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6 Tips for Sexy, Brilliant Hair

Sumptuous, glistening hair doesn’t just appear; you’ve got to work for it! Let’s face it; the continuous use of heated hair appliances and constant brushing can leave your coiffure looking dry and brittle. No matter what your hair length or texture, you can have sexy, brilliant hair. Use these six steps to grow beautiful hair that he’ll love getting his hands in. Don’t expect gorgeous hair overnight–it may take a few days or weeks to see the shiny results you covet.

Soothe tired hair with a hot oil treatment once a week. You may already use a daily conditioner but some of these products don’t contain much more than wax and fragrance. You need to supply hair with beneficial oils to keep the strands of the hair strong and shiny. Once a week, pop a tube of hair oil in a cup of hot water and let it heat up. Apply hair oil to the tips and middle portions of your hair. Allow the oil to rest for 15 to 30 minutes then rinse it with a gentle shampoo. You’ll get healthy, brilliant hair in just a few weeks. But if you have some unwanted hair growth, you may opt to consider a laser hair removal treatment. Generally, laser hair remover is your safe grail.

Master your brush work. A lot of hair damage occurs when we unknowingly tear our hair while brushing. Not all the hair that ends up in your brush is a result of natural fall out! Don’t brush your hair when it is wet. Use your fingers to detangle longer hair and save the brushing until it is dry. While it is wet, hair is very flexible and susceptible to tearing. Also, use the right kind of hair brush. Cheap plastic vent brushes aren’t good choices. Spring for a bristle brush with many thick bristles.

Go thermal! I know, we’ve been taught that heat and hair make a bad combination and sometimes it does. However, thermal hair products like shampoos and conditioners can provide benefits long after the last rinse. Swap out your hum-drum hair products for heat-activated shampoos and conditioners. This way, when you do blow dry, you’ll be releasing good oils and ingredients into the hair shafts.

Become a hair whisperer! We don’t all have the same hair. Know what kind of hair you have and buy products that suit your hair type. For example, if you have thin, flat hair, you shouldn’t weigh the hair down with a daily dose of leave-in conditioner. If you aren’t sure what type of hair you have, ask your hair stylist for their diagnosis. This will help you choose the products that are right for you.

Finish with a cold rinse. Want to know a secret of top hair stylists? Finish the hair shampooing process with a cold rinse. A cool rinse of the hair adds loads of luster to your tresses. It’s a simple step that makes hair look irresistible to touch.

Try tinted shampoos for added depth. This isn’t your mother’s box hair color! Try a tinted shampoo that temporarily adds various hues of color to your hair. If you don’t like the added color, you don’t have to keep it long, it rinses out!

How to Build a Better Swimming Pool – Green Tips To Follow!!

How to Build the Better, Green, Eco-friendly Swimming Pool

For many people the option to install an in-ground swimming pool is just not worth the money. Chemicals, maintenance, and the expense keep these people from investing in a swimming pool that could enhance their home. However, there have been some significant changes that could make building a swimming pool more attractive. The swimming pool industry has gone the way of recycled cans and bottles. The swimming pool movement is now going green with eco-friendly ways to build. Here are three eco-friendly, green tips on how you can build that better swimming pool.

Change Salt for Chlorine When Building a Better Swimming Pool

A saline swimming pool is only about 10 percent the saltiness of seawater, hardly noticeable to the average swimmer. Saline pools have become very popular of late, especially to those swimming pool owners looking to reduce the chemicals in their water. With a saline pool, chlorine is still in the system; however, it is only there when it is created by the saltwater as it passes through the salt chlorine generator. The advantages are that the swimming pool owner will never have to buy or handle chlorine again.

Advantages of a saline swimming pool is that many users claim that the water smells better and saline is easier on the skin and eyes as well. The cost of maintaining a saline swimming pool is cheaper, with salt expenses of about $2 to $10 a month, much cheaper than standard chlorine systems. The swimming lessons for adults will be cost-effective for the parents. The saline water will keep the person healthy and fir for log time. 

