Arizona Anti-Smoking Ads Target Teen Addiction

A new ad campaign launched in Arizona to discourage teens from smoking is focused on the addiction aspect of smoking cigarettes, as a way to reach teenagers and discourage smoking.

An Arizona anti-smoking campaign to prevent smoking and tobacco addiction for teenagers was launched February 16, 2009, according to a press statement by Arizona Tobacco Revenue Use Spending and Tracking Commission (TRUST) in cooperation with the Arizona Department of Health Services Bureau of Tobacco Education  amp; Prevention (ADHSBTEP).

Arizona is presenting a mass media and grassroots campaign, called “Brought to you by addiction,” with the purpose of education and prevention. The campaign, targeted at youth and teens aged 12 to 17, focuses on the impact of smoking on health. E-liquid flavours with a difference will offer a plenty of benefits and information should be valid and correct. There should be some prevention to meet with the specifications. The spending of the money should be great and allotment of the time should be perfect. 

Smoking is perceived as a temporary activity by many teenagers, who think they will be able to stop smoking in a year or two. Bureau chief for ADHS BTEP, Wayne Tormala, stated in the press release, that the reality is that most teenagers who smoke become addicted.

Most teen anti smoking campaigns focus on health impacts. Tormala stated that new research has pointed them in a new direction.

Research has indicated that the forfeiture of control to addiction meant more to teenagers than the message about health detriments. Arizona teens who were interviewed were aware of health impacts of tobacco, but they perceived the impacts as too far removed from their real lives to be relevant to them.

According to research by the American Cancer Society, teenagers believed that they will be able to quit smoking at will. Research has shown that only three out of 100 teens think they will still be smoking in five years. However, studies show that in reality 60 out of 100 are smoking seven to nine years following high school.

Teens think they will be able to control their own will but they end up being addicted to tobacco.

According to information on the press release, 23 percent of Arizona high school students smoke, which is higher than the national average. 63 percent of the teen smokers say they want to quit. About 4,000 teens experiment with smoking every day and of those about 1,140 turn into daily smokers.

While teenagers are aware of the health hazards of smoking, they do not think that the risks will affect them because they believe they will be able to quit at will. Many of the teenagers who try smoking become addicted to tobacco and find they are not able to quit, even if they would like to. This campaign focuses on the addiction aspect of smoking because research shows that is more meaningful risk to teens than future health risks.

Enjoy Go Battle League In Pokemon Go With Overview, Tips And Rewards!!!

The enthralling game of pokemon Go is putting people through the adventure of catching pokemon characters virtually. It is great for people to pick for the GO battle league that can help you with golden opportunities to show their skills and earning lots of stardust in the Pokemon GO. 

Trainer battles can help players to get started with optimal choices for raid battles for people with lower CP or for people who are incredible at defense but not really good at offense. If you are curious to understand how to enjoy GO league.

Enjoy with league battle GO!

Trainer battles and GO battle league primarily can help you to learn a lot in the gameplay. If you want to have fast-paced battles,  incredible fun, and easy to pick up for rare pokemon creator easily. We are here presenting necessary aspects regarding the GO battle league.

Unlocking battles!

For unlocking battles, you need to set of five trainer battles in the GO battle league by taking a walk to a target settled at a distance of 3 kilometers. When you complete your set of battles, and you’ll gain rewards for every five battles that player would win, and rank might go up after you have completed the battles. Another one would be unlocked simultaneously by waling another three kilometers. If you manage to walk around before completing another previous set, then you can earn distance easily so you can have battles ready right away.

If you arent willing to walk such prolonged distance, then spending some pokecoins can help in unlocking the next set of battles along with action going. Once you are near to your goal of a three-kilometer goal, then the requirement of pokecoins gets decreased surely. When you decide to battle, you have to make a choice for the team and get matched with another trainer with a similar rank as yours. If you are getting started, then you don’t really need to bother regarding battling a trainer as those have already racked up lots of GO battle league wins. 

Increase rank and rank rewards

When you begin with GO battle league journey, then you would be at rank one. With the early battles, you can surely progress throughout the session. For moving continuously, it is required for you to win the battle eventually. Additionally, with moving, you can get higher ranks and would be able to see your noting of numerical representation of your actual performance that is also known as a rating. When shooting to be one of the best, then make sure you set your sight on rank ten, which is the highest rank to achieve in GO battle league. With the increasing ranks, you will also receive considerable battles. For encountering the diversified rewards in the pokemon GO battle league rewards expands with the increase of rank in the gameplay.

