Guide to Switching Your Dog’s Food

The decision to switch your dog’s food should not be made lightly. Dogs are typically fed a consistent diet, so it can be rough on their digestive systems to suddenly switch dog food. However, due to age and health requirements, you may need to use new dog food. If this is the case, the best option is to switch dog food gradually. Switching your dog’s food can be a one to two-week process, so make sure you still have a week’s worth of old dog food left before you try out Dog Food for large puppies by

Day 1

Buy a small bag of new dog food. You do not want to purchase a larger bag until you are sure your dog will eat it. When you begin to switch your dog’s food, only add 10% new dog food to 90% old dog food. You can use a measuring cup for exactness. This will begin to introduce the flavor of the new dog food to your dog and their stomach. Even if you switch your dog’s food in this small amount, food intolerance can surface quickly. So be sure to watch your dog for vomiting and diarrhea.

Days 2-3

For the next two days, you will switch your dog’s food with a little more new dog food. Use 30% new dog food and 70% old dog food. Continue to watch for any symptoms of food intolerance. These can surface even if your pet appears to enjoy the new dog food.

Days 4-5

At this point, you will switch your dog’s food to half new dog food. If your dog experiences any vomiting, bowel changes or lack of energy, switch dog food back to the old brand. You can try to switch dog food again in a month or two after its stomach calms down and the new food is out of its system.

Days 6-7

Mix 60% of the new dog food with 40% of the old dog food. Continue this for two days. Also, keep alert for any food intolerance symptoms.

Days 8-9

Mix 80% of the new dog food with 20% of the old dog food. At this point, your dog should be accustom to the new dog food.

Day 10

Switch your dog’s food to 100% of the new dog food. It can take one to two months to see an improvement in skin, coat, and energy. Wait this time before you judge the benefits of switching dog food.

Changing your dog’s diet may not be all that easy. If you switch dog food abruptly and frequently, you can cause your dog to become a picky eater or ill. Using this gradual process to switch your dog’s food will lessen the chance of your dog getting sick from an upset stomach. Consult with your veterinarian if your dog continues to be sick after stopping the use of new dog food.


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