Build a Better Swimming Pool with Ultraviolet Light Filters

Chlorine chemicals are a large expense to a swimming pool. One way to reduce that chlorine dependence is to install ultraviolet light filters that will reduce the need of chemicals for your pool by about 70 percent. The ultraviolet light system filters the water through a chamber the kills’ organic matter by blasting it with the powerful UV light.

Using Minerals When Building a Better Swimming Pool

Another way to filter your swimming pool is to use natural minerals. A few manufacturers make natural mineral swimming pool filter cartridges that you place in your pool. The natural minerals filter the pool water without adding additional chemicals. These cartridges will usually last a few months before needing to be changed.

Using Energy Saving Systems to Build a Better Swimming Pool

Having a green, eco-friendly swimming pool is not just about the water. For energy savings, look to a variable-flow circulation pump that filters the water more slowly but uses about six times less energy than a standard pump. There are also solar swimming pool covers that reflect the sun’s rays and minimize water evaporation. There are also solar heating systems for many swimming pools. Though these systems are not cheap to install, they can pay for themselves in as little as two years, especially since they eliminate power bills.

Simple Recession-Proof Job Hunting Tips! Read To Know

Yes, I have changed my name to Glenn Gamble since that’s my pen name now. Anyway, I wanted to touch upon some simple tips on how to be a better job candidate during these tough economic times. Just giving you my insight as a recruiter for the past half-year and letting you know the most common mistakes to avoid when you’ve been granted a job interview.

1) Do not ask the recruiter how much the job pays, EVER!

You’ll be surprised how many people call for a preliminary telephone interview and the first question the candidate asks is “how much this job pays?” Every time I hear this question I cringe and become instantly irritated. The nerve of you to ask me this question especially in this economic climate where there’s hundreds of people in your area ready to move your indignant self out the way to clear their path to a new career. Not to mention that it makes you appear to be a potential employee who would leave our job during the training session just to pursue a job that’s paying only $ .50 more per hour. You simply look foolish when you ask this question. It is your job to do your own homework before applying for the job to get an idea as to how much the position you’re looking to apply for pays, NOT ours. There is never a need to ask what the position pays because the recruiter will tell you if he or she is considering you as a potential hire.

2) Never say “I’ll take anything.”

Just like you don’t want a girlfriend who’ll have anyonee, I don’t want an employee who’ll take anything. It shows me that you could care less about performing well at my company as long as it provides you a paycheck. It also shows me that you don’t know anything about my company yet you expect me to hire you and pay you $25 per hour. Next!

3) Never say “what does your company do?”

You’re simply a moron if you ask any recruiter this question during any part of the recruitment process. Why the fuck are you applying if you don’t know what we do?

4) Never set up a date and time for an interview that you can’t make.

If you can’t make to the interview due to a scheduling conflict, you better make sure that you go to the interview 15 minutes early anyway. Does it occur to you that we’re in the midst of a recession? Just because our company allows you to reschedule doesn’t mean that the position will be available by the time you come in for your rescheduled time. Unless your child is in the emergency room, there is no good reason to cancel an interview date.

5) Always drive to the interview site a day before your interview.