Once you would be close to the premium battle pass, then you can also earn some more rewards. It can help you to enter the premium rewards that decreases the number of matches that you have to win for net encounter reward. 

Different league rotations

There are different league rotations that are great league, ultra league, and the master league that can help you with better gameplay practice, and each of them has their own CP cap. These leagues are offered occasionally, and rotating them during each season has a CP cap. You can master battling in each league to keep a steady flow of rewards coming in. Regardless of whichever pokemon you are using, but the strategy of trainer battles remains the same. In each league, trainers tend to favor the experienced pokemon trainers only. 

If you want to get started with something easier, then the great league is the easiest one to get started with as pokemon with 1500 CP or less than can only participate in gameplay. Pokemon species can fight on even more ground due to great league that is more important thing surely. Also, the great league has low maximum CP compared to other species that can fight on more even ground due to this league’s low CP cap. Some characters pokemon like azumarill, medicham, and altaria in the other two leagues are hard to see, but for the great league, these pokemon can be a greater winning stroke for you surely. 

Ultra league caps the CP of participating pokemon is 2500, and you will start seeing legendary pokemon even more specifically when defensive inclines legendary pokemon like registeel, altered forme Giratina, and cresselia that have lesser maximum CP unlike of the other powerhouse legendary pokemon, however, make sure you aren’t fooled by the presence of legendary pokemon in the game. These legends pokemon are excellent performers in the ultra league as well. 

Other popular league choices for the ultra league is vensaur with frenzy plant and swampert with hydro cannon dye to its exclusive attacks. Any of the pokemon can get engaged with the master league but not one with its CP.  for more information you can visit https://pokemongoaccshop.com/ to have better understanding of pokemon GO. 

The summary 

In summary, we have to take a complete guide from the above-mentioned details that share how to GO battle league in pokemon GO its ultimate gameplay. You can enjoy different leagues such as ultra, master, or greater league that is convenient for people to get started for earning better rewards. You can unlock different battles by walking every three kilometers and enjoying the GO battle league and finding more pokemon characters.

Uncover The Certain Factors That You Need To Know About The Self-Improvement!

Due to a rapid increase in stress and busy schedules, people are unaware that they are decreasing their mental toughness. This means they are not mentally strong enough, and due to such reason, several people have been suffering from depression and numerous more diseases that are relatable with mind peace. But the thing is what the main reason behind these things is? The answer to your question is the person needs to improve themselves so that they will not believe them and make fun of them by hurting their emotions.

The self-improvement needs to be prioritized to enhance their personality while loving themselves as the way they are. These are the common things that are essential for each of us to prefer to put ourselves first instead of solving other people’s issues. The following points can serve you with sufficient information that you need to gain to improve yourself conveniently without seeking help from somewhere. Have a look:

Several things that you need to consider while improving yourself emotionally and mentally:

  • Love yourself:

This is the easiest and the simple phrase that has served you with the information you need to love yourself before anyone else. So that you can experience how beautiful this world is without getting bullied.

  • Focus on your workout schedule:

The best way to remove negativity from your life is to work out; you need to focus on your workout schedule to feel more cherished and happy while getting fit.

  • Change your habits:

It will help you make several changes in your habit, like go towards the path where you feel positivity instead of recalling the negative Vibes in you. This is how you will feel more positive and happy; these things will help you conquer the day conveniently without seeking any guidance.

Cialis: Side Effects and Cautions

Cialis® is one of several medications used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), the inability to have or sustain an erection. ED is more common in older men, and most men over age 45 have experienced ED at some time. If you have ED, you’ve got plenty of company; an estimated 30 million men in the US are affected.

Besides age, ED can be caused by conditions like diabetes, obesity, or prostatectomy (after prostate cancer) and by drugs such as diuretics (water pills) and antihypertensives for high blood pressure, antidepressants and anti-anxiety and anti-epileptic drugs, antihistamines, some anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), Parkinson’s disease medications, anti-arrhythmic medications for heart problems, some prescription antacids, muscle relaxants, prostate cancer medications, chemotherapy drugs, and drugs of abuse such as alcohol, amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, marijuana, methadone, nicotine, and opiates. At online research engines, there will be the availability of the hyper male force reviews. The patients can check the feedback along with the positive reviews. With the facility, the selection of the registered and licensed dealer will be done through the patients. All the necessary information will be available with the patient for the purchase. 

