Guide: Using To Customize Your Social Networking Pages

Some of use have social networking sites that are in serious need of spicing up. At you will have every tool needed to make this happen. Read this guide below then check out the site to create fun, cool, easy, and free things for your pages. I know that you will love this site and it will become one of your favorites soon.

What it is: is a website that started with just the ability to create photo slide shows to its registered users. It has now grown incredibly and attracts thousands of users each day. It provides many more features as well. It has become almost a must-go-to when customizing a profile on a social networking site. is also very user friendly, free, and has the most awesome Help/FAQ page I’ve seen. will for sure allow you to create unique, festive, colorful, and amazing graphics to place on your website/blog. They’re homepage lets you get started quick so you will be able to have what you want within minutes of starting to create it. They also have the opportunity for you to become a registered member which comes along with the ability to save everything that you make so that you can then come back and update it or edit whatever you created. You will also be able to share all that you make or make it private if you wish.

Who it’s compatible with:

The social networking sites that you are allowed to post slide shows and other graphics to are MySpace, Bebo, Xanga, Friendster, Hi5, Blogger, Ebay, Freewebs, Fraprr!, Tagged, TagWorld, Piczo, Profileheaven, BlackPlanet, Multiply, and Gigya. Graphics can also be placed anywhere that allows HTML.

What it allows you to create:

  • Slideshows:
    Make all the photo slide shows you’d like quickly and easily. You can make as many as you’d like with tons of photos.
  • Photo Hosting:
    Now allows you to upload your photos for FREE and use them anywhere you’d like on the internet. It only takes a couple of seconds to get your photo hosted.
  • GlitterText:
    Have you ever seen text that looks as if someone just splashed it with glitter? Well now you can create your own.
  • PhotoFX:
    Make your photos have all kinds of different yet awesome effects. Show off different sides of you with this awesome tool.

  • FunNotes:
    Do you like leaving comments? Or placing short notes on your pages? Well with FunNotes you can create all kinds of graphics that have cool pics and your words on them.
  • Horoscopes:
    Now you can get your horoscope on this cool graphic that you can place on your page. It’s interactive and lets your visitors check if they are compatible with you.
  • Countdown Timers:
    These are the most awesome things ever! Now you can create a timer to your graduation, your birthday, till your next football game and tell everyone about it with a stylish block on your page. Check this out!
  • Games:
    How would you like to add your favorite games for anyone and everyone to be able to play them directly from your page? Well now you can it’s just a mouse click away thanks to
  • ShoutOuts (Audio Comments):
    This is perfect for spicing up your profile. Leave comments and get comments from your friends. There are many recordings already made or you can make your own if you’d like.
  • Voicemail:
    Voicemail is a feature that I think everyone would like to have. It allows you to have a customized graphic made machine on your page, to have friends leave you voice messages or private messages, and best of all it’s FREE to get this.
  • Group Corkboard:
    You know what a corkboard is. It’s a place where you post all kinds of things in no specific place or order. Well now you can have one and your friends can post notes and photos on your board as well. You also have the ability to delete anything that you don’t like. This is an awesome tool!
  • Movies:
    Do you tons of favorite movies that you’d like to share on your page with all your viewers? Well create a movie board now with all the movie covers you’d like!
  • MySpace Layouts:
    If you’re looking for a new and cool myspace layout you can now pick one form one of the many categories that has available. These layouts are all awesome and easy to install.
  • Scratcher:
    Upload your pictures now and allow your visitors to scratch them up to see what’s hidden behind. A visit can be at online site for the buying of the instagram followers. The followers should be real and view the stories of the person. 


Brandon Ingram created Galactic Squid and he hopes to see his site to touch the heights that it deserves. Brandon loves to write about tech and gaming.

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