A few days ago, a candidate called me and told me that he needed to reschedule his interview because he couldn’t find the facility due to receiving “bad directions.” Even if that were the case, bad directions are no excuse for arriving late to your interview. I asked him “how long ago did you and (recruiter) set up your interview appointment?” Uh.. about a week ago. “And it didn’t occur to you to make a test drive to the facility so you’ll know where it is?” No, because the directions seemed simple. “Well, it appears to me that you had a week to find our facilty… there’s nothing I can do for you. Good luck in 6 months!” I had another woman tell me in a similar scenario that she needed to let me know that she’ll be late because she got lost and that she needed me to get more experience and professionalism before getting hired for an construction recruitment agency jobs which is really good but needs these kinds of experience for the working in corporate and  to walk her through how to get to my company from where she was. I asked, “wouldn’t it have made more sense for you to have made a test drive out here so that you would know where you’re going right now.” No, it wouldn’t have because I don’t have gas money like that to be driving around looking for yall cump-puny! “Oh, I understand now, since you didn’t have the gas money you weren’t resourceful enough to borrow $10 from a family member or friend for gas you would have needed to take a test drive out here. If you don’t have money to get out here for one day, it looks like you won’t be able to make it to work everyday anyway. Good luck to you in your job search! (click)”

Tips For Removing Carpet Tacks, Nails And Staples

When you remodel a room one of the most common tasks is taking up the old carpet. While this task may seem like an easy project it is actually very labor intensive. This is because you have to remove hundreds or even thousands of nails, staples and tacks that were used to keep the carpet pad and the edges of the carpet secured to the subfloor. If you are tackling this project on your own then there are tips that will help you remove these items quickly.

Tip #1 – Use a Nail Rake

One tool that can help you remove a lot of the staples, nails and tacks that have raised heads is to use a nail rake. This tool is commonly used for removing roofing material. To use it you will slid it along the subfloor until it catches on a nail or staple. Then you will bang the back of the rack with a hammer to scoop up the securing device and pull it from the subfloor.

Tip #2 – Use a Hammer Claw

Another tool that you can use to remove nails and other securing devices from your subfloor is the claw end of your hammer. This option will only work for the nails and tacks that have a flat head that can be caught in the claw of your hammer, and for securing devices that are in an area where you can reach with the hammer’s claw. To use this tool you will catch the nail in the claw of the hammer and then pull the hammer’s handle forward to lever out the nail.

Tip #3 – Use a Screwdriver

If you are trying to remove the tacking strips for your carpet then you can use a screwdriver and a hammer to pry it up. To start with you will position your flat head screwdriver under the edge of the tacking strip. Then you will hit the end of the screwdriver with the hammer to force the flat head under the tacking strip. Then you can pull the handle of the screwdriver up to pry the tacking strip up. For the best results try to pry the tacking strip up next to the nails that are securing the strip to the subfloor. You can also use a crowbar for this task.

Tip #4 – Use a Strong Magnet to Pick Up Debris

Once your carpet is up you will be able to see just how many nails, staples and tacks were used to secure your carpet to the subfloor. After you have removed all of these items you will need to pick them all up and dispose of them properly. An easy way to do this is to use a strong magnet to pick everything up. Just run the magnet over the subfloor and it will pick up everything that is metallic.

But if you are busy and don’t have time to do this project, you may hire upholstery cleaning near me to help you out.

Strength Training Tips For Women To Burn Fats Efficiently

You must learn more about CoolSculpting for arms and legs to see how great it is in reducing excess fats. However, it’s understandable if you want to go strength training instead. After all, it’s fun and exciting to do regularly.

So how should women strength train for major fat loss? I’m a certified personal trainer. When I tell my women clients about how they should lift weights for big fat loss, they react with surprise.

It’s a simple technique, really; nothing fancy or complicated.

Women should strength train heavy for significant fat loss.

You can’t get simpler than that: Strength train heavy for substantial fat loss. However, this doesn’t mean you should just prance into a gym and try picking the 50 pound dumbbells off the rack.



Let’s take a look at your current strength training program. Have you noticed much fat loss? Has the scale budged at all? Or do you still see rolls in your stomach that you can grab onto with your entire hand? Still can’t fit into those jeans? Are you still clueless over the shape of your legs because so much hefty chub covers them? Are you still unable to fit into those clothes that you’ve set aside for when major fat loss finally becomes reality?

Nothing much has changed, despite all that strength training. It’s because you have not been lifting heavy enough.

Major fat loss will result when a woman strength trains heavy.