How does Cialis work?

Cialis can improve erectile performance by increasing blood flow to the penis by widening arteries and veins. This widening of blood vessels, called vasodilation, lowers blood pressure.

Who should not take Cialis

Because Cialis can lower blood pressure, men with certain cardiovascular conditions, including uncontrolled high blood pressure, low blood pressure, recent heart attack, irregular heart beat, or narrowing of heart arteries, should not take the drug. The Food and Drug Administration warns men not to take Cialis if they are taking nitrates for chest pain (angina). Check with your pharmacist if you don’t know whether your medications contain nitrates.

If you have liver or kidney problems, HIV, or are taking certain antibiotics, you need to talk with your doctor before taking Cialis or any other ED drug. Because drinking alcohol can also lower blood pressure, you should not drink heavily when using Cialis.

Men with a deformed penis should also not use Cialis or any other ED drug.

Side Effects

Most side effects reported for Cialis are minor and include headache, flushing, indigestion, heartburn, back pain, and a stuffy or runny nose. However, some side effects are serious. A few men have reported vision loss or a sudden decrease or loss of hearing (which may be accompanied by ringing in the ears and dizziness). In some cases, the vision and hearing losses were permanent. Some men have had a prolonged or painful erection (priapism) lasting more than four hours. If you any of these problems, or experience a rash, fainting, or itching or burning during urination after taking Cialis, stop taking the drug and get medical attention immediately.

In summary, you should not take Cialis or any other ED drug without a thorough discussion with your doctor, nor should you increase the dosage or take the drug more often than your doctor prescribes without talking with your prescriber. While the benefits of Cialis are undeniable, the risk of a serious side effect, though small, is nothing to ignore.

Important Things You Should Know About Rhinoplasty

If you are planning to consider Rhinoplasty whether for cosmetic or health reasons, you are in the right place. This article will provide you some of the basic and essential things that you need to know about Rhinoplast or nose surgery. 

Rhinoplasty is defined as a surgical procedure which intent to reshape the nose of the patient. This is also known as nose job. Rhinoplasty can be performed to correct a structural deformity like hook or bump. Rhinoplasty is done in order to improve the appearance of the patient by making subtle changes to the shape and size of the nose or to correct a functional problem like breathing difficulty due to a deviated septum. Technically speaking, the septum is the wall between the two nostrils. Septum is also made of bone and cartilage and it divides our nasal cavity into halves. Ideally, nasal septum is straight so it can separate the left and right parts of the nose into passageways of equal size. On the contrary, a deviated septum happens when the septum is shifted away from the midline. This is now when nose job or Rhinoplasty comes into the picture. Since the problem with the septum cases difficulty in breathing through the nose, it is important to do rectify or correct the alignment of septum so the passage of air will be normal. As a result, the breathing difficulty of the patient will be addressed.

Now, if you are planning to undergo Rhinoplasty whether for cosmetic purposes or for medical reasons, there are some preparations that you need to do first. Firstly, your surgeon will likely to provide you a list of instructions before you undergo Rhinoplasty. Hence, in general setting, thee is no drinking or eating after midnight on the evening before the surgery. If you are a smoker, it is better that you quit in advance of your nose surgery. Don’t worry because your surgeon will provide you some tools that will help you quit. Drinking alcohol during the week before the operation is also not advisable because alcohol can impair the healing process. Your surgeon will basically provide you will all the necessary information that you need to consider before undergoing the actual procedure. As a patient, it is important to abide and follow those instructions in order to have a successful result. In addition, some surgeons would also prescribe homeopathic therapies before the nose surgery like arnica, which is a herb that can reduce bruising. Some surgeons would also prescribe steroids before rhinoplasty in order to reduce the initial swelling after the surgical or non surgical nose job for wide nose.

It is also important to know that Rhinoplasty may have some risks. Some of the risks include bleeding, dissatisfaction with the cosmetic results, septal perforation, breathing issues, additional touch-up surgeries and even death. To prevent these risks, it is important to work with a board certified plastic surgeon who has an extensive training and expertise in nose surgery.

