New Hospital Technology Makes Hospital Stays Easier and Saves Lives

Hospitals used to be depressing places. The walls were either white or that awful green color. If you go way back you will see hospital wards filled wall-to-wall with the old fashioned beds containing obviously suffering people. They are still depressing today, but some of them have private rooms that look more like a hotel room than one in a hospital.

And everybody knows that hospital food was one step above airline food and we all know how bad airline food can be. The reason for the lack of taste was always that with so many patients on so many different diets, the food had to be kept bland so as not to cause a reaction.

But now some hospital have hired licensed chefs to oversee their culinary operations. That means that some of the food can be quite delicious, especially if you are not on a special diet. Even if you are, a few extra dashes of herbs and seasonings can make all of the difference in the world.

Technology has also not only Improved the quality of a patient’s stay in the hospital, but it also saves lives. According to CNN, here are a few ways that technology is making your unpleasant stay in the hospital more bearable:

Most all of the hospitals in this country are slowly making the change to digital record keeping. Computers are replacing the old hand written notes and charts hanging off of the patient’s bed. When the process is finally complete, the hospital can easily access the patients records at the doctor’s office and also from other hospitals.

There may come a day when a surgeon in the United States can operate on a patient in Africa without ever leaving the country. This will be accomplished using robotic surgery. Robotic surgery is now being used in many hospitals because robots can hold the instruments steady for extremely long periods of time. In addition, plastic surgery marketing is unlike any other healthcare marketing segment as it will be more developed and advanced in the coming years.

Just like most mailboxes now have bar codes that can be scanned by the postman to make sure that the mail has been delivered, some hospitals have computerized prescription writing and medicines that can be scanned at the patient’s bedside to make sure the dosage is accurate.

A lot of hospitals are now using what the military calls “situation awareness.” This means that the staff caring for the patient knows what’s going on at all times while they are under their care. This is accomplished through the use of checklists and double checks. This is also used to reduce the rates of infection.

And finally, there are now specialty hospitals that offer the very latest in experimental technology that regular hospitals don’t offer.


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