This assumes you won’t go overboard with the amount of food you eat. A heavy strength training session doesn’t mean you should head to Pizza Hut right after and pork out.

Women who strength train heavy will not automatically bulk up, but will enjoy amazing fat loss, a tighter body and loss of cellulite.



How often do you see bulked-up women at your health club or gym? I don’t mean overweight, full-figured or obese. There are plenty of those. And you may be one of them – perhaps a size 18, even – yet afraid to lift heavy because you think it will “bulk” you up.

A size 18 woman who embarks on a heavy weight lifting program, and supports this with sensible eating habits, will drop dress and pant sizes, because she will become smaller – fatty areas will begin disappearing – the same fatness that’s been hounding you for years and years. A heavy strength training program will chase your belly and thigh fat out of town: stunning fat loss will be the result.

Stop believing that you were never meant to be lean! Don’t believe the naysayers who tell you some women were “meant to be big.” Lift weights, and lift hard!

Things to come across while buying a piece of land

While purchasing a plot of land, a buyer is requested to look for certain important things before buying a particular land plot. Some factors are quite obligatory to verify and analyze the location of the land before finalizing the deal with the seller to buy a specific piece of land. There are so many things that matter, such as the development of the area, fundamental amenities, vicinity, etc.

It is suggested to consider these points while buying land for residential purposes in any area. The points to take a concern are as follows:

  1. Buildable: the property that an individual is going to purchase should have the capability of reshaping and buildable. A land with no proper building abilities is not considered to be a suitable land to purchase. Buying a property that is not appropriate for making an appropriate home for you is not measured as the right choice.
  2. Neighbors: A residential place where you are thinking for inhabitation, today or in the future, then it is an essential step to follow. Doing a quick research on your adjacent and frontal neighbors is known to be vital. Neighbors are somewhat crucial if you are planning to live in your new house for more than eight hours. It is necessary if you are an extrovert who mixes with people easily. In that case, it might be helpful to do a little investigation regarding the background of your neighbors.
  3. Basic amenities: If you are going to reside in your house, then you are going to need some fundamental utilities in that purchased house. It is quite essential to analyze the necessary facilities provided by the government in your society. Things such as water supply, electricity supply, nearby hospitals, grocery stores, etc. it is crucial to consider these points before making a deal with the seller.
  4. Fertility changes: When a person is planning to buy land for agricultural purposes, it becomes incredibly obligatory to check the fertility levels of the acreage for sale, before purchasing the respected property. It is crucial to have high growth rates of the fertility of crops in agricultural land. It is advised to ask the neighbors and call an agro expert to check the soil before finalizing the deal.                                                                                                    
  5. Feasible dangers: If you are planning to purchase a piece of land, then you should verify the nearby areas while finalizing a deal with the seller. It is essential to know the hazardous premises or things present in the vicinity of your land. If your land has a factory or industry of gases and oils near your land, then it becomes indispensable to make some possible changes in your home while constructing the property. It is suggested to take some precautions before buying that land.
  6. Developed areas: It is known to be sophisticated to purchase land in the areas that are already established and need little or no advancements. Because the demand for property in those areas is high and it takes a short time to get those areas occupied with so many customers. Developed areas already have proper primary as well as sophisticated places such as cinema halls, supermarkets, universities, etc. it becomes easy to reside in a colony that has all the requirements all in one place.

By following the points mentioned above before making a deal with the seller, it will decrease the percentage of you being disappointed later on. Hence, these ends are necessary to meet, and it is suggested to consider these points while calling for a final deal seriously. Be aware of the forged sellers and their clever tricks and verify every detail on your part.



Improve Your Love Life with Feng Shui

Those of us who find our love life fizzling out may be lost as to where to turn to rekindle the passion and love they once had in their relationship. But some people have found hope for their love life through the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui.

Many Feng Shui followers believe strongly that placing things in the right space affects the type of energy you have and can improve your quality of life; including your love life.