Burn Fat Faster -3 Things You Need to Know

Burn Fat Faster -3 Things You Need To Know

As you may already know a lot of people are aware that by adding lean muscle to your body can do wonders not only for your metabolism but can help in the aid to fat loss, including other benefits that can enable you to live a long healthy life. Sadly, iv’e seen many people performing weight training exercises in the gym, however i feel that they are spending too much time doing a particular exercise and not really working out hard enough. By training in this way they aren’t going to burn as much fat as they would like to. However iv’e found that in order to train lean muscle and gain strenghth there are three elements that need to be considered but are often ignored by those attempting to attempt this.

The three elements are as follows:


-Volume and Frequency


The Intensity is considered regarding how hard you want to perform whatever condition you are currently in. The Volume and Frequency are how often and much you preform a particular exercise. The Progression is determined by your demands to increase your workout. In most instances, weight training is done far too long and too often. Much as they say a so-called aerobic exercise to burn fat. Though they are both very different forms of exercise. In other words, they are completely opposite.

Aerobic exercise usually begins with low to moderate intensity and little progression but with high volume and frequency. Both weight training and Aerobic exercise has to be performed with high intensity, thus lowering the volume and frequency,however with progression would become as effective as possible. It doesn’t matter how much weight training you perform whether it is low or high intensity it would still take a few weeks to achieve significant muscle and strength building. If you view this at a high level it is a combination of intensity and the desire to increase repetitions when weight training,thus by increasing the amount of weight used after every workout would turn you into a fat burning machine.!

You must also consider whilst carrying out an effective workout routine to maximise your workout and minimize the time you spend in the gym. Why? you may ask. Simply because the period after your workout is even more important than the workout itself. You won’t gain strenghth or muscle if you do not rest. Aside from workout and exercises, you should also have a healthy diet. You should be very careful with the food that you eat. In addition, make sure to take dietary supplements like resurge reviews to help you lose weight and burn fat.

When your training for strength you must be aware that you are causing tiny injuries to the muscle tissue. It is important then to allow your muscles to repair themselves,but this is needed to increase the muscle you already have. If you decide to workout before the healing or resting period is complete you may experience energy loss and aching muscles. So, therefore it is important that you get a good rest in between workouts.For resistance exercises you should allow between 1-3 full days of rest between workouts.

Some people,especially women think that you have to add muscle to your body in order to lose fat.This is very unlikely to happen as the level of intensity would be less.

Almost all women and most men lack the genetic traits needed to produce muscle gains that could make them look heavy or overly developed to a lot of people. Those traits include,muscle fiber makeup,muscle belly length,testosterone levels and many others.

Whenever you see competetive bodybuilders in magazines or on TV they can be considered the cream of the crop regarding muscle developement due to the fact that they are on heavy doses of growth hormones,anabolic steroids and a variety of other bodybuilding supplements. Please don’t be fooled by the images you see or even those that may even scare you into thinking that way. Lean muscle however is a lot more compact than body fat,as it takes up less space around your body,having considered this you will actually be getting smaller when burning the fat and replacing it with lean muscle.

It doesn’t matter who you are,by simply performing a weight loss programme you will be in the best position to both lose weight and gain fitness so long as you perform a properly conducted and intense training programme. It is important that you apply all three principles i mentioned earlier. By failing to do this you will be dissapointed by your own results,as your goal is to burn fat and realize that the lean,strong and healthy body you deserve is within a reasonable timescale.

Simmons Mattress: Benefits for Better Sleep

Simmons’s mattress is manufactured under the Simmons Bedding company. They are one of the oldest companies in bedding area in the United States. They were started manufacturing mattress in 1876. They provide us high quality of mattress with high-quality sleep. Simmons mattress is related to stress-free mattress and its comfort has a new limit. Removing the anxiety of people is the primary focus of the Simmons mattress. You can feel great night sleep as well as a great day sleeps through the Simmons mattress. Simmons mattress has the quality of all requirements you should need in a mattress. It solves our sleeping problem and makes you feel good through the night. Here are some of the Simmons mattress products. It offers area includes from children to parents and grandparents.

Simmons Beautyrest mattress:

They are designed in a manner such that they provide motion separation and additional comfort to the couples during sleeping without any interruption. If you are interested in buying these mattresses then you should definitely try out the Mattress coupons on Mattressify to get really great deal on these mattresses.

