Validating Cryptocurrency Predictions – Beyond Just Gut Feel

Blockchains and cryptocurrencies seem to be transporting through a catharsis route and only the strongest will survive. However, experts and crypto enthusiasts are still beating the red light and going for the bullish move on both blockchain and crypto investing.

Preductions are saying that as much as 99% of cryptocurrencies Erfahrungen are bound to go down to zero. There are so many cryptocurrencies in the cryptosphere right now and only 1% is going to stay. Those cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects will survive and thrive mainly because it is designed to focus on solving real-world problems and not just to provide a unique concept that appears jargon-like to users.

It’s A Popularity Contest After All!

Hype around cryptocurrencies or the increasing demand makes certain digital assets thrive. It’s a popularity contest and this system lurks in the crypto world. There are around 3,000 digital coins that trade to date and very few of these are actually able to respond or solve customer problems. It’s quite natural for people to be drawn to anything that has something new to deliver. A new concept, formula, or advanced products and services that promise to solve problems are always captivating to any customer. However the sparkle dims once people discover that it’s all just flashy concepts but nothing real.

Painting a promising picture in the cryptocurrency market is beyond just reading or interpreting the charts. It however sets the stage for the next big wave in the blockchain and cryptocurrency arena. The fundamental and the price charts may not really align in real-time because there is always a delay in that sector but things will materialize sooner or later.

Institutional Money Bound to Join the Cryptocurrency Arena

This is said to be a game changer in the existing platform. The development of a new infrastructure that supports this is now evident as more institutions are now eyeing cryptocurrencies. This goes agains what the market trends tell us that investor interest in digital assets is waning. More often than not, people just look at the price charts and market size when determining the progress of digital cash.

There are bear and bull markets and it’s the way it is but has more weight in the cryptocurrency game is the daily transactions. From retail, the use of currencies is shifting gears to the institutional side. This is indeed a radical shift. However, the big financial institutions and banks are waiting for exchanges or infrastructure that provide the same security similar to what currently exists in the trading system with bonds, equities, or gold.

Institutional investing though is observed to be quite delayed or slower in tempo because they are waiting in the sidelines for a secure exchange or platform. There is real high demand for this but there is no rush on the matter at the moment.

Cryptocurrencies that Add Value Will Survive; Others Will Perish

There is said to be a cryptocurrency crash or a bubble burst which is meant to be cathartic or to clean up the cryptosphere. Only the cryptocurrency projects that provide add-on value will thrive. There were different crypto and ICO projects in the past few years which turned out to be scams in the end. The real ones are bound to stay and deliver more value to people.

It’s a survival of the fittest even in the cryptocurrency arena. Innovation will definitely drive cryptocurrencies to survive as well as convenience. More companies are now looking at the propensity and potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and are bound to allocate more investments in it in the next couple of years. Predictions show that Blockchain spending will reach billions by 2022 which is a promising number.


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