The art of Feng Shui involves seeking out the ‘power spots’ throughout your home. Once these power spots are discovered, Feng Shui art involves activating these power spots so that love and relationship issues in your home can become strong and healthy. With Feng Shui you can actually turn up the volume on your love life by merely placing furnishings in the right spots.

There are experts that study Feng Shui in depth, and the art is considered to be intricate, and to fully grasp the concept of Feng Shui would require some dedicated study. But one of the basic theories of Feng Shui is that the power spots, known as ‘Kun Gua’ are located in the southwest side of your home. So the ideal spot for your bedroom would be in the southwest side.

You can also discover one of your home’s power spots by facing your home, coming into the entrance and identifying the room to the right and the room to the back of your home; this includes those rooms on all of the floors of your home. These rooms are also considered to be power spots or ‘Kun Gua’.

But the good news is that even if your bedroom is not facing the Southwest or is in the back right hand corner of your home, there are things you can do to increase your Feng Shui energy. It is important, according to Feng Shui art, that the bedroom be free of clutter. The room should also have good lighting and be spacious. Once you set the stage, with these minor changes, you will be able to add your Feng Shui objects of love.

The most important objects you could have to encourage love and affection in the bedroom are Chinese symbols of love or double happiness. Feng Shui artists also believe that red and pink are the strongest colours for promoting love and affection. If your walls are not bright red you might consider adding some pink or red candles to the room so that you can enhance some love power spots.

Although the idea of Feng Shui may seem a little odd, the subtle changes you might choose to make to your bedroom are inexpensive, they don’t take too much time or energy, and they may actually in fact, have a positive affect on your love life.

The house projects are always upvc windows, so similarly when it comes to love you would be needing that certain someone to fulfill the emptiness in your life.

Top-notch ideas to redesign your backyard and make it look beautiful!

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful and warm house with a backyard to relax and have some memorable family moments. Backyards are quite in trend nowadays as people love to have some spare space at the back of their house where they can do whatever they want to. It is irrefutable that a backyard enhances the look of your house and makes it more appealing. Having a backyard alone is not enough to make your house look different, as it is also necessary to take proper care of and to remodel it according to modern trends and designs.

There are infinite designs for remodeling your backyard, and you need to choose your favorite one out of them. It a quite challenging to redesign the backyard at your own, so for better results, you must hire a backyard remodeling contractor as he will take all your burden on his shoulders and will handle all the tasks related to redesign your backyard. A contractor makes it a lot easier to remodel your backyard and turn it into a lavish and highly luxurious yard, but before hiring a contractor, you must know that what design you want in your backyard. There are various modern, attractive design ideas for that you can add to your backyard while remodeling it.

Best ideas to turn your backyard into a paradise

Install a yurt in it

If you have quite a large spare space in your backyard, then you make great use of it by installing a yurt there. A yurt can serve a lot of purposes and can make your backyard look highly attractive and unique. You can make your guests and friends stay in that yurt and or can use it for routine purposes for spending some relaxing moments and doing some fun activities there. You can also use it as your living room as these tents like structures are well insulated but are temporary setup. Still, you can install it in your backyard while remodeling it and can spend some joyful moments in it with your family in the winters.

A swimming pool

If you want to make your backyard look highly lavish and royal, then there nothing better than having a swimming pool there. You can build an in-ground swimming pool between a vast cover of trees and grass. It is an excellent mix of nature and modern design. If you want to make it more appealing, then you can add some seating arrangements around the pool and add some bright Led lights to give it a more engaging and soothing feel.


Every person’s childhood was filled with dreams of having a treehouse and playing in it. Now you can fulfill that childhood dreams by using the space in your backyard to build a treehouse. There are various designs of treehouses available, and a backyard remodeling contractor can help you pick the most suitable design for the treehouse. If you don’t want to have an entire treehouse in your backyard, you can just build a deck to sit and gaze at the beautiful sky.

