Men, Women, Relationships, and Just when You Think You Know, You Don’t!

I thought I had the inside track on women. You see, they behave in certain patterns and once you unlock them you can accurately predict their motives and intentions. You just have to pay attention. I pride myself on paying attention.

The thing with people is that they are always sending off signals to others, often unintentionally. For example, when you are out on a date, the trick is to pay less attention to the face and more to the body. The body tells us everything we need to know. Are they comfortable? Are they engaged? Or cautious and closed-off? It is far too easy to mask what you are feeling with your facial expression.

So I thought I had the patterns all figured out. Then one day…

I went rock climbing with a group of people last summer. I paired off with this girl I didn’t really know. She wasn’t particularly attractive physically, but she had an energy about her that sort of sucked my interest right in.

I guess it’s fair to say I liked her from the start. I didn’t know enough about her but as a curious person I was taking mental notes throughout the day. We climbed some routes, we were having alot of fun.

As the day went, I asked myself if she was interested in me. It was difficult to tell because she had a strong personality and seemed pretty deliberate. The complexion may fill a sense of betrayal in the partner. They activate Sms tracker on the mobile number of the partner. This insecurity may lead to breakups of the relationship.

So was there a connection here, or was it simply that she is the type of gal that can connect well in any situation? I didn’t know. I guess it didn’t matter that much, we were just having a good time.

Then my “spidey sense” began to tingle. We took a break for lunch. I pulled out my large tuna sandwich. She asked me,”Is that tuna? I love tuna.” I asked her if she wanted half, but she told me that she didn’t want the whole thing, a bite would do. So she took the half eaten piece in my hand and took a couple of bites RIGHT where I had bitten.

So either this gal had some serious balls or this might be some gesture of intimacy. This was all I had to go on. Then she offered me her food, extending her spoon. So I ate from her spoon.

No matter what this ‘sign’ meant I knew there was a palpable sexual tension between us, no question.

We finished off of the day of climbing, and went our separate ways. Of course we would be seeing each other again being in the same group of people who climb.

We ended up going to Yosemite for 2 weeks among a couple of other friends. We shared the same bed, only sleeping. In fact, on the trip she made it known that she thought I liked her. She called it a ‘crush’, which yeah, tells me about as much as I need to know.

It was at that point I was reminded that women are not always women, men are not always men, and that no matter how much we all have in common we are our own distinct beings with idiosyncrasies all our own.

She was, by nature, comfortable around men, not possessing the usual reservation I’ve seen in women. To this day, we’ll go out to dinner and sit next to each other, AND she’ll push up next to me in a seemingly intimate gesture, which I believe it is, but just not a sexually intimate one. By pure instinct I react, neurons firing in my body, testosterone levels rising, then of course I tell myself she’s just a friend and that’s how she sees me.

She intrigues me, not only because I like her. Simply because she cuts against the grain of preconceived notion, and I love that. The psychologist in me has a field day just watching her work a room.

We have quite a complex relationship. I value her more than she probably realizes because people like me have so much to learn from people like her.

When I think of it, it was quite a sandwich debacle.


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