinds of matter be it jobs, household work, office etc. with many of them holding very important posts in big multi national companies varying from subordinates to chief executive officers, from managing directors to board of directors, doctors, lawyers, technicians, politicians and many others.

In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to state that women have left the men far behind in the competitive arena in this world to break the conventional stereotype of women being confined to looking after the house, cooking food, looking after children and other household chores. Today, they take pride in being the ‘man of the house’. This is indeed a step in the right direction.

But the interesting fact is that despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, this age-old mindset of men-dominating-and-are-superior-to-women still lingers and prevails over the society. You will find many such households throughout the world where the men still call the shots as compared to women.

Men still go out for work in the morning and return home late in the night, having slogged himself to the core, up until the very last minute, stuck in the typical 10 to 8 job, only earning enough so as to provide a better lifestyle for his family and moulding himself into the stereotypical male of an average, middle-class or upper-middle class man, who desires nothing more or nothing less than a decent income that gives him financial assistance and satisfaction

Women, on the other hand, stay at home, taking care of the house, children and elders and looking after domestic work, moulding themselves seamlessly into a typical, housewife as though she was born to do this.

However, fortunately for them, there is a silver lining for them in their busy and hectic schedule in the house, which is no less demanding and time consuming than the man in office, which requires a great deal of patience, perseverance, endurance and will power.

So it should be noted that the women are definitely commendable in their efforts in being the ‘owner of the house’ and the man merely a ‘traveller’ or ‘guest’ staying in a hotel.

With the advent of new-age technology, not to mention advanced, technical gadgets, social media and networking sites dominated by the likes of youtube, twitter and instagram that have made their jobs much easier and simpler compared to old times is indeed a welcoming gift for women of the household.

Therefore, today we are going to talk about one of the many gadgets that are no less than a boon for housewives: pressure cookers

Pressure cooker is an airtight utensil used for cooking food under steam pressure. People buy them based on the best pressure cooker reviews that they read online as also word-to-mouth opinions.

Tips to buy the perfect pressure cooker:

  • The best place to purchase:

The best option here would be to do online shopping on flipkart or amazon as most of the department stores have a very large cookware collection of different, reputed and worthwile brands that it becomes difficult to choose, not to mention the huge crowd.

  • Its warranty and other accessories:

The company’s quality and its reputation is very important while buying a pressure cooker so be sure to choose only that company whose brand value is known to one and all and which has the accessories available

  • Its features regarding safety:

The most important point while buying a cooker would be its safety features and different apertures that not only cook food properly but are easy to handle without any risk to life and property.