Use it as a kitchen

One of the most unique and creative ideas to remodel your backyard is building an open kitchen there and enjoy cooking delicious dishes in the greenery of your backyard and open sky.

Is your cordless hair trimmer broken? Here are four uncomplicated ways to fix it

Do you want to know what a hair trimmer is? If yes, then this is a suitable article for you. Hair trimmer is basically a small machine that is used for trimming the hair. It can be any kind of hair like facial hair, the hair on the head, etc. It is the best invention that you can take home today, but what about the damage. How will you fix if it gets damaged or stops working as beforeHere are some simple ways for you that will help in fixing your trimmer. You should firstly check out the clipper attached to it and clean it. It is because sometimes hair got stuck in the clipper, which makes it tough to remove. It also depends on different variants of the trimmer. You can check various others on as you will get to see the all-time best trimmers. After cleaning the clipper, you should check out the batteries because sometimes it is the only issue. Likewise, there are many other steps you will get to know further in the article. 

You should get trimmer in your home so that you would not have to go to the barber. You can quickly get to trim your hair at home itself. Using trimmer is so easy as you just have to press the button, and there you go. It is safe to use as the clipper attached to the trimmer protects from cuts.  

Essential ways to fix your trimmer- 

If you get your trimmer damaged, then there is nothing to be worried about. It is because here are some essential tips or ways for you that can help you in fixing your trimmer. Essential ways are- 

  1. Clean your trimmer- This is the first thing you should try on when your trimmer stops working. You should blow air on the trimmer, or you should clean your clipper. Sometimes hair gets stuck in the trimmer that can make it stop working. After cleaning, hair might get removed, and it may start working again. You should maintain your trimmer in a proper way. Clean it after use so that you do not have to face difficulties again. 
  2. Use baby oil on the blades- Next step will be the cleaning of blades. You should clean out the blades with the help of baby-oil. It is because it will help in removing the tiny dust particles from the blades easily. You should always keep your gadgets cleaned so that they can live a long life. It is much easy to clean your trimmer than anything else, so you should do it.
  3. Change the batteries- It is a prevalent issue that is ignored by the people. You should check out the batteries immediately because sometimes the batteries get out of power. You should check it and therefore replace it so that your trimmer can start working again. Always buy the most powered battery so that it can last longer than the expected. 
  4. Use helpful and specialized tools- Sometimes blades get broken up so you should replace the blades. There are special tools available for it. You have to open the cap of the trimmer and open up the clipper safely. Use tools in order to open it up so that you can see the blades. Now take out the old blades and stick the new ones in. In this way, you can easily come to replace the blades. 
  5. Check out the charger- As we know, cordless trimmer works without wires. So the problem can be in the charging. You should check out the charger in case it can be broken. It might not be able to charge your trimmer. If it is broken, then you can buy a new charger for it. Thus, you can have your trimmer working back again smoothly. 

These are the steps you should follow in case your trimmer stops working. You will get a lot of help from it, and also these are the easiest and simplest one. 

Want to buy a new trimmer? Keep these things in mind 

A good trimmer includes various things like internal and outer. You have to take care of them all if you want to have the best hair trimmer. Here are some essential things to keep in mind if you want your hair to get trimmed well- 

  • The best motor- The leading role in the working of a trimmer is played by the motor. You should keep this thing in mind. The cordless trimmer should run for a longer time, so it is essential to have a powerful motor in them.
  • Firm grip- Trimmer should have a better grip so that you can hold it comfortably in hand. It should be durable that can live for long years. You can trim your hair perfectly by selecting the best trimmer for yourself.
  • Adjustable blades- It is to be there in the trimmer so that your skin can be protected. Blades should adjust automatically according to the shape of your face. It will help in the smooth and perfect trimming of hair. Trimming hair beneath the nose or near ear can be risky. Adjustable blades can make your work more comfortable, as it will automatically get adjusted.
  • Quality of blades- You should also take care of the quality of blades. It should be sharp enough to trim all the required hair on your face. Even little or tiny hair should not get left on the face. You can also use some additional clippers on the head of the trimmer. It will help in selecting the amount f hair you want to trim on your face.  