Simmons BackCare mattress:

It makes our body comfort full and its natural contours.

Simmons BackCare Kids mattress:

It is the first mattress designed for the peaceful sleeping for the children. These are the best mattress for side sleepers that you will get in the market.

There are major differences between Simmons mattresses and other manufacturers’ mattresses. Its goal is to give the benefits of sleeping. Research and survey have good news for Simmons mattress. 71 % of people feel less irritation, 81 % of people feel more productive and 92 % of people describe that their quality of life improved with Simmons mattress. People experience other refreshing difference with Simmons mattress. Many tests are conducted with this mattress.

Every living and non-living thing has a uniqueness from others and it is also true for Simmons mattress. Some of them are:

Non-flip design:

It is restricted to some selected models only. Simmons mattress is the first company to launch it in Singapore in 2001. At this present time, 14 million people use it in America only. So think the larger usability and great quality of Simmons mattress. It is characterized by an individually wrapped Pocketed coil which makes it features distinguish from another mattress. People always tell their Do-Not-Disturb experience to the company. Its higher durability is due to Bloc Foam which makes enable a non-flip function. It is the first choice for housekeepers for their non-flip properties.

The other uniqueness of Simmons mattress is the patented Pocketed coil. This technology features wrapped barrel-shaped coils that are stacked in the middle so that each coil moves independently. There is no role of transferring motion. It gives you comfort sleep without any effect of your turns on the mattress.

The company has the largest users in Atlantic Canada. Apart from the mattress, the company contains a beautiful collection of bedroom furniture which is made of Canadian woods. We can choose Simmons mattress as a best mattress. The quality is superb and selecting a mattress varies from individual taste. People will meet all their requirements in single Simmons mattresses which are space, comfort, support, and matching sets. At last, we can say that people can increase their life quality with Simmons mattress.

Installing a Seamless Gutter

Installing a seamless gutter is a great way to prevent rainwater from washing over the edge of your roof and onto the sides of your home. Without the protection of a gutter, your home is at an increased risk of obtaining water damage and termite infestation from the constant flow of water coming off your roof and onto the ground. A seamless gutter can be ordered to length and easily installed by anyone with a screw gun and ladder.

Begin by ordering the materials from your local aluminum shop or gutter manufacturing company. Measure the length of the fascia from end to end at each location where you plan on installing a seamless gutter. You will also need a downspout on each corner of the home. Draw a small blueprint and add the measurements accordingly. Give this blueprint to the manufacturer and they will provide you with all of the necessary materials for installing a seamless gutter.

When the seamless gutter and materials arrive, set aside the downspout materials and get ready the seamless gutter and clips. Self-taping machine screws are used to attach the clips through the gutter and into the fascia.

The clips in question have to be quite strong to pass through the gutter easily and you can’t find tools better than Makita for the job, which you can look up the 2020 Makita impact driver range at Impact Driver Guide online to give you a general idea.

With the help of a friend, hold the seamless gutter up to the fascia and slide the backside of the seamless gutter underneath of the drip edge. The flange should easily slip behind the drip edge. Once the flange is behind the drip edge as far as it will go, the bottom of the seamless gutter should be flush or slightly above the bottom of the fascia.

Once the seamless gutter is in place, connect the lip of the metal clips to the front of the seamless gutter and slide it inside the gutter. The upturned edge of the metal clip will then slide behind the drip edge. Use a self-taping metal screw to secure the clip to the fascia. Don’t screw into the drip edge and try to keep the screw as close to the bottom of the drip edge as possible. I like to use metal screws with a rubber grommet on the head. This prevents water from ever working its way behind the screw.

Work your way down the seamless gutter attaching metal clips every eight to ten feet apart. Slightly slope the gutter so that water runs toward the down spout. You can now cut out the down spout.

Use the down spout flange as a guide to mark the location of the down spout hole. Use a drill to cut out a hole in the corner of the mark big enough for a metal reciprocating saw blade to fit through. Use a reciprocating or jig saw to cut out the rectangle. You may want to perform this task prior to installing the gutter if you’re unsure of your ability to cut upside down from a ladder.

