Arizona Anti-Smoking Ads Target Teen Addiction

A new ad campaign launched in Arizona to discourage teens from smoking is focused on the addiction aspect of smoking cigarettes, as a way to reach teenagers and discourage smoking.

An Arizona anti-smoking campaign to prevent smoking and tobacco addiction for teenagers was launched February 16, 2009, according to a press statement by Arizona Tobacco Revenue Use Spending and Tracking Commission (TRUST) in cooperation with the Arizona Department of Health Services Bureau of Tobacco Education  amp; Prevention (ADHSBTEP).

Arizona is presenting a mass media and grassroots campaign, called “Brought to you by addiction,” with the purpose of education and prevention. The campaign, targeted at youth and teens aged 12 to 17, focuses on the impact of smoking on health. E-liquid flavours with a difference will offer a plenty of benefits and information should be valid and correct. There should be some prevention to meet with the specifications. The spending of the money should be great and allotment of the time should be perfect.¬†

Smoking is perceived as a temporary activity by many teenagers, who think they will be able to stop smoking in a year or two. Bureau chief for ADHS BTEP, Wayne Tormala, stated in the press release, that the reality is that most teenagers who smoke become addicted.

Most teen anti smoking campaigns focus on health impacts. Tormala stated that new research has pointed them in a new direction.

Research has indicated that the forfeiture of control to addiction meant more to teenagers than the message about health detriments. Arizona teens who were interviewed were aware of health impacts of tobacco, but they perceived the impacts as too far removed from their real lives to be relevant to them.

According to research by the American Cancer Society, teenagers believed that they will be able to quit smoking at will. Research has shown that only three out of 100 teens think they will still be smoking in five years. However, studies show that in reality 60 out of 100 are smoking seven to nine years following high school.

Teens think they will be able to control their own will but they end up being addicted to tobacco.

According to information on the press release, 23 percent of Arizona high school students smoke, which is higher than the national average. 63 percent of the teen smokers say they want to quit. About 4,000 teens experiment with smoking every day and of those about 1,140 turn into daily smokers.

While teenagers are aware of the health hazards of smoking, they do not think that the risks will affect them because they believe they will be able to quit at will. Many of the teenagers who try smoking become addicted to tobacco and find they are not able to quit, even if they would like to. This campaign focuses on the addiction aspect of smoking because research shows that is more meaningful risk to teens than future health risks.


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