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Is your cordless hair trimmer broken? Here are four uncomplicated ways to fix it

Do you want to know what a hair trimmer is? If yes, then this is a suitable article for you. Hair trimmer is basically a small machine that is used for trimming the hair. It can be any kind of hair like facial hair, the hair on the head, etc. It is the best invention that you can take home today, but what about the damage. How will you fix if it gets damaged or stops working as beforeHere are some simple ways for you that will help in fixing your trimmer. You should firstly check out the clipper attached to it and clean it. It is because sometimes hair got stuck in the clipper, which makes it tough to remove. It also depends on different variants of the trimmer. You can check various others on as you will get to see the all-time best trimmers. After cleaning the clipper, you should check out the batteries because sometimes it is the only issue. Likewise, there are many other steps you will get to know further in the article. 

You should get trimmer in your home so that you would not have to go to the barber. You can quickly get to trim your hair at home itself. Using trimmer is so easy as you just have to press the button, and there you go. It is safe to use as the clipper attached to the trimmer protects from cuts.  

Essential ways to fix your trimmer- 

If you get your trimmer damaged, then there is nothing to be worried about. It is because here are some essential tips or ways for you that can help you in fixing your trimmer. Essential ways are- 

  1. Clean your trimmer- This is the first thing you should try on when your trimmer stops working. You should blow air on the trimmer, or you should clean your clipper. Sometimes hair gets stuck in the trimmer that can make it stop working. After cleaning, hair might get removed, and it may start working again. You should maintain your trimmer in a proper way. Clean it after use so that you do not have to face difficulties again. 
  2. Use baby oil on the blades- Next step will be the cleaning of blades. You should clean out the blades with the help of baby-oil. It is because it will help in removing the tiny dust particles from the blades easily. You should always keep your gadgets cleaned so that they can live a long life. It is much easy to clean your trimmer than anything else, so you should do it.
  3. Change the batteries- It is a prevalent issue that is ignored by the people. You should check out the batteries immediately because sometimes the batteries get out of power. You should check it and therefore replace it so that your trimmer can start working again. Always buy the most powered battery so that it can last longer than the expected. 
  4. Use helpful and specialized tools- Sometimes blades get broken up so you should replace the blades. There are special tools available for it. You have to open the cap of the trimmer and open up the clipper safely. Use tools in order to open it up so that you can see the blades. Now take out the old blades and stick the new ones in. In this way, you can easily come to replace the blades. 
  5. Check out the charger- As we know, cordless trimmer works without wires. So the problem can be in the charging. You should check out the charger in case it can be broken. It might not be able to charge your trimmer. If it is broken, then you can buy a new charger for it. Thus, you can have your trimmer working back again smoothly. 

These are the steps you should follow in case your trimmer stops working. You will get a lot of help from it, and also these are the easiest and simplest one. 

Want to buy a new trimmer? Keep these things in mind 

A good trimmer includes various things like internal and outer. You have to take care of them all if you want to have the best hair trimmer. Here are some essential things to keep in mind if you want your hair to get trimmed well- 

  • The best motor- The leading role in the working of a trimmer is played by the motor. You should keep this thing in mind. The cordless trimmer should run for a longer time, so it is essential to have a powerful motor in them.
  • Firm grip- Trimmer should have a better grip so that you can hold it comfortably in hand. It should be durable that can live for long years. You can trim your hair perfectly by selecting the best trimmer for yourself.
  • Adjustable blades- It is to be there in the trimmer so that your skin can be protected. Blades should adjust automatically according to the shape of your face. It will help in the smooth and perfect trimming of hair. Trimming hair beneath the nose or near ear can be risky. Adjustable blades can make your work more comfortable, as it will automatically get adjusted.
  • Quality of blades- You should also take care of the quality of blades. It should be sharp enough to trim all the required hair on your face. Even little or tiny hair should not get left on the face. You can also use some additional clippers on the head of the trimmer. It will help in selecting the amount f hair you want to trim on your face.  

Thus, these are the things that will help you in selecting the best trimmer for yourself. We have discussed the simple steps in which you can easily get to fix your trimmer. Sometimes issues are really tiny that can stop your trimmer from working. You should investigate your trimmer carefully so that you can get to find the issue and fix it.

The Rise Of The Special Generation!

Asia is touted as the next big opportunity. It has 4 billion inhabitants – 60% of the world; China amp; India combined alone have 2. 5 billion, about 40% of the world’s total! With these numbers amp; with their growth in their GDP, 21st century is supposed to belong to them! The world has great expectations from them.

Though the benefits of growth have not reached many, the general trend is clear; the hunger of their people to get ahead. China’s strict enforcement of one-child policy already has shown its results. India is also on the way to have less number of children, at least in the cities.

The bottom line is; each child is special! Parents amp; other family members, dot on the precious ones amp; some make them, their alter-egos! No sacrifice is enough to get them the best in everything, from schooling to the latest gadgets! They are on a conveyor-belt of progress to get them to a life of assured success. The all-out assault to get ahead of others has become an unquestioned obsession!

Though the parents have the best intentions; the effects on the children, especially those that do not have the aptitude for subjects of study thrust on them, are making them square pegs in round-holes. The old value-systems are in the back-burner as they are treated as stumbling-blocks amp; no more practical in the pursuit of progress based on material possessions where, the more the merrier, is the order of the day!

There are big changes in the family-values amp; mental make-up of the younger generation who seem to know the cost of everything but alas, the value of nothing! Obviously, they are victims of circumstances, as they are pampered amp; made to feel special. Any contrary views are ignored as old-fashioned amp; applicable only to the losers.

The older generation had seen great hard-ships, fighting for survival each day with multiple children amp; generations to look after. They had to sacrifice even on the very basics for survival but carried on stoically. Those memories are far left behind, with the younger ones fighting to keep pace with the rest of the world in education, gadgets amp; what not! Paper qualifications matter amp; assure most, independence at a young age.

While one should not re-invent poverty to learn the basic lessons of survival, what could be the result if the tide turns by certain events like a natural calamity? Can the resilience of the old be expected from the young? It is a tough call to regress! Also, where will the world find the resources to feed the increasing demands of those who have no qualms in their belief – the more, the merrier!

The hope should lie on the adage that has held true from time immemorial – necessity is the mother of invention! But no harm in re-learning the basics of life – Live amp; let live based on a life of moderation for the good of all! Tough call, indeed!! There are several gadgets that are quite poplar in Asian countries that you can learn about as you go on