Install the down spout flange with clear silicone. Attach the down spout to the flange with the silicone and install a metal screw through the backside of the down spout into the flange. Attach end caps and corner pieces in the same manner.

Top 10 Tips On Improving Your Drawing Skills

Drawing is one of the most popular hobbies, which is why everyone who likes to draw is trying to improve their skills. People try to paint by numbers canvas for adults and other paint kits so that they can hone their painting skills. Besides all this, in this article, we are going to take a look at the top 10 tips that you can follow in order to improve your painting skills over time.

  1. It is really important that you understand that drawing is a skill and there are people that have an inborn talent to paint. However, with sheer will and enough practice, you can also hone your drawing skills to a professional level.
  2. Drawing is all about observation, this is why it is really important that you pay attention to different drawings and paintings and learn more about their texture and painting style. Besides that, you should also look at the different objects that are out there in order to improve your imagination powers and skills as you will be able to draw those things much better as you have a clear picture in your mind.
  3. Another really important and useful tip that should keep in mind is to gather as many resources as you can as you draw pictures. For instance, if you are trying to draw a lion in a forest make sure that you have different pictures in order to get a better perspective that will help you in making your picture more professional.
  4. As you are drawing complex figures you should always start with their basic shape and thereafter adding more texture and details to it. With this help of these basic shapes, you will be able to create more realistic and interesting paintings with a basic level of training as well.
  5. Value is another thing that you should be paying attention to in order to add more details to your paintings. Value is known as the lightness or the darkness of the colors that are there in a picture. It is really important and vital for you to pay attention to the value in order to get the desired effect from your photo as you paint it. Along with that line quality, that is the thickness of the lines that are there in the picture should be taken care of as well. This is a really great way of adding interest and variety to your painting without that much of an effort.
  6. Staying consistent throughout your drawing is also important, as an aspiring painter that will help you in developing your art sense and style over time. Moreover, as you are consistent with your drawings you will be able to create unified drawings.
  7. It is also important that during your learning phase make sure that you start easy and increase the level of difficulty over time, which will allow you to develop your skills over time as well. You should also try different styles and designs so that you can find the ones that suit you the best as well.

These are the most important tips that you need to keep in your mind as you improve your painting skills with hard work and a lot of practice.

Guide to Switching Your Dog’s Food

The decision to switch your dog’s food should not be made lightly. Dogs are typically fed a consistent diet, so it can be rough on their digestive systems to suddenly switch dog food. However, due to age and health requirements, you may need to use new dog food. If this is the case, the best option is to switch dog food gradually. Switching your dog’s food can be a one to two-week process, so make sure you still have a week’s worth of old dog food left before you try out Dog Food for large puppies by M-Dog.org.

Day 1

Buy a small bag of new dog food. You do not want to purchase a larger bag until you are sure your dog will eat it. When you begin to switch your dog’s food, only add 10% new dog food to 90% old dog food. You can use a measuring cup for exactness. This will begin to introduce the flavor of the new dog food to your dog and their stomach. Even if you switch your dog’s food in this small amount, food intolerance can surface quickly. So be sure to watch your dog for vomiting and diarrhea.

Days 2-3

For the next two days, you will switch your dog’s food with a little more new dog food. Use 30% new dog food and 70% old dog food. Continue to watch for any symptoms of food intolerance. These can surface even if your pet appears to enjoy the new dog food.

Days 4-5

At this point, you will switch your dog’s food to half new dog food. If your dog experiences any vomiting, bowel changes or lack of energy, switch dog food back to the old brand. You can try to switch dog food again in a month or two after its stomach calms down and the new food is out of its system.

Days 6-7

Mix 60% of the new dog food with 40% of the old dog food. Continue this for two days. Also, keep alert for any food intolerance symptoms.

Days 8-9

Mix 80% of the new dog food with 20% of the old dog food. At this point, your dog should be accustom to the new dog food.

Day 10

Switch your dog’s food to 100% of the new dog food. It can take one to two months to see an improvement in skin, coat, and energy. Wait this time before you judge the benefits of switching dog food.

Changing your dog’s diet may not be all that easy. If you switch dog food abruptly and frequently, you can cause your dog to become a picky eater or ill. Using this gradual process to switch your dog’s food will lessen the chance of your dog getting sick from an upset stomach. Consult with your veterinarian if your dog continues to be sick after stopping the use of new dog food.