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Review Of One Natural Solid Conditioner Hair Boost

I have only ever seen solid hair shampoo or solid conditioner sold by Lush, and when I stumbled upon a new company who had products that reminded me so much of Lush, I had to try it. This company is called One, and they recently launched a slew of brand new, natural bath and body products at Target.
I normally wouldn’t purchase solid shampoo or solid conditioner because I have very thick, wavy hair, and even though they are supposed to last a long time, on long thick hair small solid bars do not last long at all.

When I sniffed a sample of One Natural Solid Conditioner bar in Hair Boost (It Does It All), I knew I was not leaving without it. This solid bar of conditioner smelled like real bananas, and I absolutely loved it!

Right on the package it claims that this one 2 ounce solid conditioner bar will last as long as 3 bottles of 8 ounce conditioner. I was not so convinced though, because the Hair Boost conditioner bar was really small, and I wondered how it would lather.


The company was new though, and if they managed to impress me with the products I bought that day, I would likely continue to buy. I just loved the scent of their Hair Boost so much that I was really hoping it lasted a long time, and really hoped it would leave behind the delicious sweet banana fragrance in my hair.

The conditioner bar comes with a tin to place the bar in after you are done using it. This was an extra added plus that I knew would come in handy. With an upcoming vacation, I told myself that if this conditioner bar worked well, I’d pack this up instead of bringing along a travel bottle of my standard shampoo and conditioner. It would save a ton of room in my suitcase.

My Use:

In the shower I used my usual shampoo. I did not by a One shampoo bar because I wanted to try this conditioner bar by itself without any backup help from their brand of shampoo bars. I wanted to see if it would condition my hair, and leave it soft, silky, and moisturized. This is what I look for in normal conditioner, and if this delightful banana scented conditioner bar could do that, I’d continue to purchase it. If not, it would be a lesson well learned, considering the conditioner bar cost me $6.00.

After shampooing, I rubbed the entire bar around the top of my head. The lather never came to be, but I knew it was adding something to my hair, because the dry feeling my shampoo left behind began to feel moisturized, and knots and kinks were slowly becoming unraveled.


I have really thick hair, and I was not expecting this bar to be able to really work any benefits into it, however with a few strokes to my head, I let the formula sit, and then rinsed. I was pretty amazed at the results. With just a little bit of the bars conditioner and my hair felt smooth, moisturized, and tangle free.

Dry Time:

My hair dried wonderfully, with sheen, shine, and moisturization. I was really, really surprised at how well this small bar really worked after having laser hair removal for all ages and skin that actually nourishes and now the skin has become more softy. With long thick hair like mine usually I need to use a big handful of conditioner in my hair to see similar results, but with One Natural Solid Conditioner, Hair Boost, I did not need to use a lot, and the banana scent stuck behind in my locks, which was another added major plus.

I imagine that the statement rings true, this one bar will last as long as 3 8 ounce bottles of standard conditioner. I am a fan, and will continue to purchase this one. I’m especially happy that I found this considering I will be traveling soon, and knowing how well this one works, I will be toting it along with me on my next vacation.

4 Costly Flaws to Avoid With Your Home Generator

A generator is indispensable when it comes to having a power backup for your home, in situations of blackouts. Generators power up the entire household during blackouts at times of natural calamities or any other cases of accidents or faults and failures. However just installing a generator is not enough. If one does not take adequate measures to ensure safety in handling generators, it can lead to unwanted mishaps. It is very important to be cautious and take proper safety measures with a home generator.

Here are 4 mistakes one should avoid with his/her home generator.

  1. Do not overuse extension cords

If your generator has a smaller capacity than 220 volts, extension cords are your only solution. It is important that you do not overuse the extension cords as these can lead to grave accidents. Always stock up on 12-gauge cords, which are enough to handle most 110-volt appliances. However, if your generator has a greater capacity than 220V, you can have a transfer switch installed with the help of your electrician.

  1. Do not install a generator very close to your home

A stationary or standby generator comes with specifications, and there are local codes as well to consider how far from home the generator unit should be installed. However the same do not apply when you are using a portable generator. That’s when you need to be careful so as to not place the generator too close to doors and windows. This is because it emits carbon monoxide, a deadly odorless gas. Do not run it in the rains, and do not keep it in a garage either. You should ideally place a portable generator on in a dry place and beneath a canopy-like structure.

  1. Know the fuel considerations

If your generator is a standby one and runs on local natural gas supply, it is fine. But whenever your generator needs fuels like gasoline and diesel, you should ascertain that you have enough quantity of it at hand at the very onset of a natural calamity. It may not shape into something catastrophic, but it’s best to not take chances with the fuel supply. Also ensure that the generator cools off before you re-fuel it. It is of utmost importance that you should use good quality fuel to run your generator, to avoid contamination of the tank and malfunctioning. For example, if you run a predator generator 4000 for your home, you should know about the predator generator 4000 oil type that aids in its smooth functioning.

  1. Do not skimp on maintenance

When you own a generator, you must take adequate steps to maintain it as well. You need to identify issues with the generator and fix them in early stage. You should also ideally burn off unburned fuel, change filters and fluids, check engine and starting and cooling mechanisms. Consider taking professional help so that your generator remains in good shape and serves you without accidents.