How to Build a Better Swimming Pool – Green Tips To Follow!!

How to Build the Better, Green, Eco-friendly Swimming Pool

For many people the option to install an in-ground swimming pool is just not worth the money. Chemicals, maintenance, and the expense keep these people from investing in a swimming pool that could enhance their home. However, there have been some significant changes that could make building a swimming pool more attractive. The swimming pool industry has gone the way of recycled cans and bottles. The swimming pool movement is now going green with eco-friendly ways to build. Here are three eco-friendly, green tips on how you can build that better swimming pool.

Change Salt for Chlorine When Building a Better Swimming Pool

A saline swimming pool is only about 10 percent the saltiness of seawater, hardly noticeable to the average swimmer. Saline pools have become very popular of late, especially to those swimming pool owners looking to reduce the chemicals in their water. With a saline pool, chlorine is still in the system; however, it is only there when it is created by the saltwater as it passes through the salt chlorine generator. The advantages are that the swimming pool owner will never have to buy or handle chlorine again.

Advantages of a saline swimming pool is that many users claim that the water smells better and saline is easier on the skin and eyes as well. The cost of maintaining a saline swimming pool is cheaper, with salt expenses of about $2 to $10 a month, much cheaper than standard chlorine systems. The swimming lessons for adults will be cost-effective for the parents. The saline water will keep the person healthy and fir for log time. 

Build a Better Swimming Pool with Ultraviolet Light Filters

Chlorine chemicals are a large expense to a swimming pool. One way to reduce that chlorine dependence is to install ultraviolet light filters that will reduce the need of chemicals for your pool by about 70 percent. The ultraviolet light system filters the water through a chamber the kills’ organic matter by blasting it with the powerful UV light.

Using Minerals When Building a Better Swimming Pool

Another way to filter your swimming pool is to use natural minerals. A few manufacturers make natural mineral swimming pool filter cartridges that you place in your pool. The natural minerals filter the pool water without adding additional chemicals. These cartridges will usually last a few months before needing to be changed.

Using Energy Saving Systems to Build a Better Swimming Pool

Having a green, eco-friendly swimming pool is not just about the water. For energy savings, look to a variable-flow circulation pump that filters the water more slowly but uses about six times less energy than a standard pump. There are also solar swimming pool covers that reflect the sun’s rays and minimize water evaporation. There are also solar heating systems for many swimming pools. Though these systems are not cheap to install, they can pay for themselves in as little as two years, especially since they eliminate power bills.


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