Thus, these are the things that will help you in selecting the best trimmer for yourself. We have discussed the simple steps in which you can easily get to fix your trimmer. Sometimes issues are really tiny that can stop your trimmer from working. You should investigate your trimmer carefully so that you can get to find the issue and fix it.

Throwing the Perfect Playgroup – How to Entertain Little Ones

As the owner of one of the largest playgroups and mom’s support groups in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, I’ve hosted my share of playgroups. But, when it comes time to find other hostesses, many moms shy away. They don’t know what to expect or what to plan, but what they don’t realize is that it’s very simple. Young children are easy to entertain. All they need are toys snacks and juice, so follow these simple tips to host a playgroup in your home. You and your children will start making friends quickly!

If you’re worried about your home, put that thought out of your mind. Most moms understand trying to keep a home clean with a toddler running around, so a little wear and tear won’t bother them. In fact, they’ll be happy their kid is making friends and they have someone to have some adult conversation with. If you’re worried about space, just make sure to invite, at the most, as many as you think your home can handle and no more. If your house gets overcrowded, it’s okay. Toddlers don’t mind climbing over each other for toys or being close.

Before the event, send out an invitation. Take into considerator nap schedules. Typically 10:00 A.M. works wonderfully, since it’s just before afternoon nap and lunch, but for smaller ones who still take a morning nap, noon works best. With technology today, this can be a simple phone call, an e-mail, or you can design your own E-vite ( It definitely does not have to be a formal style invitation, unless that’s what you’re going for.

First, if your house is spread out, you may need to move your toys. You need a location with the mothers can sit and talk, while watching the kids play. Just bring a few of your children’s favorite toys into the living room or out in your backyard, if the weather is nice. Take into consideration the ages of the children attending, when picking your toys. Watch out for things like toy golf clubs or a t-ball set that could end up more of a weapon than a toy in the hands of toddlers.

If you’re in the mood, you can go all out by setting up a tiny craft for the children to do, like making mobiles or snowflakes in the winter. You can also set up a game or other activity, however, it’s not necessary. Most children just love someone else’s toys, since they are new to them. No matter what, don’t put too much time into planning, since with toddlers, things rarely got on a schedule and they typically don’t do what you want them to do.

Next, pick an area, like the kitchen table or counter, for snack. Lay out some simple kid-friends and kid-favorite snacks, like crackers, string cheese, fruit snacks, and grapes. Make sure the foods are age appropriate, for example for smaller toddlers, you may need to cut up the grapes. Also include some juice boxes, though most moms may bring their own already-filled sippy cup with their child’s favorite drink. Many moms can be picky about what goes in their toddler’s tummy, so go for a 100% juice drink like Juicy Juice and aim for healthier snacks. Leave the cookies behind!

Finally, make the moms feel welcome too. Put some coffee on, make sure there are enough chairs, and pick up some banana bread or coffee cake. Many moms may prefer to sit on the floor, so if you’re short a few chairs, don’t worry about it.

Remember, you don’t have to opt to host a playgroup at your home. The local park, zoo, children’s museum, indoor playground, restaurant with play area, or water park are great playdate locations. If you really want to do something spectacular, call the local PetSmart, fire station, police station, or an ice cream parlor. Many of these places will offer tours to small groups of children, so it’s a fun and educational experience. Moms will definitely come for the experience!

If you go simple or extravagant, the true joy of hosting playgroup is seeing your child interacting with others and making friends.

A sensory gym is a kids gym franchise providing a sensory-safe indoor playground where the kids can enjoy and workout at the same time.