The Link Between Back Pain and Emotions

What is the relationship between back pain and emotions? Well, of course we have all heard about the mind-body connection. In this case, the actual back pain can bring up negative hidden emotions. The pain is like a trigger for other painful things in the body and can release stored emotions.

So, oddly enough back pain and emotions are closely related! Emotions such as feeling hopeless or depressed or feeling constant irritation can all be triggered by back pain. Sudden emotional outbursts can be common from someone dealing with back pain.

Why does this happen? Well, it seems that the back pain can cause a lower threshold in tolerance and thus when an individual may usually be able to cope with certain emotions, they cannot because of the lower threshold of pain. So things that may not have bothered the person usually, will become an issue.

It is important to acknowledge these feelings and emotions and to express them in healthy ways. Often when people become depressed instead of seeking help they try to deal with it on their own , or withdraw from family and friends and their usual activities. So, back pain can be a trigger for depression and emotional sensitivity. If the back pain is treated then the depression may also be alleviated. Looking on the bright side getting proper treatment can really be a gift for the body and the soul.

Action is the key ingredient to resolving any kind of condition. Once there is an awareness that there is a problem instead of ignoring the problem, face the problem to get results. Likewise, the earlier the treatment the better and more manageable it can be.

A good formula to remember is to rest the back, meaning do not unnecessarily strain or lift heavy items. Also, applying ice at the end of the day, or throughout the day is important. Ice is always a way to decrease pain and inflammation. Simple stretching exercises, such as laying down on your back and bringing your knees to your chest will do a lot to relieve the pressure on the back to offer temporary relief.

Visiting chiropractors and acupuncturists is becoming a very popular and effective means to treat back pain. People are seeing faster and longer lasting results using these methods. Even massage therapy and other alternative healing modalities show promising results and are worth checking into as they are non-invasive and can work rather quickly. While surgery used to be the most common method for treating severe back conditions, it can often lead to other complications. So only in the most extreme cases when all other options have been explored should surgery become an option.

Physical therapy can also be an excellent option for anyone suffering from back pain. Working closely with a physical therapist can do wonders. You can learn specific exercises to heal your specific condition and be taught personally the proper techniques which will be useful immediately and well into the future.

Becoming aware of your body and emotions is the key to healing any condition that you have. Especially when it comes to back pain, just taking some action to find the correct solution for you can not only heal back pain, but can also be very healing to your emotional well being and overall state of mind.

Fortunately, there are modern spine surgery techniques to take care of back pain once and for all.



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