How To Quickly Accomplish A Punch List

Sometimes, when we are working on a construction project, we may find ourselves overwhelmed with an impossibly long punch list. Working through a punch list in order to take care of all the items mentioned is not an easy task, but it can be brought down to manageable levels if handled correctly. In making sure that a punch list is fulfilled, every party on the construction project must be involved. This includes the owner, the contractors, the architect, and the designer. They must all work together in dealing with the list.

  1. The duties of a contractor

A punch list must also be initiated if a contractor begins a project. They must document any faults or defects they see whenever they visit a site and make a note to inform the owner and other people working in the project. This allows for a seamless response to problems, as an alternative to holding out until the conclusion of the project before informing the owner and other people involved. The contractor must generate punch lists that are immediately delivered to a worker that is on site so that it will be noted and taken care of.

In order to make sure that the procedure of going through the punch list is effective, there has to be regular and precise communication among the project owner, contractor, architect, and designer. The contractor needs to be the one to gather items that need to be included in a punch list and send it to the architect, designer, and the owner so that they can start working on it. After an item is done, they must then relay it to the owner, along with pictures of the newly fixed items. This method allows for a seamless and easy way of zeroing your punch list.

  1. The duties of the architect and the designer

The architects and the designers will be informed by the contractor of the items in the punch list. For example, if the problem is related to the visual look of the construction project, like a broken tile or a mismatched design, then the designer will be the one informed. The designer must then arrange the fixing of the said problem. Meanwhile, if the problem is related to the building itself, then the architect must be consulted. After the problem is fixed, the designer and the architect should document the repairs that they made so that the owner can be informed.

  1. Contractors must create the punch list based on personal observations at the construction location

One of the alternative ways of easing a punch list is by using project management tools. However, you might ask, how to use a project management tool to streamline construction punch lists? Construction punch list applications such as Fieldwire can make the construction punch list procedure straightforward. Below are a few ways in which a software will greatly help in making a project easier to undertake:

  1. Easy communication

One of the ways in which a project management tool will make a construction punch list easier is by allowing communication between you and other people in the task. With a project management tool, you can easily send messages to your workers regarding the punch list, so they can fix it according to your instructions. You can also attach pictures, and your workers can also send pictures to you, so you can see the repairs and modification they did to an item in the punch list without going personally to the construction site.

  1. Can produce reports easily

Using any device, like a mobile phone or a computer, a contractor can locate construction problems and generate a punch list with comprehensive details. Using project management software, they can produce a punch list report and a regular construction report instantly, based on data previously gathered and send it to parties involved. Continuing this process, again and again, will assist a contractor in finishing out projects with speed while going through every single item that needs to be resolved. This is because when items in a punch list are done as soon as the workers can, there will be less work at the end of the project.


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